Catching a Cold... SUMMER?

I guess it happens because it just happened to me last week. The only mystery is where I got it from. I haven't been out in public for about 2 weeks, weekends included so the only way for the cold virus to have gotten into my system is through the mail that I get from the mailbox or from a visitor that dropped by over the weekend. That's it. Nevertheless, I was able to put a halt to it by taking the ever dependable Alkazeltser. This medicine just does wonders for us in this household. The moment I feel like I'm about to come down with the cold I start taking it and voila....the cold just stops on its tracks. Even if I hate the taste of the concoction, I just take it because I don't want the cold and the possible cough that may come after it. Also, I don't want to spread it around which happens almost all the time in this household. Hopefully no one caught it from me.

It's been scorching hot in our neck of the weeds. That's basically the reason why we choose to stay indoors since the month started. There are a few rain showers here and there but it doesn't really do much good as far as the hot temperature is concerned. It's just the way it is around here. It may be raining but the temperature will still be in the 90s believe it or not. Well at least the plants/grass get a much needed hydration when it rains.

And because of this very hot weather, our lives have been, dare I say...boring? We choose to stay at home instead of braving the heat even on the weekends. We actually planned to go out last weekend but because I wasn't feeling well we decided to just order in. Hopefully we'll be able to out this coming weekend. Where to go is a big question right now.


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