Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy, Cold Weather and Halloween...

Three in one....that's how I roll now.

First off, Sandy...the 'frankenstorm'. Scary this storm did to a lot of states here in the east. According to the news, there are at least 55 reported death as a result of this monster of a storm. I don't know a lot of people in the areas where it hit the hardest so I have no first hand news about it. Everything I know is from the TV or the internet. From the looks of it, it destroyed quite a bit [billions of dollars]. Even Wall Street closed shop because of it. The subway looked like a ghost town. But nothing could have prepared us for the aftermath. Debris everywhere, cars scattered and houses in disarray. What a disaster. Hopefully nothing like this ever happens again. We can only pray.

Anyway, Sandy also passed by here in our state. She didn't do much damage but we surely felt her presence because of the wind. But like I said, she's all wind and nothing more, at least in our neck of the woods. That was late last week though. For the most part of last week, it was gorgeous weather wise. But the very pleasant weather ended earlier this week. Yesterday was the coldest so far. We woke up to a very cold the 40s. It stayed cold [to me anyway] throughout the day so the little one and I were in our 'winter gear' so I didn't have to turn the on the heater. It's cheaper that way. Today, it's still cold. It will get warmer later in the day though and it will stay a wee bit warmer for the rest of the week. Hopefully, it will continue to be pleasant until the 'real' winter arrives.

And last but not the's Halloween BOO! Scary, eh? The little one is all pumped up again because she can play dress up. We got her the costume a few weeks ago and she can't wait to don it later today. Hopefully it won't be too cold since the one we got is not really made for cold weather. At least we won't be trick or treatin' on the street because we always drive to the mall to do that to do that. Like I've always mentioned here, our little community here does not do 'trick or treatin'. Most people here are asleep by 8 that's why. Actually, we don't even see any of the houses around here with Halloween decors this year. Last year there were a few in our street with decors but not this year. Is that a sign of a worse economy??? Hmm...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Card for No Reason

and the best kind of card I must say are those given to you just because....

What can I say, we have the sweetest little one in the whole wide world and probably, beyond. This is not the first time she gave me and/or her Dad a card like this. The others are not as 'decorated' as this one but equally special to us. Needless to day, she's our world and you can probably understand why that is.

Vacation Rentals

One of places I have yet to see is South Carolina. Hubby has been to both the Carolinas and he wants to take me and the little one there one of these days. That day maybe sooner than later because we're planning in driving that way one of these weekends. Woot!

When we went to GA last month, we stayed in hotels. That's because we only had the weekend to stay there and we only needed a place to sleep. For this trip we're planning, we may stay there for a full week and it will mostly be for fun. Instead of staying in a hotel, I'm looking at places like myrtle beach house rentals oceanfront because it's cheaper and we get a whole house to ourselves. I already found one with 2 bedrooms oceanfront and the rent for a full week will equate to a 3-night stay at a hotel. Now that's a lot cheaper, right? It's Fall so the rents are much lower than when it's summer so we might just take advantage of this opportunity. We don't really like to swim. We just like that ambiance that we get when we're near the water. And to me, an oceanfront getaway is the best place to get that.

Unusually Busy

Not crazy busy but busy enough.

My computer time has been cut somehow because my laptop is on 'bedrest'. It started with a simple crackling sound when I tried to close its lid. I've done that hundreds of times but it's the first time I heard that sound. It turned out the screw broke. For the next several day, I didn't close it. Over the weekend, I asked McGyver to take a look at it closely. He did. He opened it like a can of sardines and tried to fix it...then unfixed it. Ha! Right now, we're waiting on some parts for it. The first one arrived yesterday. Hopefully, the rest will arrive either today or tomorrow so McG can finish fixing it.

But you know what? I kinda' like my new routine. I'm off my computer at around 8 at night so I get to lay down and just watch TV or do some puzzles while waiting to doze off at night. Maybe I'll keep this routine even if my lappy is no longer on bedrest. We'll see...

A Tool Box Staple

Buying a gift for someone is never an easy task for me. This is especially true if the gift is for the man of the house here. It was a lot easier when we first got together because I just picked whatever I thought he needed. But as the years go by, I'm realizing that he doesn't need much because if he needs something then he gets it. This of course leaves me with very little choices. But this may be my lucky year because I already know what to get him for this coming holiday season...a Martor USA utility knife! Why? Because the old utility knife he has has gone MIA. He thinks he may have left it somewhere when they did a service call because it's always in his tool box. He remembers using it but he couldn't remember if he replaced it in his tool box or not. Boom! My only problem is how to make sure he doesn't get a replacement for it anytime soon. Like I said earlier, if he needs something, he buys it. And that utility knife is something of a staple in his tool box so I have to find a way to stop him from getting one before I could get him one. Any ideas?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Remembering Her On Her Birthday!

She would have been 83 years old today. My Nanay. I still miss her even if it's been 12 years already since she passed. A lot of my cousins often say that I look like her. Maybe we do but there's more to it than meets the eye.

We're both teachers. We both got married late to fulfill some 'obligations' to loved ones. As soon as those 'obligations' were met, we jumped into the 'wife' bandwagon so to speak. We both moved away from family to start a family of our own. We both chose family over career.

I can probably go on and on about our similarities but I won't. Because whatever I say, it can only mean one more ways than one....'I have become my mother'. And to me, that is a good thing because I would rather be a woman who gave up everything for her family than the other way around.

Happy birthday, Nay!

New Kitchen Cabinets

Last weekend, after having his car's oil change my husband went to check on the other house. We've been quite busy on the weekends during the past several months so we weren't able to check on it for a while. We pay someone to do the outside maintenance of the property so the grass is cut regularly. Aside from a much needed washing on the sides of the house itself, the outside looks okay for the most part. The inside is another story though. Aside from the much needed cleaning, it seems we may have to replace the base kitchen cabinets as well as the blinds in the kitchen because they're starting to fall apart. We really don't want to spend anymore money on it but it maybe necessary to replace those cabinets if we want to sell the place one day. I just hope that after the much needed cleaning and changes to it, somebody will buy it already. It's a money pit to say the least.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Elusive Sleep

Monday, I was this...
Today, Friday, I'm still this...
I should be more like....

Blame it on that elusive sleep that kept slipping through my fingers. I was actually sleeping fine for a couple of nights but for some reason, I just had a hard time catching it last night. Maybe I was way too excited for the weekend...for no reason at all. Oh wait, the weekend itself IS the reason to be excited. Am I right or am I right?

Thursday, October 18, 2012


I like those cute club dresses! They're adorable! That's what the little one said when she saw the dresses I was looking at online earlier. She likes cute clothes alright and it's understandable because she's a girl. She sat down beside me and watched while I browsed the site. As usual, she had to pick out a couple that she likes and asked if she can get them. I told her I'd think about it. She asked me to bookmark them so she can show them to Dad. Ha! She knows it's easier to convince Dad compared to her more reasonable [?] Mom.  I like cute dresses myself but I rarely get to wear them and so does she. Besides it's getting cold already so I'm not sure if we should get her some now or if we should wait until after winter. But knowing her convincing power when it comes to Dad, we may end up getting those 2 dresses she has bookmarked.

Anyway, today feels a lot more like Fall already. There was a little nip in the air when I opened the door to send the hubby to work this morning. Our temperatures are still in the low 80s during the day but it sure feels nice to go out there throughout the day because it's no longer scorching hot. The little one said that she felt a bit cold and looked for a pair of jeans to wear. Lo and behold, none of the jeans left in her closet fit her. The ones that do are already in the laundry which are in the washer while I'm typing this. That's the story of our life now. We have to get her a new set of wardrobe every few months because she outgrows them quite fast. This is also the reason why I'm hesitant to get her those cute dresses she wants. I'm afraid that by the time she can wear them, they will be too small for her already. I guess I'll have to convince her [and Dad, maybe?] that it's better to get her dresses after the cold season. That's reasonable enough, eh?

Monday, October 15, 2012


What I really meant...

Because this is me today...

See you when I wake up....

Vacation for Real

Last month, we went on a couple of road trips. We had a good time especially during the first one because we went as a family. Much as I hate long travels, those 2 weren't as bad. Can I consider those 2 trips as 'vacations'? Not really. Those 2 were done in a hasty manner and that's what made them even more fun to me. No time consumed looking for that perfect place to stay or preparing clothes to take with us. All we did was pack a suitcase, hopped in the car then drove...and drove...for the next 8+ hours. Tiring to say the least.

So now I'm actually longing to have a vacation for real. Apparently, so does someone else in this household. So much so that he's been looking at galveston vacation rentals online over the weekend. There is no definite date yet as to when this 'real vacation' will take place but I'm crossing my eyes...err...fingers that it will happen before the year ends. This time around, no hours of driving for us. We may still have to spend hours at the airport waiting but I'm hoping that will be a little less tiring than sitting on a car for 8 hours to get to our destination.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Scary Alright...but Beautiful?

Ummm....I beg to disagree. See for yourself.

These are called 'Scary Beautiful' shoes.

Here's a video of the model putting them on then 'trying [very hard I might add] to walk.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Zac Efron Eating BALUT!

Yesterday I posted about Zac Efron kind of promoting the Philippines in the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Like I mentioned in the post, he had some good words about the visit. Last Thursday night [I think], he was a guest in the Jimmy Kimmel Show. He again mentioned the Philippines and how much he enjoyed the trip. He also gave more details as to why he visited and his lifelong desire to visit the country.

Basing on his interviews, he had a blast during the visit. Not only that, he also tried eating Balut!

 Watch as he shared his experience and his video of trying balut for the first time....


Lazy Saturday

But not quite for the man of the house because he's at work right now. Work all came in at the same time and they have deadlines to meet so they decided to come in on a Saturday to finish some stuff. As for me, I did some chores already. Right now I'm sitting in the back porch typing away while the little one is on her swing. We may need to head on inside pretty soon though because it's starting to get cloudy. Looks like the forecast of rain may be right after all.

There are Coats...

...and then there are furcoats! I've never had nor even tried a fur coat myself. First, I can't afford one. Second, I don't really have a need for it because where I'm at, you'll toast if you wear one. But I've seen a lot of pictures especially of movie stars who wear these coats. I can't help but wonder sometimes how they must feel. Do I want one? Not really but I wouldn't mind trying on one just to get the feel of it. I think I've seen some on display in some department stores around here but I never had the courage to actually take one off the shelf just to try it one. I know I can't afford to buy one so what would I tell the saleslady...I just want to know how it feels wearing a fur coat? They might call security on me, eh? Ha!

Backyard Creek

How would you like to have this in your backyard?

Us? We would love to have it actually. It's a creek with running water on it. Normally I wouldn't want water in my backyard because it can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. But this is not stagnant water and it's very refreshing to hear the running water. Aside from that, the rock formation around this creek is simply breathtaking.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Winter Clothes

One of the things that the husband wants me and the little one to experience sometime is snow. We live in a state where snow is next to an impossibility so the chance of that happening where we're very doubtful. He himself grew up where snow is abundant so we may just visit his hometown one of these days so we can experience snow ourselves. There is a good chance that we may be able to go this coming winter so I should probably start looking at snowboard jackets from just in case we go snowboarding during that visit. Both the little one and I don't have any snow jackets or any heavey winter clothes for that matter. Hubby still has some of his jackets from years ago but they probably don't fit him anymore so he may need some new one as well. Oh seems we have to buy a bunch of clothes if and when we make that winter trip. I should probably start buying the clothes little by little, eh?

Zac Efron in the Philippines

I've actually read about this trip he took to the Philippines weeks ago. I even saw the pictures shown in the clip below of that trip when I read about it. Yesterday he was a guest at the Elle DeGeneres show and I was pleasantly surprised when asked about his trip, he said some pretty good things about the Philippines. Hopefully this will bring more tourism to our country. Here is the clip I found where he mentioned his Philippine experience. He only talked about it at the start of the clip only. The rest of it is about something else but I couldn't find one with just about the trip so....

And Then It's

Wouldn't it be lovely if we can do what that lucky dog is doing in the picture on a Friday? But it's not happening because it's still a work day so we'll wait until later to do that, right? LOL...

Anyway, I finished a few chores already this morning so I'm happy camper. It means I'll have some free time tomorrow to do nothing. Yay! Well, that may not be accurate because I'm sure that I'll find something to do tomorrow. But I'm still happy I was able to accomplish something as early as 10 this morning. So Yay for me again...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


September certainly was a busy month for us here. We welcomed it with a trip to North Georgia and guess what, we also bid it goodbye by traveling back to Georgia. How tiring it must have been, eh? Surely was. But it was fun because we went together. The first one we took during the Labor Day weekend was an unplanned trip. That meant just packing a suitcase and going with no to very little plan in place. We took our chances as far as accommodations were concerned because that was a holiday weekend. The first 2 hotels we went to were booked. Luckily we found one that's not. It was a fun trip as I narrated in a couple of posts here because we were able to visit a couple of cool places.

That first trip was mostly for fun...with a little bit of 'business'. The trip we took the past weekend was more business. It's also not a long weekend [unlike the first trip] so we only had the usual 2-day weekend off of work. But we decided to drive there Friday afternoon to give us ample time to do our thing the whole day of Saturday. The thing with these trips is majority of the time is spent on the road driving. How long? Well, about 8 hours with short stops here and there...about 7 if we only stopped once for gas. Anyway, we made it to our destination at around 9 PM. Checked in at the hotel then went to bed as soon as we could and got up bright and early the next day. We met up with our contact and off we went to do what we came there to do. We finished everything at around 7 PM, had dinner then back to our hotel.

I thought I'd be snoozing like a baby that night because of our very busy day...but boy was I ever wrong. First, I couldn't fall asleep.  When I finally did ~ which was in the wee hours of the next day ~ I woke up after a few minutes because I was nauseated. After I did my business in the loo, the hubs asked where I put the Tylenol. It turned out he had a headache. Ugh! We finally dozed off about 4 in the morning. We took our time getting up just to give our bodies a chance to recuperate from whatever it was that hit us [we think it's the collard greens we ordered since it's the only common thing we ate]. But we eventually had to get up because we had to hit the road again for our [long] trip back home. I think we left North GA at around '11ish' and only stopped once for gas and bathroom break. We reached home sweet home at around 6 PM. We fed our hungry bellies, got cleaned up then hit the around 10. Ha! Well, there's a lot of things to do so I still turned in late. At least I was out like a light as soon as I hit my ever so comfy bed.

What a month we had. I wonder what the last 3 months have in store for us. I hope [and pray!] only good things, ayt?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Headband Lover

The little one has always loved hats and headbands. We're probably partly responsible for that because we made her wear one or the other when she was still a baby. She had very thin hair to the point that you would think she's bald and to avoid being confused as a boy, we'd put on something girly on her like those headbands with big ribbons or cute pink hats. Well, now that she's all grown up she rarely leaves the house without one of the other or both. Yep, both. Sometimes she's wearing a headband under her hat or she'd put the headband on her hat. Ha! I think we've spent a small fortune on her hats and headbands already. Everytime we go to a store that sells hair accessories, we'd always come out with a headband or two.

It was during one of our trips to the store that I thought that maybe we [well, she actually] should start making and designing her own headbands. I realized that those accessorized headbands we buy from the stores are not that hard to make. All we have to do is buy some things like feather pads for headbands, ribbons and the headbands itself and voila, we'll have those accessorized headbands at a much cheaper cost. She can probably make 4 or more headbands at the cost of one headband we would buy from the store. She is very also creative and this will be one way for her to express her creativity.


That's what happened with this blog. It seems the host for the personalized blog template I used to have expired. I checked one day and ...