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It Happens...

Yep, the day we all wait for...week in, week out. Monday...errr...FRIDAY I mean. Woot! Today is extra special. It's my big daddy's birthday! Yep, the man of the house is celebrating his birthday today...and he's busy, very busy at work. In other words it's just a regular day for the birthday boy. As usual he has to be reminded that his birthday is this Friday ~ which is today ~ by our little one. What else is new. When she said goodnight to him last night she told him that she's very excited for today. if it's her birthday. She's always like that and we adore her for being the sweet little girl that she is. But she got me thinking two days ago when she said that after Dad's birthday, it's going to be her birthday. Hmm...technically it's true but it's more than a month away from today. Can it be that she's using his birthday to remind us of her birthday? we'll ever forget her birthday. It also made me think t


What a dramatic title, eh? It's a good 'torn' situation though. Let me explain without giving too much detail since I'm not allowed to disclose specific information. It actually pertains to one of my work at home jobs. I've been doing this job for a few years now. I'm quite comfortable with it and I can say that for the most part I enjoy it. The only thing is the hours are unpredictable. Since I only get paid when I do the work, I'm of course wanting more hours. Can you blame me? The pay is good when I have the work but I know that it can get better. I did a search a few months ago and came across another job which is exactly the same as the one I have right now. I applied. What do I have to lose, right? I am well-qualified but I didn't really expect to hear back. But I did. I was interviewed over the phone and I passed. I was offered more pay. Good, right? Well, it's a double edged sword so to speak. How so? The hours. I get paid more but the

Brian Williams Rapping?

Yes he is...or at least it seems he is. I think this is the best I've seen yet. It really sounds like Brian Williams is rapping. Check it out... This video was aired on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. He started his run this week and so far he's been topping the charts as far as late night shows are concerned. It's just his first week so he still has a long way to go...that is if Jay Leno doesn't take his old job back like he did with Conan O'Brien. Anyway I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.

Almost There...

I remember when I used to post this cute picture almost every week. I had to so a search on this blog to find it again because I miss posting it. You can't blame me because it's such a cute picture. The weather forecast for this weekend is something I'm not looking forward to because there is a 50% chance of rain. We've been having such lovely weather the past several days that I feel like I don't have the right to complain about that. But then again...I can so I am...complaining, I mean. Ha! It's Mother Nature though. We know that those weather forecasts are only as good as any other weather forecasts and they can change in the blink of an eye. Today we're hitting summer-like temps because we'll hit mid-80s late in the day. Right now the sun is out in full force but it's in the mid-60s. My husband is surely loving this kind of weather. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't rain in our neck of the weeds because our yard needs s


Can't live with them, can't live without them? Is that how it goes? How can you run away from family drama? I guess you can't? That's my take on it anyway because family is family no matter what. We try to stay away from the drama as much as we can but sometimes we get calls from family asking for some sort of help which in turn kinda' drag us into the to speak.  Anyway, not too long ago a brother in law called out of the blue asking if we know an old friend's contact info and if we know of any lawyers we can recommend. Mind you we haven't heard from him in least a couple of years then boom! Still hubby tried to get him what he wanted. We haven't had a lot of dealings with lawyer, thankfully, but we did an internet search and found this website so we sent the link to him. Hopefully they'll be able to help him with his current troubles. Sometimes I can't help but wonder why some of these so-called relatives only remember to

Principle Vs Principal

prin·ci·ple noun \ ˈ prin(t)-s(ə-)pəl, -sə-bəl\ : a moral rule or belief that helps you know what is right and wrong and that influences your actions : a basic truth or theory : an idea that forms the basis of something : a law or fact of nature that explains how something works or why something happens prin·ci·pal noun \ ˈ prin(t)-s(ə-)pəl, -sə-bəl\ : an amount of money that is put in a bank or lent to someone and that can earn interest ====================== So when you're writing an article about MORTGAGE, use the latter. I read 2 different articles in the past few days where the writers used the former and it just bugged me because the articles are in Yah

Odd...Weird, Maybe?

I try to be consistent in a lot of things I do. This is especially true when it comes to bedtime. When I was still working as a teacher my bedtime was at 10 at night. Now that I no longer have to work outside the home, my regular bedtime is at 11. But that's not what's odd or weird. It's the fact that if I go to bed beyond my regular time, I'd be having a hard time falling asleep. Shouldn't I be more sleepy since I'm going beyond my usual bedtime therefore I should be falling asleep quickly if I say go to bed at 11:30? Nope, that's not the case with me. This is the reason why I'm so darn sleepy right now. I was awake a little bit over 11 last night and of course I didn't fall asleep until around 1 AM...and I kept waking up after that. Ugh! Anyway, I'll try to sleep an hour earlier tonight. I am hoping that I'd get a good night sleep because that's all I can think of right now. And since it's a holiday today, it's kind of a slow

Big Change Coming?

So it seems anyway. I'm just playing it by ear but it may happen. Who knows, right? And that's all I'm going to say right now. In other news...we've been having a great weather here. It's still cold but it's not gloomy and rainy like last weekend. Nope...the sun is out. The temperatures will be in the 60s at the highest but that's fine by me because we're not planning in going anywhere today. We went out yesterday but we failed in our mission. The man of the house was supposed to get a hair cut at our usual salon but they were so busy they're booked until 5 in the afternoon. We never called for appointments before and it was never that busy so we were surprised when we got there and was told of that. was the same thing last weekend as well so needless to say that we drove for nothing...for 2 consecutive weekends. Now he'll be forced to go somewhere else to get the trim. Right now we are doing our own thing. It's still too early to

Going with the Flow...

That's the little one's newest teddy bear. Normally Dad gets us candies/chocolates for Valentine's day. This year he saw this cute toy and got it for his little princess. In fairness, if he saw this teddy bear on any given day he would have gotten it anyway for her because he knows how much she loves pink and purple. He doesn't wait for an occasion to get her what he thinks she will like. It just so happens that these types of toys are only put on store shelves on certain occasion. Anyway, the little one is of course thrilled to be the recipient of this present. She put those pink spectacles on it right away just because it matches the bear. When it was time for her to do her school work, as you can see, she sat it down on the table making it appear like it's studying along with her. Yep, she's still very much like a little child who plays quite a bit during her free time and sometimes, even when she's working. What did I get you might ask? A box of ch

Nice Day Out

Don't hate now...but it's absolutely gorgeous outside right now. I know other parts of the country are having some major problems with the snow and all but I just can't ignore the nice day we're having here today. It wasn't always like this though because we had some not so good weather at the start of this week. Granted it's not as bad as other states, it's still not the ideal weather in our neck of the weeds. And right now, weeds are all we have in our yard. We have a few of our plants still surviving but majority of them are either in hibernation already or half-dead. What's half-dead? Well, our princess flower plant is exactly that. The left part is still greenish but the right part of it is totally brown. It's because the left side was the part that's hit by the cold blast of air and somehow protecting the right part of the plant. Our maple tree was tricked last week with the warm weather so it started budding leaves then it got cold again.


It's been a while since I posted about this most awaited day of the week. Ha! Well I've been slacking with my blogging in the last few weeks. I've been pre-occupied with stuff and blogging tends to take a backseat when that happens. I'm sure we all go through that every now and then. Anyway, our week went by somehow fast. I'm a little irked right now because something I expected to arrive a couple of days ago hasn't arrived yet. Don't you just hate it when that happens? I just wish I had it delivered directly to the recipient instead of having it delivered here. Oh well...lesson learned I guess.


A couple of years ago, we bought a shoe rack/bench that we have on our foyer. When we first got it, I looked for a cushion for it in all the stores we have around here. Needless to say, I couldn't find one. We decided to just get a cover for it so it won't look so bare while we're looking for that perfect cushion. Then we got busy with other things and cushion was forgotten. It's now 2 years and all it has is its cover still. I recently started looking again and stumbled upon . Why didn't I come across this website before I'm not sure but I'm sure glad I did. I'm still in the process of looking around the site but I may find what we're looking for here since they are made to order. Hopefully I'll be able to find the one we want and need.

It's the Simple Things....