Monday, October 10, 2016

Chill in the A-I-R....

...and guess what? I'm wearing a sweater! HA! I'm sure my husband would be laughing his head off if he sees me wearing a sweater now...but I care not.'s been a pleasant couple of days around here. I think Fall received the memo already that it should be here by now and to stop procrastinating. Per our weather people on TV, highest this week will be in the mid-80s while lowest is in the low 60s. I know somebody will be the happiest because of this...his name starts with 'hus' and ends with 'band'.

Incidentally, today is also Columbus Day on this side of the world. It's considered a national holiday which means federal offices are closed. With that being said, we don't normally observe regular holidays here in our household. We usually do our normal stuff on days like today. I work from home, husband has his own small business while the little one is homeschooled. We schedule our own holidays. That means we can take off anytime we want but we don't. We normally do it when husband's schedule is not that busy. I'm glad that we have this kind of set-up because we can dictate our own schedule. I'm just glad that we can do it this way and frankly speaking I would not have it any other way.

Anyway, the weekend went by usual. We stayed home for the most part. We only went out to go to the store then headed back home right after. That's us. We normally don't plan our weekends. If we do, it's usually last minute. Actually a lot of our plans are last minute. To us it's more fun that way. Spur of the moment. For one, I hate that feeling of disappointment when a plan we're working on just falls through so I would rather not plan to avoid that. I tend to overthink about it [a plan] as well so most of the time it takes the fun out of it. So yeah, I'd go with a spur of the moment trip over a planned one anytime. How about you?

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Let There be Lights....

I think my husband has a fascination with lights. He keeps replacing the ones we have here at home. Well, he actually wants to replace every single one of them with LED. He said it will save us money in the long run so I just let him do his thing. It seems that he's not only doing it at home because I just saw him checking this morning. It seems he's also planning in replacing the lights in their shop. I've been to their shop several times and I know they have a lot of lights there so changing all of those regular lights into LEDs will save them a lot of dough I'm sure. Hopefully he'll find the ones he's looking for.

Hurricane Matthew

The last time I posted about a weather disturbance here was a few months ago when TS Colin swung by. What can I say...but the coverage for Colin's 'arrival' at that time was over the top. I don't know if that's the norm now when it comes to these kinds of things but I know it is...haha. It seems that when some kind of a weather disturbance is in the horizon the weather people just overdo it.

Now comes Matthew. Well, he already came a couple of days ago. It seems Matthew made worldwide news because even my friends I haven't heard from in months emailed asking how we are doing. Well appreciated of course but I just wish they didn't have to worry about nothing. I even read in the news that a well known TV anchor went as far as saying that people will die if they don't evacuate. What? I know that a hurricane can be devastating but to go on TV saying that can just create unnecessary stress and panic...and panic they did unfortunately. Some hotels raised their rates 3x more than the regular rate. I even saw in the news that a gas station was charging 9 dollars a gallon. That's just unacceptable. Yep, price gorging at its best. Bread and water ran out in a lot of stores.

Anyway, Matthew didn't wreak havoc in our neck of the woods. Maybe just a little.

Electric Guitar

My friend's son is into playing different instruments at the moment. I remember my friend kind of forcing him to learn to play the piano when he was still very young, That's her instrument of choice but that didn't go very far because he's more interested in other instruments like the drums and electric guitar. My friend already got him a set of drum when he was younger and he now plays it with his band. He's now asking for a custom prs s2 electric guitar for his upcoming birthday. His birthday is still a few months away so my friend is doing her research as to what kind of an electric guitar she should get him. I'm trying to help her by sending her the links of different electric guitar I find online as well as some recommendations from my musician brother who knows a thing or two when it comes to electric guitar because that his instrument of choice. I just wish that one day, I'll be able to actually hear her son play both the drums and guitar in person. Maybe one day.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall's a Fallin'?

It's technically Fall already...for about 2 weeks now actually. Technically only because it still feels like summer here right now. Temps are still very much in the 90s almost everyday but it's not as scorching. Thus we were able to go out a couple of weeks ago to visit a 'nature park' about an hour and a half from here.

The park was a great discovery for us. Hubby was not really looking at this particular park to visit. He was looking at another attraction around the area which was suggested by someone he met in court when he was called in for a jury duty a few weeks ago. The Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens caught his attention when he visited the site of the other attraction ~ a cave I think. Anyway, we decided to visit the garden instead of visiting the cave. We may still go and see the cave one day but I'm glad we went to the garden first.

This park was an abandoned quarry. A dentist bought it and slowly worked on it for the past 23 years [still ongoing actually] to build the park known as Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens now. We actually met him while we were strolling as he was working on a pathway in the Japanese Garden. Anyway, he donated the park to the county [or is it City?] but he still lives in the vicinity of the park. We even passed through his back porch to get to the other areas of the park. While walking around the park, we couldn't help but wish that we also live there.

It only opened to the public in 2014 so it's not that popular yet but by word of mouth, I'm sure it will be packed sooner or later. Hubby was probably the happiest because he took about a thousand pictures while we were there. We would have stayed longer if we only knew that we can have a picnic right there. As it is the park is so new that there's not a single vending machine there. We have to bring a picnic basket with us if we want to eat there. Oh well...maybe next time.

Here are a few pictures we took. These are the things that the owner/creator of the park sees when he looks out his window or from his porch.

Now....who wouldn't want to wake up to that everyday???


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