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Catching a Cold... SUMMER? I guess it happens because it just happened to me last week. The only mystery is where I got it from. I haven't been out in public for about 2 weeks, weekends included so the only way for the cold virus to have gotten into my system is through the mail that I get from the mailbox or from a visitor that dropped by over the weekend. That's it. Nevertheless, I was able to put a halt to it by taking the ever dependable Alkazeltser. This medicine just does wonders for us in this household. The moment I feel like I'm about to come down with the cold I start taking it and voila....the cold just stops on its tracks. Even if I hate the taste of the concoction, I just take it because I don't want the cold and the possible cough that may come after it. Also, I don't want to spread it around which happens almost all the time in this household. Hopefully no one caught it from me. It's been scorching hot in our neck of the weeds. That's basically the reas

Missed it...

Lately, I've been seeing my brother post a lot of videos of him playing his guitar. I've never actually seen him play the guitar in person because when he started getting serious about it I was already thousands of miles away from home. I would only see pictures of him and his band when they had some local gigs but that was about it. But a few weeks ago I finally heard him play on a video he posted on his FB account. I'm not sure if the guitar he's using is one of the jackson guitars woodwinds brasswinds but it definitely sounds like a professional guitar and my brother slayed it I must say. Because of all the videos he's been posting and because of a video I saw of a song I really like, I decided to take out my own guitar from its dusty case. I just thought I could try and learn how to play the song I've been wanting to learn for months [years, maybe?] now. But guess what? Because it's been months since I played my guitar it's out of tune. Ugh! So befo

Still Going....

..dare I say...strong! We have the usual ups and downs but we managed to pull it through. We still have a long way to go but I'm definitely thankful that we're in it together...for the long[er] haul I must add. I have not been blogging much but I just thought I'd somehow acknowledge the day since it's something I'm very proud about...considering the circumstances of how we met and how fast things happened after we 'met'. I'm now ready for our 'skeptics' to say they're wrong. C'mon, say it! Tee doesn't matter. What matters is we made it this far.