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To ONE & ALL....


It's the Most Wonderful Time....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sounds familiar? Yes, that's a line from the Christmas song. Did I say Christmas song? I did. It's been several days past it but the little one here is still singing, humming carols. Seriously. Her favorite spot while singing? Where else but the shower.... Here's how it went down about 10 minutes after she went in the shower... Her: *Singing* ..." It's the most wonderful of the year. It's the most wonderful time... " Me: What are you doing now? Her: I'm about to shampoo.... *continues singing * ..." It's the most wonderful time... ." Me: (a few minutes later) What are you doing now? Her: * stops singing * I'm about to soap.... * continues singing * ..."... the most wonderful time, it's the most.... Me: Are you done? Her: Almost... ''It's the most wonderful time..." Me: BILIS! Her: Okay...* it's the most wonderful time.... * And that's how it happens almost everday. Th

Looking Into the Future....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I mean, the not-so-near future. I'm referring to the future 10 maybe 20 years down the road. Hubby and I have been talking about this since day one. We both believe that it's for the better if we start planning for it now instead of waiting. We have no concrete plans in place yet but we like to talk about the different options we have once retirement age hits. My brother in law retired last year. At moment, he and his wife are just taking it easy and enjoying the free time they have. They bought an RV and already went into some trips using it. They said it's really fun to go on a road trip with an RV and not worry about time. The only worry they have is an rv breakdown that can happen to anyone who owns an rv but they have a brand new one so they're not expecting a breakdown anytime soon. Anyway, we still have a few years before the retirement age so we have plenty of time to plan for it. I'm just hoping that when that time comes, we wil

Don't Stop Believing...

It's a song by Journey. I've been hearing it a lot because of the TV show GLEE and I have been wanting to post it here but the Glee cast's version is only available in audio. I came across this unique version while I was searching. It's amazing how this one-man group came up with this. He has a lot of other videos uploaded in You Tube and they're equally impressive. Check them out as well.

Another Week...another Year!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I can't believe it's almost the new year. Are you ready to welcome 2010 yet? I guess ready or not we have no choice but to welcome it, right? Unlike last year, I am not going to have a new year's resolution. Only some wishes and hopes.... My primary wish is to keep my family safe and healthy because nothing is more important to me than a healthy family. As for my secondary wishes...let me start with a wish that our other house will have a buyer next year. The house has been in the market for almost 2 yrs and it's in good condition although hubby is planning in fixing the sinks and replacing the American Standard toilets with new ones in both bathrooms as some kind of an upgrade to make it more attractive to buyers. We have had some people interested in buying it but things didn't work out mostly on their part so nothing materialized. There was even a guy who lived in the house for a month while waiting for his papers to go through bu

SLOW Motion....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That's how everything is today... to me anyway. I'm also a wee bit tired and I have no idea why. Well maybe I do...after 'holiday' effect... Work has slowed down already so there's nothing much to do. Actually it slowed down just in time for the holidays. I am not sure if we will have more work released but I am hopeful. We really had it going there for a few weeks and I'm crossing my fingers the year 2010 will bring in more work for us. The weather has been pretty consistent since a week ago. It's been in the 50s & 60s mostly and I think that will last through this week with a little rain in the forecast. No worries because our mighty heater is on so it's a toasty 75F inside the house. The hubby doesn't like it that warm but no choice because the wife gets bad allergy when the temperature is below 70s. He'd rather have the warm feel in the house over my non-stop sneezing, sniffling and everything that goes with

More 'Christmas' Shopping?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was a lovely day here today. It was chilly, for me anyway, but the sun was out. The little one and I went outside so she can play with her football while I picked up some dried leaves and twigs in our backyard. We underestimated how cold it was outside so we had to go back in to get bundled up some more. Dad didn't go outside with us because he was busy on the computer while talking with his older brother on the phone. He hasn't spoken with his brother in a while so I didn't want to bother him while they're trying to catch up. When they were done, he went out the back porch to ask me to look for some White Owl cigars online because he wanted to give his brother some as Christmas present. Huh? Yep, it turned we're not really done with our Christmas shopping yet. I really don't mind doing that because it's for his brother anyway. I was just surprised that he thought of doing it this late and that he's giving him cigars. Oh

Our Christmas Story....

It was the night before Christmas and Santa's elf got busy wrapping up presents for a little one. It was tiring but it had to be done so as not to disappoint the little one who has been counting the days till Christmas with great anticipation. It was already late when elf got done with the job and decided to call it a night. The elf was hopeful that she'll get at least a few hours of sleep. But boy was she wrong. A few hours after going to bed, she was awaken by noises, not by Santa, but by a very impatient little girl. It was exactly 4:12 in the morning and she wanted to check if Santa came by already. It was too dark to see so she went back to bed only to wake up again at 5 0'clock, then 6 o'clock...unknowingly waking up the elf each and everytime. When 7 o'clock struck, the elf was awaken again this time by a little poke letting her know it's Christmas day already!

Me? A Grandma?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yep, I am. Thanks to my niece who has 2 kids already. Here in the US, you call the children of your nieces or nephews just that...niece and nephew as well. But it's different in the Philippines so I am indeed a 'granny'. If you consider my cousins children's children, then I've been a granny since I don't know when. Actually, I'm already a great grandma if my cousins' children's children's children are to be considered. Confusing, eh? LOL...The latest 'grandchild' is a daughter from a cousin's daughter. I didn't even know she was pregnant but I was told that they posted birth announcements in different social networks to let family know both near and far about the new addition to the family. I guess I need to check their pages more often. Now being called 'grandma' [Lola] is nothing new to me. That's actually how all my classmates in high school call me up to this day. Am I offended by the

Counting Down...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's 2 more days before my high school batch's big day...our Silver Jubilee. I just got an email from a friend that they had a successful motorcade today with a good turn-out. Big sigh of relief here. My former high school classmates are so-to-speak 'notoriously known' of not showing up on big events like reunions. Reasons vary but most just don't care much about it. But since this is a big event, we tried to contact as many as we could to participate. Having the internet on this day and time has played a great part in contacting even those who are no longer in the country. I was planning in attending this reunion myself but things didn't work out the way we wanted to. Both the husband and I started looking for the best deals in air fare as early as after the holiday season last year up until early this month. There's a bunch of good deals out there not only in air fares but accommodations as well like turks and caicos hotels .

Christmas Day Accident

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One of the things we try NOT to do on Christmas day and the day after Christmas is to go out and head to the mall or anywhere else for that matter. Our reason is simple: It's crazy mad out there especially the day after the big day as everybody's going to be heading out either to go back home or go to the malls or stores to return merchandises and/or to use the gift cards they got on Christmas. Aside from that, it's a reality that a lot of those out on Christmas day or the day after are either nursing a hang-over or worse, drunk while driving. That's just us, of course. Hubby went to work the day after the big day and was told about an accident that someone he knew had on Christmas day itself. He's fine but now looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer because he wants to know the legalities of the matter. It's not really clear whose fault it was but he wants to make sure he's not taking any chances right now. What a way to

To ONE & ALL....

from our HOME to YOURS!!!!

Lazy Me...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That's right! I just feel so lazy today [and yesterday and the day before]. It maybe because of the cool weather we've been having for the last few days or's just me. Or maybe it's just the holiday season. Whatever it is, I really don't care...or maybe I do. Hmmm.... I'm not totally idle though because I have laundry in the washer and I'm here blogging. I also just finished sending out virtual Christmas cards to close friends and family. So even at my state of laziness I am still able to accomplish something. Ha! My blogging has really taken a back seat lately, as in way, way, way at the back. I guess it's not only me because when I did some random hopping, I noticed that a lot of the blogs I visited are not updated as much as they used to. It's actually good to know that people actually take time out from the virtual world to go back to the real world this time of year. As for me, I am still online even if


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I had the 'dreaded' lab work this past Monday. I don't like needles so yes, it's something I'm not looking forward to but it has to be done. I've been to this particular Quest Diagnostics Lab several times already. We've tried going on different times [schedules] to see which time of the day there's less patients/customers. Well, there's none. It's always full of people. Everytime I go there I can't help but be amazed how many people actually get their blood work done. Anyway, that's not what I'm writing about. The last few times I went in for my blood work [before this last one], the phlebotomist [different ones btw] only poked me once and we're done. Not the one I had last Monday. She stood there feeling [locating?] for a good vein on my left arm to draw the blood from. I could tell she's not finding it so I was expecting that she'd try my other arm. Nope. She still put the needle right w a Glitch!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That about sums up my week...I think. Work is still very busy. I slowed down during the weekend though to do some much needed chores which I've been ignoring for as long as I could. I was able to do some of it. I still have a bunch to do but I can only do so much, right? That's the work part of my week. The glitch? It involves this blog...of course. I barely had the time to update it, then bam...something happened. I kept getting a white page when I try to open it. I'm using Navigator and all I could see at the bottom task bar when I get the white page is: Stopped...although the page keeps on loading. I tried to open it on my IE browser and I still get the white page but at least there's something in the task bar that shows what's loading continuously. I just didn't have any idea what it was. I knew it has some script or HTML that's causing it so my first thought was to do the trial and error...deleting the widgets and

Two MORE Weeks...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ...and it's Christmas already? I just looked at my calendar and it's exactly 2 weeks from today. I am well aware of the date because somebody here in the house [clue: 4 ft+ tall, greeting us Merry Christmas daily] keeps reminding us that it's almost yes, Christmas. And as if she will forget how many days more before Christmas, the Daddy got her this: Anyway, because of our really busy schedules, we've done most of the holiday shopping online. Well, I did. Since I am the one who's online 24/7, anything that can be done online like looking for water filters for our fridge, has to be done by moi! I guess it's only fair because up until now, the hubby is still the one running to the grocery stores every week...even at his busiest days. We have to eat so no choice, right?'s TGIF again. Unlike last week, it's not a gloomy TGIF today. The forecast for the weekend though is not looking good. Later today, we are ex

Quick Post

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I just thought I'd post here real quick before I continue with my once again...busy day ahead. Our day has started already so I'm just taking a quick break to do some online stuff...things not related to work like "facebooking"? LOL...I don't do much in FB. I just browse for a few minutes usually to check mostly on family since it's the faster [and cheaper] way to get intouch with them. Yesterday, I posted that our tree is finally up. It's nothing fancy. As a matter of fact, we've been using the same tree for the last few years decorated with the same ornaments we've had for as long as we've had the tree. Every year we try to get a new ornament that we date. Not sure if we will be able to do that this year. Our free weekend which is normally on a Sunday is spent at home relaxing since the man of the house has grueling hours at work now. But who knows...maybe we'll be able to go out one of those free days and continue

It's Up!

Our little Christmas tree is finally up. Took some time off from my online 'duties' and pulled it out of the garage over the weekend. I just set it up and let the little one do the decorating herself since she's the one who's really eager to have it up. As you can see, she not only decorated the tree but herself as well. If anyone needs a 'reindeer helper' in decorating a Christmas tree, give us a holler, maybe we can send our little reindeer over to help you out. I've been so busy lately that I don't know what to do with myself sometimes. Just this morning, I probably got about a hundred email alerts...all concerning, yes, work. For months, I haven't had an allergy attack but this weekend, I had a bad one. I know the culprit. I've been going to bed after midnight. I am just like Cinderella I guess. The difference is, I turn into a sneezing princess if I don't sleep before midnight. Ha! Aside from the allergy attack, my sleeping late will pro

Gloomy TGIF!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Weather-wise that is. It's no surprise that it's raining when I got up this morning because the weather people said that there's a 90% chance of rain today through the rest of the weekend. Can you tell we're going to have an exciting weekend? Ha! It's almost 11 AM here now but it doesn't look like it's almost mid-day because it's dark. The lights are on because we can barely see around the house. Maybe the little one and I can just crawl back under the sheets and pretend it's still night time? LOL. But we can't! So here I am tinkering on my laptop searching for Anilox cleaner that I am 'ordered'...err...asked [requested, maybe?] to look for. I didn't even know what this cleaner is for until I started looking. It turns out that an Anilox roller is something that is used in printing and Anilox cleaner is used to clean this roller. Interesting huh? The husband does not need the cleaner himself. For some reas