I have not been able to post here in the last several days. Whoops! I was about to yesterday but got distracted and wasn't able to continue with my plan. Anyway, I was checking a friend's feed today and came across the picture up top. I'm not sure where it came from but I had to laugh when I saw it. I guess those who have horrible weathers today do have the right to hate the Sunshine State today [and yesterday and the days before] because it's been gorgeous here while snow, rain, ice, sleet etc. are pounding them. No I don't condone 'hate' but I'm sure the one who made that picture didn't mean any harm....just laughs, eh?

Anyway, I've been a bit busy the past few days hence the lack of non-sense [mostly anyway] posts in this blog. Just like the past years, I'm trying to finish some unfinished 'business' before the time's up. I'm sure you can relate. I still have some more left in my list so I better go and try to check them off. Hopefully I'll be done before this week is over. In the meantime....stay safe and warm...whether you're in FL or somewhere else.


J said…
Hi! Spammer hahaha.

Kasali ako sa mga haters (lol) . Kaka inggit kayo. Pwede bang paampon? Kahit this winter lang.

Enjoy the nice weather while we freeze here. Talaga naman at bitter bwahaha.
J said…

I'm inviting you this weekend to come by my neck of the woods. I'm so happy, high of 67 degrees kami baka nga mas mainit dito kesa sa inyo.

Ano na ang Christmas Eve dinner? Na desisyunan na ba? Kung pancakes gate crash kami
( lol)

Hope your week is going along great. Hugs to my pamangkin.

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