Friday, March 21, 2008

Fiber Harmony....


Our little one is not a sickly child. She’s never had any kind of infection like ear infection that is too common to toddlers and young kids. She probably had a fever a couple of times. There are only two things that make me worry about her. She gets car sick – thanks to me. And she is constipated for as long as I can remember. It was torture to me and her when she couldn’t express herself yet but it got easier as she got older. She is still constipated so finding this natural supplement that contains psyllium husk is something I am happy about. Psyllium is grown mainly in India and it’s a natural dietary fiber which of course helps the digestive system. I have been looking for this kind of natural supplement that I can give her to help her in going, now I may have just found it. They even have this product called “Fiber Harmony Chocolate”. I’m sure she will love this one because she never says no to anything chocolate.

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