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Favorite Destination

This has been our favorite destination for the past couple of months now. If before we didn't know where to go on the weekends we don't have any appointments, now we do...this place. It's about an hour drive from our place but it's a pleasant drive so we don't mind the trip at all. Sometimes we'd pack a picnic basket/cooler so we have something to munch on in case we get hungry before we could head out to restaurant. As you can see there's really nothing much to see here but the pine trees. It would have been a bonus if there's water around but it's okay because we're perfectly happy just the way it is. We can actually sit here for hours just taking it all in. Yep, nature at its best. Now if only there's a bird bath here, it'll be perfection to us. Maybe one day .

Good Quality Headphones

Our little one goes through headphones rather fast. We got headphones at the same time last year. Mine are still working, hers had to be replaced a few weeks later. I think she's gone through 4 or 5 already since that time. Not quite sure what she's doing with them but they're not the pricey headphones so we don't really sweat it out whenever she breaks them. Maybe it's time we get her something like the bose quietcomfort 15 and see if they will last her longer. Her birthday is coming up and a pair of good quality headphones will be a good present for her. Ha! Now that's an idea.