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Our Little Princess

Here's our little Cinderella without the glass slippers. We couldn't find any unfortunately so we had to settle on those cute little sandals. We did our 'trick or treatin' in the mall as usual. There's not much going here in our area that's why we pushed through with the original plan of going to the mall. We saw a couple of kids in costume around here but that's about it. Anyway, the little one enjoyed it since there's a lot of kids [and some adults] in costume at the mall. Bunches of candies, of course. She calls this 'an exciting day' because it's her favorite event according to her. Tomorrow is another exciting day to's Mommy's birthday!! She always gets excited when one of us celebrate a birthday here. We never have parties or anything...she just likes special occasions. So I will be another year older...err wiser! Nothing special planned. I don't think I really have to celebrate my 18th birthday numerous times, rig

Go and Multiply....

That's what the Bug Fairy said to its they did! The bug started with the little one and lingered for a few days. After much fussin' and carin' and sleepless nights, the bug seemed to have left her tiny little body...only to go to a much bigger, healthier [fatter? chubbier?] one. The husband's! The husband was doing his usual routine at work yesterday. Quoting some jobs and tinkering on the computer. All of sudden he felt that little itch on his throat....yep, the pesky bug found him....all the way to his place of work. Well, maybe not. I think they took a ride with him on his way to work yesterday morning. He was fine when I spoke with him at lunch time. It was when he called to tell me he was on his way home that he mentioned that his throat just started hurting...just like that. No warning whatsoever. Like a flick of a finger [or the Bug Fairy's wand, maybe], he now has the bug!..and it's Halloween. The little one is up and about already. No

Office Make-Over

That's what my husband's small business' office needs. They've been in business for almost 3 years now but their office is so bare. They bought a lot of things for their business except for one furniture. I can understand their reason why this is not a priority to them. Most of their time is spent in the shop anyway so they really don't need office furniture . But that is no longer the case. Recently, they started getting visitors, potential customers, in their place. The room that they call 'office' has nothing but a couple of computer tables and chairs. I wonder where those visitors stayed [or sat] during their visit. Hmmm...the floor maybe? I hope not! Not good for business, right? After the last visit, hubby and his partner finally decided to start looking for things they need for their office, not just furniture but some decorations as well. Cool! They are still looking and I am just too happy to assist. That office really needs a make-ov

Ready for Halloween?

I would say we are...sort of. The little one is much better already. She still has the sniffles but it's slowly but surely going away. Hopefully her cough won't get any worse. She said she's feeling a lot better...I wonder if that has something to do with her wanting to go 'trick or treatin' tomorrow. It's not that cold today here. It was early in the morning but it got warmer as the day went on. My 'weather bug' on this computer is recording 72F so it's nice and cool outside. Some parts of the front yard grass turned brown. I don't know why. It may be because of the 'frost' yesterday...but I'm not sure about that. Anyway, it's dinner time here. I better start rolling if I want to have food on the table when the husband gets home.

Search and You Shall Find...

Not too long ago, a very good friend of mine told me that she’s in love. Needless to say, I was very happy for her. She has been looking and waiting for that ‘special someone’ she can spend her life with for a long time. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out with them and my friend is crushed and has been nursing a broken heart eversince. It also breaks my heart because I know that they already have plans of getting married at the end of this year and she’s been looking forward to it. There’s not much I can do for her now because we’re thousands of miles away. We’ve talked on the phone a few times since it all happened. The last time we spoke, I mentioned to her that she can probably do what I did and try online dating. One site I told her about is My friend can search for free on this site anytime she wants for her most compatible matches. It is the only online dating site that is recommended by Psychology Today. I normally wouldn’t suggest to friends or loved ones what I d

Late Post...

Just thought I'd post a late one before hitting the hay. Today had been the coldest so far. We hit the 30s in the morning. We saw some frost in the grass in our front yard when we sent the husband off. Unfortunately, the little one couldn't enjoy it because she's still nursing a cold. So she just looked out the window in's her first time to see frost in person. The husband went out of town today, well, more like out of state. He flew to North Carolina early this morning and flew back home about an hour ago. Yep, it's a round-trip. Not good since his ears don't pop until after a few days [even weeks sometimes]. That means we have a half-deaf man walking in the house...LOL. You would think he was gone for a month if you look at how excited the little one was when Dad got in the door. She's still not at her best but she was jumping up and down. Daddy got her this cute pink shirt at the NC airport. The shirt says: North Carolina Diva... That's our d

Healthy Grilling..

Remember I mentioned we went to a store last weekend that's about to close their business? We've seen a lot of good deals out there. My husband said that he is going back there again. Maybe a few days before they finally close doors and try to steal some good deals. One of the things I am planning to buy is a grill. Yep, I've been wanting to buy one since who knows when. I don't really need the big grill. I just want to start a lifestyle of healthy grilling and a George Foreman grill will be more than enough for me. I already saw a couple of them that I really like. With that store closing and getting rid of their products, maybe I'll get that wish sooner than later.

Germ Hotbeds??

How about your TV remote and doorknobs ? This is what a new study revealed. Ha! The little one has the sniffles right now. I guess I have to watch out for that remote then, eh? Not the refrigerator door though because she rarely opens the fridge. Not the doorknob either because we rarely go out of the house. Anywhooo, we had an early start today. Dad left later than usual...around 7 AM because he has to catch a flight instead of going to his shop. He normally leaves for work about 5 AM everyday. Today he's flying to North Carolina so he's going straight to the airport. It's a round trip though since he'll be flying back tonight. He hates flying not because he's scared of it. His ears don't pop. And you know what that means...he's going to be deaf [and uncomfortable] for the next week or so. Hay.... The little one is watching TV right now which is unusual. We don't let her watch before 10 AM even on weekends. But because of her present predicament...sniff

Biking and Bird-Watching...

It’s so cold! Well, not as cold as it was when we woke up but it’s still pretty cold out there so we haven’t been out of the house today. The little one also has the 'sniffles' so I don’t want her to get any worse by going out in this chilly weather as it’s almost her favorite celebration – the Halloween! On days where it’s not this cold, she has 2 favorite things to do. One is of, course, biking. The other one is to stay in the back porch to watch the different birds that come to our back yard. Dad got her a bird feeder not too long ago. So we put it in the backyard to attract all the birds that we see going in the neighbor’s bird feeder. It attracted all right but not birds…squirrels. Ugh. That bird feeder is still sitting in the backyard. We just don’t put seeds in it so there are no birds [and squirrels] coming near it. I am looking for a squirrel-proof bird feeder now so the little one can once again enjoy bird watching. I’ve been looking for a few weeks now and I may hav

Cold Weather = Sniffles

Last Friday, the little one complained about sore throat. Since the Daddy was going grocery shopping, I asked him to get something to help soothe the little one's throat. He got something alright....3 different kinds. They provide relief but not cure of course but we'd rather have that than see her uncomfortable. Anyway, aside from sore throat, she now has a full blown cold. She's coughing every now and then but I'm hoping that it won't get worse. She woke me up last night saying: "I just want my Mommy here." Sigh. So I stayed with her until about 1:30 AM. It took a while before she finally went back to sleep but she did. That was the only time I was able to go back to our bedroom to sleep. I am quite tired right now because of that. The little one is watching some TV. She did some of her school work earlier though. She said she's feeling okay but I can hear her sneeze and cough occasionally. Hoping she'll be ready for the "Trick & Treat&

It's Cold....

It’s currently in the 50s where we’re at…and for me, that’s cold...brrr!! As expected, I had a hard time getting out of bed because it’s nice and warm under the sheets. But I have to get up so I bundled up and tried to start my day. Days like this one just make it hard for me to move and do whatever needs done. Right now I’m doing laundry and as soon as I load the washer and/or dryer I would go running back to the warmth of my bed. Well, crawling would be more like it. And because of this ‘laziness’, one thing is for sure to happen to me this winter, weight gain. Ugh! My goal of losing some of my weight before this cold season starts has not happened yet so I better start looking for the best weight loss pill out there to help me with my quest, eh? I personally don’t know anybody who uses diet pills so I have to depend on some reviews to help me out though. I hope that I won’t have to resort to that though but it’s better to be prepared than to be…fat? Hmmm…

Nice Weekend weather

What a nice day we have here today. The sun is out but it's not hot out there. We opened the sliding door in the living room and it's making the house really cool. As usual, we're just being lazy today. For a change, the husband and I woke up ahead of the little one so we spent the time chatting while waiting for her to wake up. She was not feeling well last night so we wanted her to sleep for as long as she could. As soon as she got up, she jumped in bed with us...and that's how we spent half of the morning. Anyway, last night we spent a couple of hours checking out Linen 'n Things . Like I mentioned in my post the other day, our weekend activities are usually the 'spur of the moment' kind and going out at 7 PM is definitely a spur of the moment. In case you haven't heard, Linen 'n Things is going out of business so they are having some really good deals right now. So if you have one near you, you may want to check it out and see the deals they ha

Skin Concerns

Skin is the largest organ of the body and it’s also what we scrutinize day in day out. I do anyway, LOL. So it’s not a surprise that a lot of people go to dermatologists like Dr. Martin Sands . He is the founder of Dermatology Associates, P.C. and has been in business for more than 30 years. I used not to worry much about my skin but as the years go by, I can’t help but notice the changes my skin goes through. I'm not talking about wrinkles and fine lines only. What worry me most are the moles that I started getting when I got pregnant. I thought that they would go away after the pregnancy but they are still here 6 years after I gave birth so I’m thinking of having them checked out one of these days. Aside from that, I also want to have the little one’s birthmark checked since it’s getting bigger as she gets older. Since Dermatology Associates specializes in almost everything that concerns skin as well as nails and hair for both adult and children, it may be a good place for me to

Johann Vince Jamora Needs YOU!

Please help Johann. I came across this banner in Lena's Pinay Mom Blogs!....and Life Goes on for.... Just like any mother out there, my heart goes out to this little boy. Hopefully we can all get together and help him live the life that we all know. He needs about 750,000 pesos to get one implant...and he needs it by December. Click on the banner to learn more about his story.

To All Of You!!!

Any plans? Us? Nope! Most of the things we do on a weekend are 'spur of the moment' sort of thing so planning is out of the question. Right now my only plan is to help out as much as I can with work since we have a deadline to meet and we're no way near of being halfway done. I think the H is going to pick up some materials they need for work. That's basically how our weekend will be. Next weekend will be a busy one since it's Halloween weekend and the little one cannot wait to go "Trick or Treatin". We're not sure where we're going for that but we've always done it in the mall. There's a big chance it's going to be that again. Anyway, whatever you do this weekend...E-N-J-O-Y!

Bush Endorses Palin & McCain....

Saturday Night Live Style

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Here's something I came across a chat board I go to every now and then. Different answers or points of view to that mind boggling question: Why did the chicken cross the road?? The little one has a few answers to it but that's another post....LOL. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Why did the chicken cross the road? SARAH PALIN : Before it got to the other side, I shot the chicken, cleaned and dressed it, and had chicken burgers for lunch. BARACK OBAMA : The chicken crossed the road because it was time for a change! The chicken wanted change! JOHN MC CAIN : My friends, that chicken crossed the road because he recognized the need to engage in cooperation and dialogue with all the chickens on the other side of the road. HILLARY CLINTON : When I was First Lady, I personally helped that little Chicken to cross the road. This experience makes me uniquely qualified to Ensure right from Day One that every chicken in this country gets the chance it deserves to cross the road.

Photo Calendar

What a morning I had again. I was busy finishing some work when my internet connection suddenly went kaput. I didn’t see it coming. The software I was using just kept on getting error that I had to shut down my computer. I called customer service to ask what was happening. Surprise, surprise…another outage in our area which the CS said would last for 3 hours! Geez! I had work left hanging but what can I do, right? So what did I do in those 3 hours? Clean, clean and clean! When I finished cleaning and while waiting for my connection to come back, I was also able to finally gather some pictures that I will be sending to my family back home. The little one has been bugging me to do that for a week now since she wants to write her aunt a letter already. While gathering the pictures, I suddenly had an idea on what I can send my sister for Christmas…a Photo Calendar . She works in the church and she always has a calendar on her desk where she writes schedules for different church activities


Anybody home? Oh wait, this is my home! LOL....whew! It's been days since I last posted here. I just can't find the time to write here as much as I used [& want] to. I've been so busy lately I can barely get up from my chair. Let me take this chance to thank those who have been visiting me consistently here in my humble abode...err blog. I try to do 'hit backs' as much as I can. But I can only do that if I know that you've been here. So if you happen to drop by...please leave me a shout out in my Cbox so I know that you came to visit. The best I can do right now is just to visit back. With that, let me wish all of you a good day! I hope your week is going great!

For a First Time Mommy...

It’s been days since I last posted here. What can I say I’ve been busy as a bee still. I have a lot of things that I need to do but I just can’t find the time to do them. One of them is reply back to a letter my sister sent me a few weeks ago. Actually, I have to do some shopping first because I want to send a package with the letter. It’s not a Christmas package…yet. She mentioned in the letter that a niece is going to be a first time Mom so I want to get her something, either for her or the baby or both. Yep, I'm going to be a grandma....again! She’s only a few months pregnant and I want to get her this Mustela 9 Month Maternety Stretch Mark Double Action product. I have some unsightly stretch marks from my only pregnancy and I wouldn’t want anyone to have them. With this product, she can be assured that she won’t have what I have. And since she’s a first time parent, she needs all the guidance she can get from family and friends. She’s also very lucky because there are sites on

Once Upon a Dream

This is the latest song that our little one has been singing around the house. I think she heard/saw it on the Disney Channel. She's trying to sing the way Sleeping Beauty is singing in this video and it's really cute. I'll try and record her singing so we have something to remember it by.

Oh Hair! Where Art Thou???

I used to think that hair loss is only common to men. But when I taught in Taiwan, I saw a lot of women who are suffering from it. I really don’t know why or how they have thinning hair but I know one thing…I don’t want that to happen to me. Honestly, that’s probably one of my greatest fears. I usually shed a lot of hair in the shower and I've always been bothered by it. It does not seem that I'm going to lose my hair anytime soon but it’s better to be prepared IF it happens, right? So I am trying to find different the different options I have. One of the things I learned is that if one is looking for a clinic for hair restoration Irvine in California would have to be the place to be. Why? Well, because Aventi Laser Hair Therapy is right there. With their team of experts, hair restoration is now something possible. Whew! I'm hoping that I won't have to see them in the foreseeable future, but knowing they're around somehow put my fears to least for now.

It's O-V-E-R!

Another weekend I mean. It went by fast, didn't it? We didn't do anything special over the weekend. We were supposed to go out today and find some stuff for the little one's Halloween costume but we weren't able to. The husband had an 11:30 AM appointment. The wife had all day appointment with....her allergies! Yep, the allergy was in full force for the most part today. It's under control it seems anyway. I am blaming the change in the weather. Whenever it changes from hot to a bit cold or vice versa, expect me to be on allergy alert. The temperature here is what's considered as really nice though. Anyway, since I didn't feel like going out I just asked the husband to find [by himself] what we still need for the little one's costume while the little one and I stayed home. That's basically how our Sunday went. How about yours?

She's 'Editing'....

Our little one is! Let me explain further... During her break time, she was watching this TV show in the Disney Channel . I think the show is originally from England so the characters speak, ummm English. The little one usually activates the 'subtitles' on the TV when she's watching because she wants to catch everything the characters are saying. Well, in that English show today she caught at least 2 words that were not correctly captured in the subtitle. She said the character on the show said: time' ...and the subtitle said: term . I just said okay so she kept on watching. Time and Term ...what's the difference anyway? a letter? LOL. All was well until the second wrong word came on. The character said: Lady 'bug' . The subtitle had: Lady 'bird' . Ugh! So now I have to explain to her that sometimes they just type it wrong. It would have been fine until I printed this lesson about "Insects & Spiders". She caught something there again..

Uber Amazing Blog...a Tag!

...and it's the first tag I'm posting since my blog had a 'make-over'! Thanks much to Michelle for this one. It's really pretty, eh? It's pink that's why...or purple? Anyhooo....why not pick this one dear blogger friends. You know I consider your blog as an Uber Amazing Blog, right? Yep, we all deserve this one so c'mon and grab it.

The Gift of Life..

It’s almost that time of the year which we fondly call as the “season of giving”. But with the present economic situation, I can’t help but wonder how many of us will actually take that into heart. I’m sure a lot of us will still do some giving one way or another. But what can we give during these hard times? How about something that can be used not only temporarily but for a long time? When I got pregnant with our little one, my husband came across Cyro-Cell online. That was 6 years ago. We read more about it and decided to take the chance and have our little one’s cord blood. We believe that it’s one investment that we will never regret making as it has the potential to save lives in the future. This is the reason why everytime a friend is pregnant we never fail to mention about Cryo-Cell. I believe we even got one friend and her husband a Gift Certificate from Cryo-Cell to give them a jump start on it. This season giving, think ‘future’ and give a loved one who is expecting a gift

Political Ads...

Yep, those ads that say: "I'm 'whoever' and I approve this message." We've been hearing them for months now. Honestly, I'm getting tired of hearing them. The ones that air now especially since they are now resorting to personal attacks...and I'm not only talking about the presidential ones...but the local ads as well. I cannot wait when everything goes back to ads included. Speaking of these ads. One time one such ad came on while the little one was watching a show. It's a Barack Obama political ad campaign. Right after the ad, the little one came up to me and asked: Does John McCain approve that message? ....LOL....I just started laughing hysterically. She's so innocent about all this that I don't even want to explain to her what those ads are all about...but I will. In time....

Still Looking....

Yep, we’re still looking for that one perfect wide screen TV. Now, I love my husband but his being so picky with things sometimes drives me nuts. Let’s take this TV for example. He said not too long ago that he already has ‘the one’ picked out. Great! Not! He keeps changing his mind. He started wanting a plasma TV. Now he wants an LCD HDTV instead. Hmmm….I wonder what it will be tomorrow. Maybe will stay with what we have right now huh? He’s lucky he has a patient wife in me…and I’m just glad he didn’t take this long for him to ask me to marry him. LOL….

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A lot of my regular visitors here complimented my new 'look'...or 'do' as I like to call it. As much as I would like to take credit for it, I won't...hehe. I mentioned in one of my posts that the talented Cathy of My Design Workbench did it for me and I cannot be any happier. A few had already asked me about the pricing of her creations. Just visit her website and clicked 'Custom Design Pricing' and will come up. Guess what though? You can actually get a F-R-E-E Custom Design by her. How? By joining her very first contest ever! Why is she having a contest??? You have to visit her site to has something to do with something [more like 'someone'] that starts with a B...and ends with a Y! Here's "the how" and "the what"to win... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How would you like to have a custom design of your blog by me, FOR FREE ? Have you long to change the colors but just could

Family Biking Time....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It’s already fall. Mornings and evenings are getting a wee bit cooler now. Aside from that, our backyard is filled of dried oak leaves…from our neighbor’s tree. Ugh! The husband hates it so much because we have to pick them up with no end in sight. Anyway, it has also been raining a lot lately. So the little one can only bike on days when it’s dry…like last weekend. It's so nice to bike now because it's not too hot out there. So while she was biking last weekend, I told the husband that maybe we should go ahead and start biking ourselves like we have been planning forever. I told him that we should probably start looking for cruiser bikes online and see if we can buy our bikes already. Of course the husband agreed so now I’m busy looking the perfect bikes for us. It’s about time! I cannot wait to have our family biking time.

My New..."DO"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After months of sporting the same "do" [aka "template"], PinayWAHM has a new 'do'...finally!!! The 'renovation' started yesterday and is now complete. Fast, eh? Thanks much to one hot Mama, Cathy of My Design Workbench , Pinay WAHM now has a brand new look. I've actually been wanting to change the template for quite sometime already but since I've been busy, as in B-U-S-Y, I just couldn't find the time. Besides, I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to changing templates. This is just my third one I believe. The first one was a blogger template. When I got tired of it, I decided to change it myself. Big mistake....I lost almost everything. I had to virtually start from scratch... so I decided not to mess with it again. So if you are busy like me, and 'template challenged' [ha!], why not just ask the experts, like Cathy to do it. I'm sure it will be so worth it. Click the banner below and see for

Who Would Have Thought???

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It’s no secret that I met my husband online. Or is it? LOL…actually, it was a secret at first to my family but I eventually told them…after we got married. We have been married for more than 7 years now and we’re still going strong, of course. That being said, I was probably one of the biggest non-believer when it comes to internet dating. But a very good friend one day surprised me when she told me she was getting married…to a guy she met online! I was floored to say the least. So I went online and checked on those places they call ‘dating sites’. And like they say, the rest is history. Because of my successful online love story, I get asked a lot of times by my single friends on what to do. Honestly, I really can’t tell them anything specific. I just tell them to try their luck online but with a lot of caution. Today, they can search for free on dating sites like Sign Up is F-R-E-E so there's nothing to lose but a whole lot to gain. That’s

This is!

Yep, this is exactly how I feel. Why? I have not the slightest idea. I just know that my head feels really light and that if I close my peepers, I'd probably be in lala land in no time. BUT... I can't! I'm still as busy as can be. I'm taking a few minutes break from my monotonous job so here I am blogging away. I am hoping that by doing something different, my sleepiness will go away. Is it working yet? Not just quite....I'll let you know when I wake up...hahaha...

Cool Eyeglasses for a Busy Bee like Me...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have been so busy for the past few weeks that I feel like I am always tired even if I get enough hours of sleep. Like right now, I am sitting here in bed typing away on my laptop but I can feel my eyes starting to get really heavy. I’m sure that if I close them, I’d be asleep in no time. But…I’m not supposed to sleep. I believe that my ‘eye situation’ has something to do with my eyes feeling tired all the time. The right one is still a bit droopy and I know that my staying in front of the computer for hours is not helping it in any way. This is why I’m planning in getting me a new pair of goggles…err, eyeglasses . I think the one I have right now is probably not compatible with my peepers’ needs. Right now, I could really use something affordable though. I don’t want to spend a lot for my eyeglasses but I also don’t want a pair that does not look nice and pretty. Ha! So I’ve been looking online for what I need for a price I want to pay. Clever me, eh? F


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That would be the perfect word to describe the little one when she was a bit 'littler'...LOL. I've been watching home made videos we have of her when she was younger and she was very animated. Everything she did was exaggerated it's very funny to watch. The one I keep watching over and over [and over] again is the one when she was about 3 years old. We were painting eggs for easter and she just kept talking and talking...'the egg is quacked [cracked], Mommy'...'no, thank you'...'awww, it's tewwific, Daddy'..LOL. Her 'rs' were 'ws' so it was cute to listen to her talk. It's also on the same video that she was singing her heart out while singing along Shania Twain's songs like " Up ", " Man, I feel Like a Woman ", " Forever and For Always " and some other songs. Her words were not that clear but it was funny to see her belting out those songs. The husband w

Wet Week...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yep, it's been raining here everyday since early this week. It hasn't rained in a while so I guess we need it. Needless to say the grass is wet so no walking outside for us. Because of this rain the little one has not been biking since it's usually wet on the driveway. Today is pretty dry though when we woke up so she might be able to bike a little later on....that is if she can finish the things she needs to finish...and if it doesn't rain anytime soon. As for me, I'm still busy with work, work, work. I took a little break this morning paid work and vacuumed since our carpet looks like c...p already...hehe. I am also doing some laundry while typing away here. It's only 11 AM here and I'm already tired...sigh!!! Does anybody out there want to come help me?

Busy Life

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Busy, busy, busy....that's how I would describe me for the last few weeks. This is the reason why I hardly know what day it is. If the little one is not checking her calendar daily, I wouldn't even know that Halloween is in just a few weeks. Speaking of which I am still looking for a costume for her and we might just buy it in one of the stores around. We should have done that last weekend when we were out BUT I forgot all about it. Can you tell my mind has been preoccupied lately? While we were at a store last weekend, the husband mentioned about getting batteries for his watch. Again? It hasn't been that long since he got batteries for it so I was surprised when he said he needed new batteries for it. Could it be that his watch need to take a hike already? Hmmm....that kinda' gave me an idea...Christmas present for him! Maybe I can get him of the Sector watches I found online. Hey, it's not too early to be thinking Christmas alread

Cool Blog Award....a Tag!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Michelle passed this tag on to me. It's a butterfly! Yipee...LOL. The little one here likes butterfly a lot so it's big hit for her to say the least. Thanks much for this Michelle . Once accepted, the rules would be as follows: 1. Put the logo on your blog; 2. Add a link to the person who awarded you; 3. Nominate 10 other blogs; 4. Add links to those blogs on yours; 5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs;

Searching for the "Unknown"...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yesterday, we decided to go out and shop for things we still need for the house. We got the things we wanted and they will be delivered in the coming days. On Saturday, our day was spent at home. A good friend is going through a break up so we were on the phone the whole morning. She’s really brokenhearted because they already planned for the wedding and all. Then this happened so she was bawling while we’re talking. I finally convinced her to rest and to try to get some sleep. As soon as we got off the phone, the husband decided to cut the grass while I pulled weeds and the little one picked up dry leaves. We were out for a few hours. When we came back in the house, I had a couple of missed calls. I checked who the calls were from but to my dismay I couldn’t as one said “Out of Area” while the other was “Unknown Caller”. Now, I don’t get that many calls so it bugs when I have no idea whose calls I missed. The husband suggested that we do a reverse phone looku


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Those in the Philippines probably recognize this group? They weren't around when I was still there but I've heard a couple of their songs in some blogs I visited before. They revived one of my favorite songs way back when - I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me - and no, it's not a theme song...hahaha. I think this group's version is much better than the original but that's just me...'Expose' might read this and get mad at me...hehe. Oh, 'Expose' was the original for this one. Here's MYMP's version that I found in You Tube of course...

"Just Got Lucky..."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That's a song in the 1980s and it was one of the songs that was famous during "Bagets" days...LOL!! I've been playing it over and over again in You Tube, as well as some other songs that I can remember from those days. I know I'm not the only child of the 80s here so I'm posting this song here. Enjoy.....hehehe

Our Day....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I had a tiring day today. While the little one was biking in the driveway, I decided to pull some weeds in our weed...err...flower bed. I didn't plan in doing that but I got bored just watching her bike around. Well, as soon as I started I couldn't stop. So I was able to pull out all the weeds...and it took me about 3 hours to do that. As expected, I am all sore right now from bending and pulling...even my fingers are sore. Oh well, I needed to breathe some fresh air anyway, so it's ok. As soon as she finished biking, the little one got busy doing her "detective work"... complete with a magnifying glass. She tried to catch some bugs and put them under her magnifying glass to "study" them. I asked her to count the legs and check the body parts so she'll learn something while I'm busting my bee-hind. She enjoyed doing that even if she freaks out everytime the bug moves. Anyway, like I mentioned in my post yesterday, a t

And the Search Goes On....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One appliance that we really want to buy as soon as possible is the big screen TV that the husband wants to have. It's football season now so he really wants to have it ASAP. We already picked out the one we want at a price we can afford. So why are we not buying it yet? Because we have not found the perfect tv lift cabinet for it. Aside from that, we also have to get a corner curio that we need where we can put our DVD player and other gadgets, all eletronics of course. So this weekend, we are planning in going around...again to look for that very hard to find elusive curio. Hopefully, our trip will not be wasted as time is running's already Game 5 this weekend and the husband can't wait to watch his football games in his big screen TV.

Friendship....a Tag!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This friendship tag was passed on to me by Ate Beng of Beyond my Quiet Zone . Thanks much! We need Friends for many reasons, all throughout the season. We need Friends to comfort us when we are sad, and to have fun with us when we are glad. We need Friends to give us good advice, We need someone we can count on, and treat us nice. We need Friends to remember us one we have passed sharing memories that will always last. Spread the Poem of Friendship. 1. Everyday Life 2. Words of Love 3. Sheng's Simple Thoughts . . . 4. good thoughts, good trades 5. Ours and Our Kids 6. Jengspeaks 7. Jacque 8. Snippets of My Mind 9. Melisse's Domain 10. Seize The Day 11. Living A' La Mode 12. Simple Delights 13. Motherhood in a Nutshell 14. RainCindy's Blogging Time 15. General Santos City 16. About Love and Relationship 17. KUMAGCOW - The Goodlooking Guy on His Journey : ) 18. Beyond My Quiet Zone 19. PinayWAHM