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Fall is in the Air!

Definitely. It may not be as cold [or should I say 'cool'] as it is in some states but I can definitely feel the cooler temps early in the morning when I send the husband off to work. During the day, well, it's still summer temps. This is the sunshine state so what do I expect, right? Oh well... Anyhooo...I got a wee bit busy the past several days with appointments. That explains why I wasn't able to blog much. I wish I can say work is the reason for the lack in posts but it's not. I really have no clue as to when we'll get busy at work. There is just no sign that will happen anytime soon. It's still a clear sign that our economy is still in the pits. Not even all these political ads saying that our economy is much better from from 4 or even 5 or 6 years ago will and can convince me otherwise. Why? Because 4 years ago, work was consistent. If the economy is better, then work would be as consistent if not better, right? I am not being political here. Just s

Butterfly Garden...Home Edition

When we visited MOSI last month, the first place we visited in the museum was this: It's the Butterfly Garden. Like I mentioned in the post, there were only a few kinds of butterflies there but it gave the little one a chance to be up close and personal with them. She actually took a ton of pictures and made sure to mention them in her report. After that visit to the museum [and her enthusiasm to see butterflies], I decided to finally order the caterpillars that came with the Butterly Garden that Santa [ehem!] gave her last Christmas. The package came a few days after we ordered them and the journey to raising 'butterflies' started. The caterpillar were kept in a plastic jar until they turned into chrysalides [chrysalises]. As soon as they hang upside down, we had to transfer them to the 'butterfly garden' itself. This one: Here's how they looked like while we were waiting for the butterflies to make an appearance.. After a few days of waiting

Big Move?

I cannot believe how busy we've been this month of September. It seems a lot of things have been happening but I'm not complaining. Just a bit tired. Most of it is good though so I'm happy. I just went through the final phase of something I've been working on the last few months so I can scratch that off my list. I still have one major thing to accomplish but that one may take a little while longer than the one I just finished simply because I need more preps for that. The above mentioned are just the personal stuff going on with me...we also have some family stuff going on right now. The biggest of which may be a move somewhere out of state. Nothing is definite yet but we're definitely getting ready for it by doing our research. We've started looking for properties everywhere. Everytime we find one, we also do some related searches like services around the area. Aside from work related services, we also want to make sure other services like termite control or

Shopping is a Pain Sometimes

We spent our weekend going around trying to find some things I need for this week's appointment. We ended up getting something else...which kinda changes the whole game so to speak. I thought we would only be out looking on Saturday. Wrong. Because of what we bought on Saturday, we had to go out yesterday to find something that will match what we got on Saturday. Did we find it? Sorta. We still need to get something else for Why today? Because the appointment is tomorrow. It almost always happens this way. We'd go out to look for something. We'd come back with something else and not what we planned in getting. Ugh! In this case, what we got changed the whole dimension thus the extra trip this afternoon. I'm not complaining because it's for me. But part of me is saying I don't really need it. I have what I need. I just wanted something small to add to it. But that's what happens when you go shopping with somebody. In my case a 'personal styl

Helping Out a Friend

It's not everyday that we're asked if we know an nc appellate attorney. But that's just what we've been asked by someone we know. For one, we're not residing in that state so we were not expecting to be asked but that's how hubby's friends see him. I can't blame them because he always goes out of his way to help them so they tend to ask him first for almost anything. Anyway, it seems this particular person needs the help of a lawyer to appeal a ruling on him recently. He's not the 'sharpest knife in the drawer' so to speak so he really doesn't know what to do next so being a friend, the husband went online and started searching for an nc appellate attorney as soon as they hang up. I'm not even sure if this friend has email or a computer but I'm guessing not. Hopefully the information we found online will be helpful to him.

Scenic Ride

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, the 'highlight' of our North GA trip was probably the train ride we took on our second day there. The ride itself took only an hour one way but the 'scenic ride' lasted for about 4 hours. That's because we had a short tour around the border of GA and TN when we got off the train. There wasn't much to see there actually but some old [and new] shops that sold souvenirs to tourists [like us]. This is the actual train we took.... Since there's is not a lot of 'scenes' to take pictures of at the train depot, we decided to take pics of the line/border of the 2 states. Here's that 'line' that separates the states of GA and TN. I guess I can say that we also went to Tennessee during that trip, eh? We also crossed the bridge that separates the 2 states... The train ride we took while we were there was not the only scenic ride we had. The car rides in and around the cities we visited were scenic

The Stairs to Amicalola Falls

This is a continuation of my earlier post about Amicalola Falls . The point of entry we took to see the falls is the one on top of the falls. I'm not sure if there's another point of entry but there probably is one. We just didn't know about it since it's our first time and we're not familiar with the place. I don't know about you, but to me the best way to view or look at waterfalls is from the bottom. Since the POE we took was the one from the top of the falls, we had no choice but to go down in order to see the falls....ummm...'falling'? Well, that's easy. All we have to do is to take the stairs down...all 425 steps of them! Here's how a part of the stair looks like somewhere from the top. Unnerving? Scary? High?     I didn't even want to look down as we were taking the steps down because it scares the beejeesus out of me. The little one is not quite used to going down stairs...much less this many she either had to

New House

My brother and his wife just bought a new property back home. It's a lot with a small house built on it already. The house is rather small for them so my sister in law decided to have it renovated. It's not yet finished but the last time I sent a box, I already included some home decors she can use once it is finished. I am still looking for stuff to send her everytime I go in a TGGS Home store or visit an online store that sells home decors. Sometimes she tells me what she wants but most of the time, I just get whatever fancies me. She's not very picky when it comes to that. She said that anything and everything is appreciated. I guess that's the reason I like getting stuff for her and her house.

Amicalola Falls

It took us about 7 hours to drive from FL to GA. We called it a 'leisure drive'. No fuss, no stress. Just driving to see scenery and enjoy it as we drive along. But even if it's a 'leisure drive', it was still very tiring...especially for the driver and for someone [me!] who barely had a wink of sleep the night before. Still, we didn't let our being tired ruin our unplanned 'get-away'. Our first stop in GA was to see Amicalola Falls which is inside a state park. Hubby likes waterfalls a lot. I do, too. It's very refreshing listening to it and seeing it. We were thinking that it would be closed by the time we got there because we anticipated we'd be there around 6 PM. We made it much earlier than that though. But even if we made it at that time [6 PM], we would still be able to get in because people were still coming in when we left the place past 6 PM. As it turns out, we're not the only ones crazy about waterfalls. Many people from diffe

Fall Cleaning?

Fall is just around the corner. Can you believe it?  It's still hot here but in a few weeks, it will get a little bit cooler. With the change of season I can't help but think about doing some much needed 'end of the summer' cleaning to welcome fall. A 'fall cleaning' if you must. It seems we've been piling up boxes in the garage again. I went through some of them and I found some sheers curtains in one of the boxes that I no longer remember having. I think they're still left over from the stuff we had in the old house. I actually thought I sent all the curtains back home when I shipped a box a few months ago. I guess not. Maybe I can send them in the next one. I'm sure my sister in law will find some use for them in her house.

Choo! Choo!

A first for the the 3 of us. Our very first TRAIN RIDE! Choo! Choo! That's one of the things we did during our spur of the moment trip to Georgia during this Labor Day weekend. We didn't plan anything. We just packed some clothes and went our merry way. We had a great time. No stress. Why? Because we didn't spend hours upon hours planning the trip. We didn't even have hotel reservations. We said we'd sleep in the car if we had to. We knew it was going to be a busy weekend for the hotels since it's a holiday weekend but lucky for us, we were able to find a hotel with rooms available. One of the things we wanted to do was do the 'scenic ride' courtesy of that train in the picture. Again, we're lucky that there were still seats available considering it's a holiday weekend. The ride itself was about an hour one way. It took us to the border between Georgia and Tennessee. Once there, we were allowed to roam the area for about an hour. We just w

Real Estate Hunting

With us it's more like window shopping. How I wish we have the money to spend on real estate right now because there are some really great fountain hills real estate in Arizona that I would love to get my hands on. But we don't so we'll just feast our eyes and just look...for now. Real estate hunting is probably one of my husband's favorite past time at the moment. I think he does it almost everyday especially when it gets really slow at work and there is not much to do. Case in point...we just came back from a nine hour long drive to look at a property he saw online last Friday. Since it's a long weekend we decided to drive to the location to see it for ourselves. Unfortunately, we couldn't find the place where the property is located. Ha! Anyway, finding that property was just one of the reasons we went there. We wanted to check the surrounding area and see first hand how it looks like. The internet can only offer so much. We wanted to get the feel of the