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Things To Know About Chuck Norris...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm not sure how many of my readers actually know who Chuck Norris is. For those who do not know who he is, he is a Hollywood actor who did a lot of movies in the 1970s. He also had a TV show called Texas Rangers which I still catch on TV every now and then. He had this 'iconically tough image' because of his different roles both in the small and big screen. A lot of 'jokes' generated from this 'image'. Here are some of these 'jokes'. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Things To Know About Chuck Norris ... When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris . Chuck Norris doesn't read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants. There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris has allowed to live. Outer space exists because it's afraid to be on the same planet with

Logging off for now...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am logging off for now. I'd probably be back online a little later on. Thanks to all who came by already and to those who will come by. I will try to visit you all back later on when this cloud over me disappears. See ya!

"The Greatest Pain"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are some good definition of what 'greatest' pain really mean. I got this from my ' Joke of the Day ' email. They make sense, a whole lotta' sense. So I thought of writing them here. Read on.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "The Greatest Pain" The greatest pain in life is not to die, but to be ignored. - To lose the person you love so much to another who doesn't care at all. - To have someone you care so about so much throw a party... and not tell you about it. - When your favorite person on earth neglects to invite you to his graduation. - To have people think that you don't care. The greatest pain in life, is not to die, but to be forgotten. - To be left in the dust after another's great achievement. - To never get a call from a friend, just saying "hi". - When you show someone your

Butter, anyone?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our little ones favorite breakfast rotates between waffles, pancakes or English muffins. All these three require butter so we always have that in the fridge. I think there’s really no problem with that. The only thing that I don’t like is spreading the butter on them especially on the waffles. The butter is usually not spreadable being in the fridge all the time. But with Butter Bell butter crock , this may not be a problem anymore. This butter crock keeps butter at room temperate therefore making it easy to spread on those waffles. Aside from that, this butter crock can make for unique gifts to friends and family. Just in time for my mother-in-law’s upcoming birthday. Yes!

Still Not In a Good Mood....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just trying to finish some tasks I have some right now but I am not so in the mood to blog today. I have been feeling really lazy since I woke up. Not sure why but I just do. It's one of those days again, I guess! I am hoping that it will only last for a few so I can go back to my old routine. The little one is now watching her Disney show...surprise, surprise....her headache is magically gone! I wonder why? Is it probably because she's not reading her school work? Hmm...somebody explain it to me!

A Good Substitute

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Having a fence our property is one of the things I really want. We still have to find out what the county allows for the fence height but I am already looking for the different alternative we use in place of concrete fence. We don’t want to put concrete fence yet so when I found SimTek fences, I was very happy. It’s plastic but its strength and durability are tested to stand up against toughest abuse such as repeated baseball hits. It resembles precast concrete walls and so it’s really a good alternative for concrete fence that we will be having a few years down the road. I cannot wait to have fences around our property. It would be like a small wonderland for our little one.

Why Men Can't be Car Models...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Have you ever wondered by women are usually the models used when promoting some cars? Come to think of it, men are more into cars so why don't these car companies choose men to model their cars? Well what do we know. The following photos might explain as to why this is the case. See for yourself and tell you think it's a wise decision to have women to model the cars or should these men be given a chance to at least show their stuff?

Finding Insurance Quotes

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One of the things that we need ASAP before we move into the new house is a home insurance. We don’t want anything of value be put in the house without this insurance especially if our builder will not cover them since we opted to upgrade the appliances. So here I am now looking for insurance quotes online so we can start the process of getting one for the house. One of the insurance sites I’ve come across is Insurance 1. It’s a site that has all types of insurance. I just typed in my zip code and voila, different insurance companies available in our area came up right away. Yep, it’s that easy. Now all I have to do is fill out the information needed to get the much needed insurance quotes from these companies. Who knows, I may just get this task over and done with before I start making dinner. Whew! That was easy!

What a Lazy Wednesday...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'s been for me so far. I just don't feel like doing anything right now. I've been trying to blog hop but I am just not in the mood to do so. I will be staying away from my 'puter for a while and see if watching some TV will shake this off...yeah right! The little one 'making up' a headache is not helping out my mood at all. She says she has a headache when I ask her to read her 'State Book'. So I let her rest. After a while she's hungry....I gave her something to eat. Then she's too full so she had to walk around. I asked her to get her book again and she did. She found a game on it...a maze and asked if she could do it and she did. After that I asked her to read the part she's supposed to read and guess what??? She has headache again.....aarrggghhhh! I'll see you all when I feel normal again.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The first chandeliers were made of wooden crosses in medieval times. They were hoisted to a suitable height on a chain or a rope. Candles were used to illuminate the earliest wooden chandeliers. More advanced chandeliers were developed in the fifteenth century. Chandeliers became more popular as the merchant class grew and by the eighteenth century they were available to merchants, royalty and nobility. Developments in glass making made chandeliers readily available for a larger range of homeowners by the mid eighteenth century. By the eighteenth century chandeliers were primarily oil powered. The chandeliers at this point were made predominantly of metal, but incorporate glass which made them cheaper and more attractive. By the nineteenth century crystal chandeliers became gas powered. Many chandeliers that were oil or candle powered were converted to gas power. In the 1890’s the first electrically powered chandeliers came into existence. E

American Idol 7 "Blooper"???

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Don't worry I am not going to write any 'spoiler' here...ahem! I actually stopped writing about this popularity, I mean, talent contest a long time ago. Well, eversince our kabayan Ramiele Malubay said 'buh-bye'. Anyway, my husband still watches it if he's home when it airs. He watched it last night and I watched for a few before jumping in the shower. Good timing because I caught what probably will be one of American Idol's classic moments....blooper edition that is. And what do you know it's done by the 'most unlikely person' in the show. NOT!!!! The remaining 5 contestants were asked to sing 2 songs last night. During the first set of songs, the judges were not asked to comment after each contestant. Instead they were asked to just say something after all 5 were done singing their first song. More like a look-back on all 5. Right! When Paula Abdul started talking, you could tell something was going to be wr

Red Rose....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This 'Red Rose' came from Lisa of My Online Journal . I decided to post it first as it's really pretty and it's a nice way to start my day here in the blogging world. To Lisa , maraming salamat po! It's very much appreciated. A rose is a flowering shrub of the genus Rosa. It's the classic expression of love because a rose flower pours forth your innermost feelings to your beloved in the most beautiful way. So give a rose to your loved ones and friends and make anyone's heart bloom with joy! I am presenting to all of my friends who take their time to come and visit me on this blog. You all make my day and my blogging experience worthwhile.

Fiesta Time...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's almost May 1 in the Philippines. It's Labor Day there on that day but for the town I grew up in, it's also the peak of the fiesta celebrations. I was just chatting with my niece and she said that they're planning in visiting our relatives in the barrio next to ours. Come May 15, it's the fiesta in my mother's hometown in Bulacan. She grew up in the town where they have the Carabao Festival . We used to brave the throng of spectators just to see those carabaos kneel. Now I feel a bit homesick. Last week, I got this email from a high school classmate. Remember I mentioned about our batch's Silver Jubilee ? Well, she mentioned that they are going house to house visiting our former classmates to encourage them to participate in the activities of our high school...and they do the 'visits' during the fiesta celebrations! That made me miss home and high school days. It's not often that I wish I'm home but this is o

My Wish, His Wish...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My husband and I have our own “wish” list. “Wish” list because they need a lot of money to be granted. For my wish list, I want to visit the Philippines one day and visit my family and friends. It’s a bit more expensive than what my husband wants but in due time, it will happen. As for my husband, he has quite a list but I have an idea as to what he will probably get first and it’s for our car. What could it be? Status wheels and rims that he has been wanting for his car eversince I met him. As a matter of fact, he has this site bookmarked where discount wheels, rims and tires packages are available. The site has the hottest deals and has custom wheel rim and tire package that will be perfect for his car. With the prices they have it in this site, his wish may not be too hard to grant after all.

M-O-M-S...this is for Y-O-U!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From the information that came with this email, these answers came from Grade 2 students. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Why did God make mothers? 1. She's the only one who knows where the scotch tape is. 2. Mostly to clean the house. 3. To help us out of there when we were getting born. How did God make mothers? 1. He used dirt, just like for the rest of us. 2. Magic plus super powers and a lot of stirring.

Fine Arts for One's Fine Taste

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now that our house is almost ready for occupancy, I probably should start thinking of what to put on the walls. Yes, the walls will probably be full of our little one’s pictures but we want to also get some fine paintings some day. My husband has started looking both online and in the stores near us but we haven’t found anything that we really like. We have a lot of time to do that as we plan in staying in that house for a long time. As I was doing my on search, I came across Park West Gallery . It’s a place where fine art auctions throughout North America are being held. This place has the largest collection of fine art in the world so there are plenty of choices for those who are art lovers. I browsed the site and I found several pieces that I really like. Once we decide to start investing in some fine arts, I’m sure Park West Gallery will be one of our first stops.

Christmas List....Already???

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's only April, right? Isn't there Mother's Day and Father's Day somewhere there? Anyway, our little one just thought of writing her Christmas list early this morning. She just said: "I know what I want for Christmas and I'm going to make a list now!". So she was writing her list while having her breakfast. Isn't she something else? When Dad called during his lunch break, she told him about the list then read what she wrote. LOL. Dad was laughing while telling her that Christmas is a while away. Her answer? Well, I just have to put MY ORDER now! Hahaha....her order. I guess my lecture to her about not asking for toys is long forgotten, ha? Anyway, she finally realized that Mother's Day is coming really soon and that Father's Day is also coming in June. She just kept her list and guess what is she doing now? Making a Mother's Day present! Yep, she started cutting already and told me: I started making your M

20 Questions....A Tag!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Got this '20 question tag' from Nova . I've done this one already early this year but since that's months ago already, I am doing it again. I also need a filler... haha...Anyway, thanks Novs're almost here....are you ready?? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are the rules: Remove one (1) question from below and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag eight (8) people in your list. List them out at the end of this post. 1. At what age do/did you wish to marry? Honestly, I didn't think I would ever get married. 2. What color do you like most? Black, white, earth colors. 3. Have you ever shoplifted? Of course...NOT! Too chicken to do it...LOL. 4. Where is the place that you want to go the most? The Philippines and Taiwan, maybe. 5. What make/s you happy? My husband and our daughter... 6. When you encounter a sad moment, what would you do? Depends on the reason of the sadness. 7.

Women and Shoes....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What can be a better combination than women and shoes? Men just don’t get it why women have to have shoes in every shade of each color. Anyway, I don’t really have shoes in every color but I like looking at them especially if they are very feminine shoes like the Baby Phat Shoes . I’ve been reading about this brand for a while now and I’ve seen the TV show that Kimora Lee Simons has. But it’s only when I started looking for some strappy sandals that I actually saw the website and the different products of Baby Phats. The shoes in particular caught my attention because they are chic, very pretty, trendy and quite affordable. I bookmarked the site so when I need some really classy looking shoes or sandals, I know where to go…Baby Phat website.

Our Kitchen Gadgets....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I mentioned last weekend that we were going to pick out the kitchen appliances. Our builder had a store where they have some kind of an agreement so we had to go there. There were not a lot of people so it was a stress-free trip to the store. My husband is a Whirpool person. He just likes the product he said. Me? I am an any kind of appliance person. That's probably why it's easy to please me. As long as it's functional and it does not take all the space in the kitchen, then I'm fine with it. Of course the salesman did his pep talks but he picked on the one thing that my husband said and centered his sales talk around that 'one thing': fingerprint-free appliances. Actually, it's not "that important" to my husband. He merely mentioned it and of course the sales man picked that one to concentrate on. Alrighty then... We want to have stainless appliances. So we already knew what to look for when we went in. We also told th

Rebuilding Their Lives....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have a brother in law who got into an accident a few years ago. As a result of the accident, he has now a chronic back pain that prevents him from doing any strenuous jobs like his old construction job. Since he can no longer meet the physical demands of his old job, he decided to just stay home hoping he’ll be able to heal and go back to it after a few years. Unfortunately, it’s not happening. So he thought of the next best thing which is starting his own construction business. He took some classes and got a contractor license soon after. Since he got some kind of a settlement from his accident, he is now looking for a structured settlement factoring exchange to help him get lump sum of money to use as a start-up for his business. I immediately thought of them when I came across Solid Funding. With their no hidden fees, no legal fees service, I’m sure my brother-in law and his wife will be willing to see what this place can do for them. I am hopin

Austria's "House of Horrors"...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I heard of this news yesterday, I think. I did not read the story about it till now when I came across it at Yahoo News and it's a story that would probably stay in people's minds for a long time. It's about a 74-year father abusing his daughter for 24 years in their own house. The mother of the woman who lived in that same house had no idea of what was happening because the father locked his daughter in a cellar in the house. What she was told, which obviously believed, was that their daughter, the abused woman, ran away with a sect. The abuse resulted to 7 children. One of the the children died shortly after birth. The children's age range from 19 to 5 years old. Three of the children stayed with their mother in the cellar while the other 3 were adopted by the abusive father and his wife [their grandmother]. How were they discovered? The 19 year old had some medical emergency and had to be hospitalized. It was when urged for medical hi

Sleeping the Whole Night Through

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So dinner here is done. I still have to do some clean up in the kitchen then it is pre-bedtime routine for our little girl. The routine includes her bath, our nightly reading and the longest of all good nights. I used to stay with her in the bedroom until she fell asleep but a few months ago, I had to wean her of that. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy because she got so used to the hum of my laptop. She couldn’t go to sleep without "that noise" so it’s been a struggle for all of us here. After weeks of this struggle, my husband and I are now planning of getting a White Noise Machine for her bedroom. I started searching for one online and I am leaning more and more in getting the Marpac 980A. It is a SleepMate Sound Conditioner that is very affordable. I am very confident that with this White Noise Machine , our little one will not only be able to go to sleep but stay asleep the whole night through.

What's Up???

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Been pretty uneventful here in the homefront. I had some work this morning...which is good. Today is also laundry day...tada! And I just got done with the folding. Right now I'm watching 'Crossing Jordan' while waiting for some more work to be released. I have not done a lot of hopping yet...will do that in a few. I just visited those who came by already. I am really thankful to all those that came by already even if I have not been showing up as frequently as I used to. To all of you...

Weekend is Almost O-V-E-R!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yes, it is. But just like what I said yesterday, there is really no difference for a 'dakilang' WAHM like yours truly. I didn't do much today. I blogged a bit and hopped a bit. I tried to 'hit back' those who came over also...that's about it. Dinner was very simple...we only had 'bratwurst' sandwiches. Well, my hubs and the little one did anyway. I had rice....of course...with green beans and some left-over chicken from KFC yesterday. Like I mentioned earlier, the husband went to the house to move some dirt. He said that there's a cleaning crew in the house when he arrived. He was still there when they left so he went in the house to check their 'handiwork'. He WAS NOT pleased...of course! I don't know about other workers but the ones we've had so far [we didn't hire them, the builder did] did sloppy jobs. My husband was talking about the 'walk-thru' again today which will be soon. I tol

Visiting Pennsylvania

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My husband is originally from Pennsylvania. His family moved when he was in his teens and he has only been back there a few times since then. He wants to take us there one day so I would see his birth state. I don’t know exactly what city he grew up in but he has families around Lewisburg PA. But having family around that area does not mean we are going to stay with them if we come visit. Nothing against staying with family but I prefer to stay either in a hotel or much better in house or apartment rentals. And when in Lewisburg PA , Lewisburg Luxury seems to have the best choices in when it comes to house rentals. The places I’ve seen in their website are very ‘homey’ looking that I will not have any problem staying in any of them. After finding this place, I can now say that I am looking forward in visiting my husband’s birth state.

What's in a Name???

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Apparently, a lot! Hehe...I've done this "survey" in my other blog a while ago but Lena tagged me yesterday. Out of fear, I am doing it again.....hahaha! Just kidding Lena ...LOL! Btw, I will be waiting for that 'balato' you're giving me when [not "if" take note] you win that Lotto. It's been a while since ako eh nag kape...dyan sa Pilipinas. Anyway, back to the tag about "What's in my name?". I mentioned it when I did this the first time but I did not care much for my name when I was younger. It's known to be a name for older people as it's pronounced with an "H" in the I would have nicknames like Hulia or something similar. I even became "Lola and Matua" [ which I grew fond of] to high school friends. So until I started teaching in Taiwan, I was "Julie", "Juls", or "Julia" to friends and acquaintances. Then Taiwan cam

Keep Your Basement D-R-Y...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In our present location, having a basement is not an option as it is too risky because we are on the flood zone area. I have always been fascinated with basements as I’ve only seen them on pictures or other people’s houses. Guess what? In the location where we are moving, it’s possible to have a basement. We don’t have it right now but there is a chance that we will have one in the future. And if that happens, I am hoping that we will have a basement water drainage system that will keep our basement dry. And from what I have been reading, the B-Dry System is the best way to do it since it’s been being done for the last 50 years. Now I know what to do when we finally decide to have that basement I so wanted.

Phishing Scams that PayPal Members Should Watch Out For!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm getting tired of getting these PHISHING Scams! I probably get one of these PayPal Phishing Scam Emails everyday. What is a Phishing Scam? Per Wikipedia : In computing , phishing is an attempt to criminally and fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords and credit card details, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. eBay , PayPal and online banks are common targets. These kinds of emails now go directly to my Spam folder. But if I see themI always forward them to: . And I strongly advise everyone to do the same. Here is a screen shot of what I typically get in my inbox. At first glance, you will really think that it's a legitimate PayPal email especially if you only look at the PayPal logo on top. It's exactly the same. So how do you know if it's a legitimate email or not? Here's what's on Wikipedia on this: PayPal phishing example In an examp

Happy Weekend!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's the weekend once again. For a WAHM like me, weekend is no different from the weekdays. I still go to bed anytime I want to and I get out of it anytime my little one wants me to....haha! Oh there is one difference on most Sundays...I have another 'baby' in the house...LOL. But like I said, things are practically the same for me as I do my 'thing' whether it's the weekend or the weekdays. I do laundry any day of the week as long as it falls on my so-called 'the fifth day'. Mysterious, eh? Just like "the 5th element"... Hahaha.... Anyway, today is vacuum day for me. I really have to do that before 3 PM. Why? We are going to pick out the appliances today around that time. Yippee?? Not sure if it should be "yippee" or not. I am hoping that it won't be a hard task. After that, we're going to go grocery shopping I think....that means I have to come up with a list today instead of tonight. We

Toys, toys, toys...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So our little one had her birthday not too long ago. I mentioned in my one of my posts how much she bugged us about wanting to get Buzz Lightyear as a gift. She was relentless in asking us to get her one. We didn't know if it's still available so we told her that. Just the same, there's not a day that she wouldn't say that 'it would really make her happy if...'. Ha! Giving us the 'guilt trip'. Daddy started looking for it in the nearby stores but he couldn't find the one that's the same as the one in the movie. Worried that he may not find it, he bought one which is not the same color as the one she wanted...but he finally found 'the one' on her birthday itself. So, she got 2 of Buzz green and one brown. Aside from the gifts we got her, her Aunt got her the Easy Bake Oven which I blogged about as well. She also got a tent and the other Toy Story characters , all of them. In other w

ATV Off Road Racing

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I like to watch some shows in the Country Music Channel. Aside from the usual music videos, they now have a lot of other shows aired during the day. One of the shows I was watching showed an ATV off road racing . I was just glued on the TV while the race was going on, first, because it looked rally fun and second, I have not really done anything like it. I don’t drive [yet] but I think I would really want to learn how to drive an ATV someday because it looks a lot safer and more fun. Anyway, after seeing the show I told my husband about it so he told me to look it up online. I did and I found a lot information on this ‘sport’ at Texas ATV. It has forums, events, as well as riding areas that ATV lovers can check. I don’t know if we are ever going to get an ATV anytime soon but it’s good to find a place where information is available if my husband decides to get one in the future. Hey, maybe I’ll learn to drive it instead of a car, eh?

Great Finds....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Are you bargain hunter?? I used to do that a lot...well, when I had the capabilities to go somewhere without needing a 'personal driver'. Btw, I used to have a lot of personal drivers....some I didn't even know the names. I can go out of my house and there they were scurrying to get to me so they can drive me anywhere I wanted to go...hay those were the days. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I was just at Hailey's blog. One of her entries made me think about the good ol' days...and how much I liked bargain hunting! Back when I was still single and unattached...when all I was asked was: when are you going to get married??...LOL. Anyway, I used to live in BF Homes, Paranque and there was always a 'tiangge' near the place I stayed. Everynight, we would just walk and scout for some things on sale. I remember buying a lot of my Christmas gifts in those ko noh? Aside from that I also loved walking around Baclara

Enjoy Las Vegas Without the Slot Machines....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have only been to Las Vegas once. Will I go back? Sure, why not. When I went there all I knew of the place was that there are a lot of casinos and the lights at night are a sight to see. But a lot has changed since then. Today there are a lot of other things to do when in that city. One of the more famous packages being offered to those who want to visit Las Vegas is a Las Vegas golfing package . Big names in the golf community spend time playing in the famous Las Vegas golf resorts like the ones in Angel Park and Tuscany. Anybody though can play and enjoy these famous golf courses. And the place to find affordable golf packages at some of the world’s famous golf courses would have to Las Vegas Golf Authority. So if you are planning in visiting this famous city, check this site first before doing anything else. You will be surprised how much you may actually enjoy Las Vegas without the aid of a slot machine....

All In the Eye of the Beholder...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Many of us are guilty of looking at others our own age and thinking, "Surely, I can't be that old". If you've ever done this, then you'll appreciate the following. I am just hoping that I wouldn't have the same encounter with my former classmates...LOL!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My name is Alice Smith and I was sitting in the waiting room for my first appointment with a new dentist. I noticed his DDS diploma, which bore his full name. Suddenly, I remembered a tall, handsome, dark-haired boy with the same name had been in my high school class some 40-odd years ago. Could he be the same guy that I had a secret crush on way back then? Upon seeing him, however, I quickly discarded any such thought. This balding, gray-haired man with the deeply lined face was way too old to have been my classmate. After he examined my teeth, I asked him if he had attended Morgan Park High School. "Yes. Yes, I did. I'

An Exercise Buddy

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I need to exercise! There I said it. I have a treadmill that can help me at least with the walking but it is boring to walk and not going anywhere. How can I spice it up a little bit? Reading or watching TV maybe but I want to do what those people on TV do…listening to music and be lost in my own world. So I am now looking at some ipods for future purchase. Yes, I am a bit late but I never really have a need for it before and I am that kind of a person. If I don’t need it, I probably won’t buy it. But since I really want to start walking on my treadmill, I would have to find a way to make it more attractive and an ipod may just be the can be my exercise buddy!

What Goes Around Comes Around

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I've received this touching story a few times already and I don't think I've ever posted it yet. It's a very nice story whether it's true or not. Here it is. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One day a man saw a old lady, stranded on the side of the road, but even in the dim light of day, he could see she needed help. So he pulled up in front of her Mercedes and got out. His Pontiac was still sputtering when he approached her. Even with the smile on his face, she was worried. No one had stopped to help for the last hour or so. Was he going to hurt her? He didn't look safe; he looked poor and hungry. He could see that she was frightened, standing out there in the cold. He knew how she felt. It was that chill which only fear can put in you. He said, 'I'm here to help you, ma'am. Why don't you wait in the car where it's warm? By the way, my name is Bryan Anderson.' Well, all she

Amy Winehouse...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Amy Winehouse is the English singer who has this beehive kind of hairdo that some kids are copying! I keep seeing her pictures everywhere online so I thought I'd list down the positive vs. negative things I've read about her so far in an attempt to find out why a lot of people are fascinated with her and while some kids are idolizing her. Let's start with the positive... - She just won 5 Grammy awards. -->> Ummm....that's all??? Let's list the negative...[mostly based on the news] - She has alcohol problems - She has drug problems - She's self destructive - Her husband is in jail. - She was just arrested for suspicion of assault [allegedly] - She was photographed drinking what looked like tequila shot with her left hand while holding a toddler with her right one. Okay....I know these are just based on the tabloids news. But if you look at her pictures on the news, you can't help but kind of believe these negative ne

Dizzywood...Making Kids Environmentally Conscious

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have a 6 year old who is very curious with everything around her. She asks us endless questions and we are very happy about that. She knows that her Mom works online but hasn’t fully grasped what working online is. Considering the fact that I am always online, some people may think that our little one is probably accustomed to being online herself but she’s not. She’s never really gone online. Honestly, I really don’t know the right age a kid should be allowed to explore the online world or the world wide web as we all know it. I have come across a lot of sites that claim to be kid friendly. I tried to check some of them to see if any of those sites can be a site our little one can go to but so far, I have not found one that I can really say is appropriate for her age. There are some educational sites that I will probably allow her to visit but I also want something where she can have fun and play. One site that I have come across that is designed f

Kid's Question Tag...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I got tagged by this "Kid's Question" twice [I think]. I remember Hailey tagging me a few days [maybe weeks, hehe] ago and now Lisa is tagging me as well. Thanks ladies...the thought is truly appreciated! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kid's Question Tag! Copy here: 1. Answer the Kid’s Question by Gregory Stock, PH.D. Remember: Don’t respond as you think others want you to. Respond the way you actually feel! 2. Add your name (linked to your blog) 3. Tag everybody else! Kid’s Question #1 If you were the ruler of the world and you could have anything you wanted as well as have people do anything you wanted, do you think you would get greedy and mean or would you be a good and fair ruler? My Answer: Yep, I would be greedy and mean! You didn't expect that, did you? Nah, I was just messing around. Would anybody actually admit that she or he will be mean and greedy? C'mon...I don't think so. I can bet my life that if any of

Get Recognized....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It’s probably the ultimate dream of business owners to be recognized by the bigwigs in Wall Street. It’s probably safe to say that once your company is part of the Wall Street list then your company has made it. The only problem is how can that happen? The first step would be to look for a place that specializes with investor relations services. All those companies in Wall Street started somewhere to get where they are right now. Do what they did and check Emerging Markets. I’m sure they have the answers to all your questions.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well, it's still a few minutes to go before it's officially "TGIF" for me but what the hey, I am going to bed and I just want to say it before I hit the sack. Any complaints? I didn't think so. Here's something my friend from Taiwan sent me this morning and I want to share it with you all... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Waiting for Friday Here it comes.... Here it comes.... Here it comes.... | | | | | Yay - It's Friday!!! Have a Good Weekend!!!

Changing Careers...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I think I mentioned here that I recently re-connected with some of my high school friends because of our Alumni website. Anyway, one of these friends is a guy who is now in Las Vegas, Nevada. He said that he used to live in San Francisco but decided to move to Las Vegas. He’s not working on any full-time job right now because he is still undecided as to what field he really wants to take. He used to be a Social Worker but some of his relatives are encouraging him to try real estate. So when I came across the Nevada real estate appraisal courses being offered by Key Realty School , he is the first person I thought of. He’s not sure yet if he wants to go down that road, but I’m sure that after I let him know of these courses, he may just give it a try. Anyway, there’s no harm in trying, right?

A Rose is a Rose....a Tag I Mean...

I have not posted any award here in a long while so when I got a long-stemmed red rose award from Ritchiela , I readily grabbed it so I can post it right away. Hey, it's not everyday I get a rose like this one. So the the Mother of the cute Shiela [mana sa ???...fill in the question marks...haha], thank you very much. Even if I don't get a rose come Mother's Day, I can say I already got one, right? Let me hand it down to all the mothers out there...take this as my early Mother's Day present to you all.