Safety First

Hubby's job is not very safe. I can no longer count with my fingers how many times he came home with scratches and cuts all from doing his job. Thankfully those are the only things that happened to him on the job. It can be worse but I'm keeping my fingers that he's taking all the necessary precautions to make sure nothing more serious happens while he's working. I guess he does because he's been looking for safety supplies from over the weekend and I can only assume it's for work. But then again, it may be something he can use here at home because he started looking after he was up on the roof of the house trying to check on something. Oh well...whatever it is for, I'm just glad he's planning in practicing safety first.


Ciela said…
Hayyyy.. so hilarious! Ang sarap tumawa! To the highest level ang tawa ko sa last na eksena. Lol na tunay!

Thanks for the good laugh! Made me feel much lighter. At hindi na ako nagka-asthma sa pagtawa. (just noticed.)

Saan tayo sa weekend, Huling?

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