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A Tag??? Really!

I cannot remember the last time I actually posted and/or participated in one. I used to do them almost on a daily basis when I first started blogging...especially when I needed 'in-between' posts. Then one day, they just sort of disappear. I know they're still in existence because I still see them in other blogs but no one tags me anymore....until Ate Beng saved the day. Aha! Chalamat Ate Beng ....reminiscing the good 'ole days of blogging now. This is called 'The ABC Meme' . Here it goes.. A. Attached or single:             - Attached B. Best friend:                        -  Right now, the husband since he's the only one I hang out with most of the time. But I have a couple of friends that know me pretty well since we grew up together therefore making them my BFFs. C. Cake or pie:                       -  Cake D. Day of choice:                   -  Saberdey  E. Essential Item/s:                - PC and laptop F. Favorite color:      

A Crack

For the past 6 months at least, I've been walking on our Mobia/treadclimber for about 40 minutes everyday, 5 days a week. It's my only form of exercise since I stay home most of the time. The little one also uses it daily for 15 minutes to start off her day, then I go after her. A few days ago when she was about to walk on it she called me and told me that the machine is broken. I thought it just wouldn't start but that's not the case. The thing has a crack on it. I took a photo of it and this is how it looks like... Not sure if it's visible in the picture but it's that black line on the upper white part of the stepper. It's not supposed to be stepped on but it's easy to step/walk on it. I guess we unknowingly step on it which caused the crack? I don't really know. For now it doesn't seem to cause any problem so we're still using it. Here's a screenshot of my daily stats on this thing....

Where Next

A few months ago, somebody in this household was so into looking for properties in a state a few hours drive from where we are. We took a couple of trips there to check on some promising properties. Unfortunately, the ones that he liked were either sold already or are too remote from civilization. So what's the next logical step to take? Look at properties in other places like the  real estate in jacksonville nc which is not that far away from where we are. That's what exactly he's been doing in the last couple of months. We even planned another road trip a few weeks ago this time to North Carolina, of course. The little one got a bit excited but it was cut short because the one property worth driving for [7 hours?] was sold even before we could get to see it in person. Now we're back to the drawing board so to speak. But with work getting busy, I don't see us going anywhere that far in the near future...unless he finds 'that' one ideal property he's be


When we decided to work on our flower beds in front of the house we chose 2 flowering plants that we thought would be perfect there -  gardenia [rosal] and hydrangea. Both the husband and I like their flowers so we went and got them at a local nursery. Both had flowers when we planted them and they looked lovely on our flower bed. But that only lasted for one flowering season because they started deteriorating after that. Instead of uprooting them and returning to the nursery [they had 1 year warranty], we decided to move them in the backyard. That was a good move because both survived. But it took a couple of years for both to have flowers again. I watched them every year [for a couple of years] waiting for flowers to show up. This year is my lucky year because they both have flowers. Well, the gardenia had the flowers first a few weeks ago which I of course posted here. This time around, it's my hydrangea's time to shine...ha! it is... I've been watching th

Busy Times Ahead

That's how it looks anyway with hubby's work. After a long time, they started working on weekends again. It's not that busy yet but with all the projects he's talking about when he gets home, they may need to use employment screening at easy back ground in the not so far future because they might need additional help at the shop. I can only remember one instance when they needed extra help but this may happen again if everything pushes through. The last time they hired a couple of people, they didn't do any screening on them because they're people they know personally. This time around, they might need more people in different departments so an employment screening may be in order. Anyway, I'm crossing my fingers [and toes] that things work out with all these deals they have. It's definitely something to be thankful for.

Dad's Father's Day Present

This is one of the drawings that the little one handed the man of her life on Father's Day. She made several drawings but this is my favorite by far. I was actually the one that encouraged [pushed???] her to give caricature a try. I googled pictures to show her and looked for 'how to videos' on caricaturing. She liked the idea but she's not really 'sold' to it. As the days went by she just did what she does best....draw characters that she likes a lot...chipmunks mostly. I was fine with it and didn't push her anymore in doing a caricature for Dad. She pretty much finished her gifts for Dad before the Father's Day weekend. Then on Saturday [the day before FD] when she was supposed to be cleaning in her bedroom she came out with this caricature drawing of Dad. I just started laughing and told her it's perfect [I'm the MOM so I'm allowed to praise her to high heavens] and to me it is perfect. I grabbed one of the empty frames and put it ther

High Class?

Or just a show-off? So I have this 'friend' in FB that keeps on posting pics that rub me the wrong way. I know 'to each his own'. But sometimes I can't help but wonder and ask 'why'? So yes you can afford them but do you really have to post every single handbag, shoes, and what nots on a social networking site? They're not just ordinary purses...they're LV or Guccis and some other really expensive stuff. Aside from that, she also posts ALL the 'high-end' [she calls them 'for the rich and famous'] restaurants that they go to...complete with some shots of the restos name as well as the menu with prices and all. There are times when I'm so close in commenting: Enough already! We know you have the moolah to afford all these...but can you please stop now? Anyway, I know it's none of my business but [again] I just can't help it sometimes. She can post anything she wants since it's her wall but I just wish she also posts

Father's Day 2013

So Father's Day this year was last Sunday. I was watching a TV show online and I was kinda' surprised that the male hosts of the show were asking as to who actually 'invented' [started?] Father's Day. It seems my hubs is not the only that thinks it's another marketing ploy. True that....of course. Ha! Anyhoo...even if hubs thinks that way, the little one [and with a little, okay big prodding from moi] always tries to come up with something special for Dad on this day. In the past we gave him a memory picture book, a frame with a series of pictures, a mug and a couple of home videos for FD.  I try not to spend [a lot] on the gifts because like I said, he doesn't agree with the 'marketing ploy' that comes along with these so-called special occasions. I guess we've succeeded in doing just that...not falling for all the marketing ploys that stores put out months before. How? The little one has been making homemade gifts using her drawing skills. La

Filling Up

...another box to send back home. They just got the box I sent about a month ago and here I am trying to accumulate stuff to put in another box. This one won't go until before Christmas though. Right now I have a lot of DVDs to send because my brother requested for them. He also requested me to look for cheap cigars if I can. At first I said no because I've been telling him to stop smoking already but it's not for him he said. He's giving them to his subordinates as gifts. I guess they're for the holiday season already. I'm looking but I didn't promise him anything. If I find them, then I'll get some. If not, then so be it. Anyway, t will take me months again to fill up this box that's why I usually give myself months to do that. It's quite hard on the budget as well. All for the love of family, eh?

Backyard Bird Watching

That's what we do around here. We get a lot of different birds hanging out in our backyard every single day. It's something normal around here that's why a lot of our neighbors have bird feeders as well as bird baths in their backyard. We did put a feeder for hummingbirds at one point but we had to take it down when the gutters were put in. Some of the birds that we regularly see here are hummingbirds, robins, blue jays, ibis, woodpeckers, sparrows, crows. We also have a couple of guinea fowls, one of which shows up daily that we named it already and calls it our pet. But our most favorite to watch has to be this... It's a hawk. There are 2 of them that come in our yard everyday...lunch time. Fortunately, we have lunch at the same time so I get to watch them 'eat' their lunch while I have my lunch. It's amazing how sharp their eyes are because they usually sit on a branch preying for worms on the ground..then boom! I'll just see them swoop down to

A Surprise Call

A few weeks ago, I got this surprise call from a high school friend. I almost didn't answer the phone because I didn't recognize the number and the name on the caller ID. It took me a few seconds to recognize her voice and when I did I just started shrieking like a little girl because she's one of my oldest and dearest friends. We went to high school together and I haven't heard from her since I moved more than 10 years ago. She's moved here as well and was asking me if I know how and where to find immigration lawyers. She's going to go through the same process I went through when I first arrived here so she thought I'd be the best person to ask. I told her that there should be a lot of immigration lawyers in los angeles because there are quite a few immigrants there including some of our other friends. She's not in contact with any of our other friends so I gave her their contact info because they might be able to help her better since they're from

Box Made It!

I sent a box back home a couple of months ago. It made it safe and sound. Eversince I started sending boxes I've only used one shipping company. It changed its name a couple of times I believe but the people that run it are still the same...I think. At least the guy that comes to our house is the same guy. Anyway, the name of the company is UMAC. And no, they're not paying me to advertise. It's just that I've read quite a few grievances either in blogs or on FB about boxes not making it to their destination either on time or at all. I even read one [or maybe two, three?] complaints saying their boxes took 6 months to make it 'home'. Really? Did I just get lucky with my carrier? Probably. Anyway, if you haven't tried this company, please do. Just do a search for the name and their info will come up. As for my family is already having fun with what's in it. I hope.

Summer it is!

Indeed! Even it won't be official until the 21st, the temperatures are stating otherwise. The lowest we get nowadays is in the mid-70s already. The highest? Too high to even mention. Ugh. I can only watch in envy as our neighbors dip in their pool almost daily now. Mind you, they do it at night because it's way too hot to do it during the day. The pools in our neck of the wood don't really need a raypak heater to keep the water warm because mother nature does it already. Anyway, even if I it gets very hot here we don't have any plans of having a pool ourselves. We tried the above the ground pool a few years ago when we were still in the other house and we didn't like all the work that came with maintaining it. We'd rather go to our local clubhouse and take a dip there when we get the urge to swim instead of having a pool of our own. Maybe when we hit the lottery and we can hire someone to do the job for us. Ha!

Father's Day Today!

To all the Fathers out there... And for my "TATANG" who passed 13 years ago... You never said I'm leaving You never said goodbye You were gone before I knew it, And only God knew why A million times I needed you, A million times I cried If Love alone could have saved you, You never would have died In Life I loved you dearly In death I love you still In my heart you hold a place, That no one could ever fill It broke my heart to lose you, But you didn't go alone For part of me went with you, The day God took you home.

Tough Times

Very few people can say that they're not going through tough times right now...economically speaking anyway. Sadly, many are getting hit harder than others simply because of the choices they make during these challenging times. Unfortunately I know of some people who are in such situations. One of them is on the verge of filing for bankruptcy and she's panicking just thinking about it. I know nothing about bankruptcy but I had the impressions that the laws will be the same everywhere in the country. Apparently not. As it turns out south dakota bankruptcy laws are different from that of our state's bankruptcy laws or in other state's as well. Anyway, when I spoke with this person, the only advice I can give her is to make sure she weighs all of her options before filing. It may look like it's an easy way out for now but it has repercussions as well that may hound her down the road. I can only hope she makes the right decision.

Some Updates

Wow...I haven't been updating in days. It's just that there's not much to blog about. Things have been slow on my end and since I usually blog about my day to day life, there's not much to post. The weather lately has been unpredictable. So what else is new, right? Even our local weather people are confused sometimes that their forecasts are totally amiss on certain days. That's what happened not too long ago when they predicted it's going to rain and it didn't. When there was no rain in the forecast, it rained. With that being said, it's the rainy season now so we've been getting rain here quite regularly now. Hurricane season also started recently. I am hoping and praying that it's not going to be any worse than last year. For the past several years, the hurricane season has been pretty mild and I can hope it continues to be that way. Anyway, we've been spending our weekends cooped up at home. We just don't have that urge to go an

Let's LOL....

I've been MIA from here for about a week now because I've been sick....'tamaritis'. Huh? Only those from where I came from would know what that means and since I'm too lazy [hint! hint!] to elaborate I'd leave it at that. But I'm leaving you with these though to make you LOL.... ================================================== These are from a book called Disorder in the American Courts and are things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down and published by court reporters that had the torment of staying calm while the exchanges were taking place. ATTORNEY: What was the first thing your husband said to you that morning? WITNESS: He said, 'Where am I ... , Cathy?' ATTORNEY: And why did that upset you? WITNESS: My name is Susan! __________________________ _____ ATTORNEY: What gear were you in at the moment of the impact? WITNESS: Gucci sweats and Reeboks. __________________________ __________________ ATTORNEY: Are you s

Safety First

Hubby's job is not very safe. I can no longer count with my fingers how many times he came home with scratches and cuts all from doing his job. Thankfully those are the only things that happened to him on the job. It can be worse but I'm keeping my fingers that he's taking all the necessary precautions to make sure nothing more serious happens while he's working. I guess he does because he's been looking for safety supplies from over the weekend and I can only assume it's for work. But then again, it may be something he can use here at home because he started looking after he was up on the roof of the house trying to check on something. Oh well...whatever it is for, I'm just glad he's planning in practicing safety first.