Fun Weekend

After a couple of weeks of being cooped up at home, we went out today. Yay! LOL. We just went to the mall...again. We had some 'unfinished' business there that we needed to attend to so we decided to head there again. We were able to accomplish what we wanted to so we're happy.

After we were done with the 'main' mission, we walked around to see if there's anything we wanted to buy. And when you do that, you always FIND something to buy, isn't it? Surprise, surprise. We got the little one with giant feet 2 pairs of shoes. She wants a pair of running shoes she can wear to use the elliptical because she's only been using socks. Her shoe size now is the same as mine so I looked for a pair that *I* can [maybe] wear once the shoes don't fit her anymore. Clever me, eh? Haha... Anyway, we also got her a floral dress. For whatever reason, she asked us to get her one today so we did. I'm not even sure when she's going to wear it because it's too cold to be wearing a dress right now but oh well...

That's how our Saturday went down. Tomorrow...we're back to being cooped up in the house. There's football....and we don't go anywhere when football is on...especially when it's the championship games.....go Packers & Jets! Ha!


Ciela said…
Shopping galore na naman si E! Can't believe you are already of the same size of shoes! Ganun na sya ka-grown up?!! Ayos yan ah, pwede na ang hiraman. Time will come na wala ka ng sarili mong sa iyo lang. Like me here, lahat ng gamit ko, gamit na rin ni dawtah. he he.. ganun yata talaga eh..

Sana maganda ang araw nyo dyan at walang ulan. Dito kasi medyo maulan. See you again Huling. Ingat!

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