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Blogger & IE 9 Beta

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just don't go together. Eversince I downloaded it I can not just..just post something. I have to keep changing the 'compatibility view' so I can change fonts, colors, etc...and then post. It will only publish the post in one of the compatibility view. It's very taxing and annoying. It took me several tries to finally publish one post. Ugh! Anyway, I now changed browser...only for blogger. I still like using IE for browsing since I'm used to it already. I'm hoping the non-Beta version will be a lot better and won't give me the headaches like its Beta version. Now I no longer have the energy to post anything anymore because my energy was all drained from figuring out which view I should be using to do something in my post. Sigh...I better call it a day before my brain start bleeding from all this thinking....

Villas in Italy

Dreaming is free so dream big! we go! One big dream that I am hoping will be realized one day is going on a trip to Europe. It’s been a much anticipated trip for me because it’s been in my ‘life’s agenda’ since who knows when. Europe is big but Italy is on top of my list for this ‘dream’ trip. I have a few friends out there who send me invites all the time but if ever we get the chance to visit that country, I would love to stay in one of the villas in Italy instead of shacking up with friends. It would be great to spend time with them but we can do that without me being a burden. Besides, I want to be in my own space when I’m on vacation. I want to do things in my own time and convenience. If Italy is on top of my list for a European escapade, hubby also has some places he wants to visit if and when we get the chance to go. He wants to go to Belgium and Cyprus. In Belgium, I have a commitment to meet up with a really good friend. I was supposed to attend her wedding back in


That's what I'm planning to do. anyway. I hope you have a good one!

Wrong Timing

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I just got off the phoe after a lengthy conversation with my older brother who is turning a year older. In a couple of days I will have to call again because it's my sister's birthday as well. My long distance bill will go through the roof again. But that's okay since I only get to talk to them for longer periods of time on special occasions such as birthdays. Anyway, my brother's birthday is kinda' bitter sweet to him. He's happy he's celebrating another birthday but something they've been working on for a few months now fell through. They've been planning in buying a house that they really like and it seemed everything was already in place a couple of weeks ago when I chatted with him online. He was very excited then that he even asked me to look for hot tub covers here and send him one when I get the chance. I was actually surprised of that since I didn't know the house has a hot tub in it but it does

Blogger Award...a TAGGGGG!!!!!

Actually it's called: Breaking Blogger Award 2011 and Nancy just handed it to me virtually, of course. Thanks much Nancy. It's been ages since I last posted a tag so this will be a whip of fresh me anyway. I was a wee bit hesitant to post it since one of the 'rules' of the tag is to tag other bloggers. I don't blog hop as much as I used to anymore and I'm afraid I won't be able to fulfill that part of the deal. But I got Nancy's 'nod' that it's okay to post without the 'tagging' part. Anyway, another part of the tag is the '7 things about me'. That's anothe r hard part because I've done quite a few of them as well in the past. So....I'll just randomly list 7 things about me....regardless of whether I've already blogged about it or not. 1) My blog is called 'Pinay WAHM' because I'm a Filipina [Pinay] Work-At-Home-Mom. 2) I've been a WAHM for the last 7 years or so. 3) I used to be Math

Dream Car Talk

As a young girl, my siblings and I talked about a lot of our dreams when we grow up. We talked about dream jobs, dream house even our dream place to live in. What we didn’t talk much about was our dream cars. That’s probably because we never had a car while we were growing up so it was never part of the usual conversation. But if ever we talked about it, I’m pretty sure we will be unison when we say our dream car would have to be a Mercedes-Benz [like a Mercedes-Benz C 300 , maybe] because it’s the most popular brand back then. Also, it’s the ‘rich people’s’ car from where we grew up from so it’s kind of automatic I guess to dream about it. Mercedes Benz was so popular back then that people even came up with a nickname for it...'chedeng'. Ask anybody from the Philippines what a 'chedeng' is and I'm pretty certain they'll say it's Mercedes Benz. Today, I do have a dream car...but with the emphasis on the word 'dream' since it's very possible I'

Can't Wait?

This time it's not me that's actually waiting on's the husband! For some odd reason, he thought it's Friday already today. I hate to disappoint him but...ummm...not quite yet. He told me that someone was supposed to come in to work today since it's Friday and I had to stop him right there to break the news to him that he has to wait another day before it's Friday. Tee hee...


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's no secret that I try not to indulge much on shoes. Yes, I do like shoes just like every other woman out there but I'm content in just looking at them. Some willpower I have, eh? So what makes me walk away? The pairs of shoes I already have that I have only worn once or twice. I feel guilty about grabbing another pair knowing I have other pairs I'm not even using. Right now though I am this close in buying me a pair of womens boots . That's the only kind of shoes I don't have so I kinda' have that feeling that it's 'justified' if I get me a pair. The last time I had a pair of boots was when I was still teaching in Taiwan. It can get pretty cold there during the winter time so a pair or two of warm boots are always needed. The only thing holding me back in getting me a pair of boots now is the kind of weather we have here. It's the Sunshine state and it's summer like for the most part so I feel like I wo

My Crystal Flowers

These are the crystal flowers I bought about 2 weeks ago. I expected the flowers to be darker in color but it's okay, I still like them. Hubby doesn't like them much because he wanted the red ones instead of the multi-colored ones. I may just get the red ones one of these days and mix them up with these but I'll wait for now. I don't want to spend much since we're thinking of 'possibly' taking a short break [vacation, if you may] just to get away for a few days. Those red flowers won't dry up anyway since they're made of glass...tee hee... Little by little our curio is getting filled with different little things. Most of them are either crystals or glass since they look good inside a glass cabinte. But we also have some stuff that are not glass or crystal. When hubby went to Tennessee middle of last week, he came home with a little souvenir...a violin. Well, a mini-violin. He saw it at the souvenir shop at the airport on his way back and decided to

Get-Away in the Middle of Winter?

That seems to be the case because of the stress that the husband is having due to some difficult customer’s unreasonable demands. He is thinking [again] of probably taking ‘that’ much needed break we’ve been talking about for quite some time now. They still have some ‘deadlines’ to meet so we can’t really go far or be gone for long. It’s either we go some place within the state or to a neighboring state that I haven’t been to. He mentioned about checking out the different resorts in Myrtle Beach because he has been in that part of the country some years ago and he kinda’ liked it. It’s out of the state but near enough that we don’t need to spend the little time off work he can get traveling. I’m not too keen about traveling at this time of the year actually. I’d rather stay home and stay warm but the husband needs a break so we MAY just take that trip one of these days. I’ve checked some websites like to see what they have at this time of the year. We really h

Figuring Out Blogger

For some reason or another , there has been some changes in Blogger that I don't understand. For one, I can't just publish a post unlike before. I mean...before I just hit 'publish post' and it gets published. Now, there are times when I hit 'publish post' and it won't do anything. I have to save the draft and exit then go back in to publish the post. It's irritating to say the least. I'm trying to think what changes I did to my browser [maybe] but I can't come up with anything. Most of the time I need to write the post while in 'Edit HTML' mode because when I write in 'Compose' mode, some things just don't come up right. Arrgh! Oh well. As long as my posts get posted I'll be good. I just hope I'll be able to figure out what's going on soon. End of RANT!

Online Trading

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The husband has always been interested in stocks. He tries to follow certain stocks but it’s only lately that he started Online Trading . He does not have a lot of time to spend in front of the computer to follow the stocks he’s watching so he’s been bugging me to start doing it. Why me? What do I know about Stock Trading ? Nothing. Nada. None. But he’s certain I’ll be able to learn how to do it in no time. Maybe. Maybe not. I’m a very cautious person when it comes to money so I’m not sure if I’ll be good at stock trading since it involves money…and lots of it sometimes. To further convince me to give this new adventure of his a try, he installed this little widget on my computer so I can watch the stocks that he’s been watching himself. I think he even has something installed in his cellphone so he can do Mobile Trading whenever he wants to. I know he’s not going crazy trading as of yet but I won’t be surprised if he starts doing this more and more

Fun Weekend

After a couple of weeks of being cooped up at home, we went out today. Yay! LOL. We just went to the mall...again. We had some 'unfinished' business there that we needed to attend to so we decided to head there again. We were able to accomplish what we wanted to so we're happy. After we were done with the 'main' mission, we walked around to see if there's anything we wanted to buy. And when you do that, you always FIND something to buy, isn't it? Surprise, surprise. We got the little one with giant feet 2 pairs of shoes. She wants a pair of running shoes she can wear to use the elliptical because she's only been using socks. Her shoe size now is the same as mine so I looked for a pair that *I* can [maybe] wear once the shoes don't fit her anymore. Clever me, eh? Haha... Anyway, we also got her a floral dress. For whatever reason, she asked us to get her one today so we did. I'm not even sure when she's going to wear it because it's too c

Realizing a Lifelong Dream

It seems that as the years go by a lot of women choose to get married and have children later in life. I happen to be one of those women and I’m glad I waited before settling down. There is not much in my former life that I miss because I tried to enjoy ‘single life’ as much as I could. So when I got married, I knew I was ready to have a family of my own. My husband and I knew we wanted children so we were elated when I got pregnant right away. I must say that we are lucky because even if I was in my mid-30s, I didn’t have a problem having conceiving. Sadly, there are not many women of my age who are as lucky as I am when it comes to conceiving. I have a few friends who like me chose to have children later in life. One had several miscarriages before she had her little one. One is not as blessed as she’s still waiting for her little blessing after more than 5 years of trying. Fortunately for this friend of mine who cannot get pregnant naturally, ivf is now an option for her and her hu

Season 10 of American Idol

The popular show premiered last night but I didn't watch it. I haven't been watching it regularly since, maybe, 3rd season. One of the reasons I don't watch it anymore is this... Honestly, it gets me anyway. Some may still find it 'funny' but I just don't anymore. I still watch bits & pieces of it when the top 24 [or is it 36 now?] starts performing. But I don't sit through the whole thing anymore.

Rellenong Bangus!

Eversince I saw Ate Beng's post about the 'simple foods' that she prepared for Media Noche, I couldn't stop thinking about this dish - rellenong bangus [stuffed milk fish] that she made! It looked so yummy I could almost taste it. I think it's safe to say it's my ULTIMATE favorite especially the way my sister in law makes it. I don't know how to make it so I just wait until somebody makes it for me...LOL...and my sister in law always does...granted I'm around to eat it. Today, we finally had the chance to go to the Philippine store. Since we didn't plan in going anywehere else after shopping for my 'supplies' I thought I'd poke around the frozen stuff. I normally don't buy frozen fish from there but I saw the 'smoked' baby milkfish [lower picture] and thought the hubby may want to try it...and he does so I decided to get a pack. Then I saw the 'Rellenong Bangus' [upper picture]. I hesitated for a while but went ahead

The One...The Only...

.... state in the country that didn't have snow on the ground yesterday. That's our state. Even Hawaii had snow in some high mountains...but the sunshine state...nah! I guess we're 'lucky'?? Not according to one little girl here. She'd rather see snow...LOL. According reports 71% of the country had snow yesterday and none of it hit our grounds. Some had it worse than the others as shown by numerous cancellations and delays of flights...again.. As for our dear state, we're actually on 'freeze warning' for a couple of days now. Temperatures are in the low 20s I think although the feel like temperature outside is in the teens. Even with temperatures that low, there is no report that we will be experiencing [probably] a once in a lifetime experience for most of us here. On other news....not much going on. Some news, eh? Well, I'm busy with some work but that's about it. As usual we don't have any plans for the weekend. But it's always s

My Thyroid Saga....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It started when I noticed that I was having trouble sleeping maybe about 2 or 3 years ago. At first I thought it had something to do with the change I made with my work schedule because during the first few years of being a WAHM, I used to go to bed around 2 in the morning. I tend to finish more work late at night till early morning because there's less or no distraction at all. What I could do in those 4 hours or so would normally take me the whole day to finish. But staying up late wasn't helping my allergies at all. If anything, it was getting worse so I decided to stop doing it. I started going to bed before midnight to keep my allergy attacks at bay....and it worked. Months into my new 'sleeping' time, I noticed I would toss and turn for hours. I seriously considered taking sleeping pills to help me sleep because when I got up in the morning I was like a zombie going through my day. There were days when it felt like I didn't slee

Spare Tire...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's now the second week of 2011. To me, everything is still the same...and it's probably the case for almost everybody. As soon as the holidays were over, we automatically switched back to the daily grind. Even if this is the case, we cannot deny the fact that after the holidays...and all the good foods that went with it, some things changed. Some changes are more obvious than the others. While some of these changes are welcomed with open arms, some aren' gain weight. Ouch!! Blame it on, as I said earlier, the good foods that's synonimous with 'holidays'. I still have some remnants in the fridge & the ready-mix cookie dough that we weren't able to bake. Just this weekend, we baked a bag of it. There is another bag waiting in the wings. We'd probably bake it this weekend. After that, I should probably start thinking about taking apidexin ...a fat burner pill. Ugh! I have my elliptical to h

The Doodler & Her Doodles....

These are only a few of the little one's early 'doodles' using her very first Magna Doodle and I posted about it in May of 2009 . Like I said in that earlier post, this little gadget has been her companion for most of her free time so I felt I owed it to the maker of the gizmo to at least acknowledge it in a post. The little one really likes to doodle. We've been told she has good hands which she probably took after me. NOOOOTTTT!!! In all honesty, I cannot draw a circle that would look like one even if my life depended on it. I just DON'T have it. Anyway, that old Magna Doodle has been retired for a few months now. We got her a replacement about a year ago....and then some. She has 5 different kinds now...4 of which are 'relatives' of the Magna Doodle. She now has a Glow Doodle, a Globe Doodle, a mini-Magna Doodle and the regular Magna Doodle. The Glow Doodle replaced the Magna Doodle for a while but she's slowly going back to her 'first love'


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That would be the weather I'm referring to. Many people claim it's because of the global warming. That may be true but whatever the reason is, it's just very frustrating sometimes. I'm pretty sure my frustration is nothing compared to those who live in places where they are buried in feet of snow. I've seen pictures and videos of places where people have to literally dig themselves out of the snow that covered them...well, they're houses actually and I cannot picture myself being in that kind of situation. I can only imagine how it must have felt not being able to go out for days because they're simply buried. Normally, an ariens snowblower would probably do the trick for those people but not during the last snow storm. The snow was just too much for a snowblower to take care of. At least there has been some break in the past few days. But they're saying that the worst is yet to come. I can only hope and pray that it won

Lose Weight!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In as much as I want to me that my New Year's resolution [again? & again?], I have to pass on this one...but many people still choose that as their new year's resolution as it is the MOST famous this year...and probably the year before that...and before that. So besides 'losing weight', what are the other 'more' famous resolutions that people aim for year in and year out... from . Most Popular New Year's Resolutions of 2011 1. Lose weight (1,057 votes) 2. Be happy (684 votes) 3. Save money (636 votes) 4. Fall in love (554 votes) 5. Get a job (515 votes) 6. Read more (433 votes) 7. Eat, drink, try or learn something new (378 votes) 8. Quit Smoking (345 votes) 9. Take a photo every day for a year (266 votes) 10. Run a marathon (255 votes)

Different Yet....

….related. That seems to be the case in every family. My sister and I are polar opposites so are hubby and his brothers. I’ve only met his oldest brother a few times for short periods of time so I don’t really know how much different they are in character. I know for a fact that unlike my husband, his brother is not so much into football. He’s more into baseball and he’s more fanatic than my husband. The husband only watches his favorite sport on TV. His brother on the other hand have been going to baseball stadiums like the Verizon Center in Washington, Madison Square Garden in New York as well as the Philips Arena in Georgia to watch baseball in action…in person. He would normally go to these games during his business trips so it was kinda' convenient. As far as I know, hubby only went to one game of football in his entire life. He’s perfectly happy watching at home while his team plays...or so he says. LOL... Now if plans push through, this brother of his might move down here