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The Countdown Begins...

Ring out the old, ring in the new,  Ring, happy bells, across the snow:  The year is going, let him go;  Ring out the false, ring in the true.    -Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 1850

From Our Home to Yours....

Let's not forget the true meaning of this day...the REASON for the SEASON!


I have not been able to post here in the last several days. Whoops! I was about to yesterday but got distracted and wasn't able to continue with my plan. Anyway, I was checking a friend's feed today and came across the picture up top. I'm not sure where it came from but I had to laugh when I saw it. I guess those who have horrible weathers today do have the right to hate the Sunshine State today [and yesterday and the days before] because it's been gorgeous here while snow, rain, ice, sleet etc. are pounding them. No I don't condone 'hate' but I'm sure the one who made that picture didn't mean any harm....just laughs, eh? Anyway, I've been a bit busy the past few days hence the lack of non-sense [mostly anyway] posts in this blog. Just like the past years, I'm trying to finish some unfinished 'business' before the time's up. I'm sure you can relate. I still have some more left in my list so I better go and try to check th


It's December? Really? It seems like I went to sleep sometime in June and woke up and it's December already. When I was younger December couldn't come any faster. I was pulling the days that's why. Now that I'm no longer a child, it seems to come in a flash. Why is that? Oh well. That's life, eh? Our little one is of course super excited that it's the Christmas season already...much like when I was young. She kept asking us before Thanksgiving when we're putting up the tree. The usual answer is after Thanksgiving. Well, guess what? She came to our bedroom early Friday morning with the question: When are we putting up the tree? It's after Thanksgiving already. Huh? Thanksgiving is over? Anyway, the tree was still in the attic on Friday so I just asked her to wait until Daddy gets the chance to take it out of the attic. Saturday came. I asked her if there's anything she wanted to do. You know like go out and shop. But her reply was: Yes, to d

Search is Over

Literally...and I couldn't be any happier. It's always been such a task to find the perfect gift for the man of the house. If he doesn't ask for it, then I wouldn't have any clue as to what to give him for any occasion. Well, this time around I'm very proud to say that I already found the perfect gift for him for this holiday season...a fingerprint safe that I'm 100% sure he will love. He has this very old safe that he's had for several years now. It's a small one where some documents and other stuff are kept. The only problem is he's always looking for the key of that thing. He rarely opens it and when he does, we have to do a search for that key. With this fingerprint safe, no key is needed. Very convenient, eh? I have yet to order it but I'm getting all excited thinking how yes, excited he will be when he sees what Santa got him.