Sandy, Cold Weather and Halloween...

Three in one....that's how I roll now.

First off, Sandy...the 'frankenstorm'. Scary this storm did to a lot of states here in the east. According to the news, there are at least 55 reported death as a result of this monster of a storm. I don't know a lot of people in the areas where it hit the hardest so I have no first hand news about it. Everything I know is from the TV or the internet. From the looks of it, it destroyed quite a bit [billions of dollars]. Even Wall Street closed shop because of it. The subway looked like a ghost town. But nothing could have prepared us for the aftermath. Debris everywhere, cars scattered and houses in disarray. What a disaster. Hopefully nothing like this ever happens again. We can only pray.

Anyway, Sandy also passed by here in our state. She didn't do much damage but we surely felt her presence because of the wind. But like I said, she's all wind and nothing more, at least in our neck of the woods. That was late last week though. For the most part of last week, it was gorgeous weather wise. But the very pleasant weather ended earlier this week. Yesterday was the coldest so far. We woke up to a very cold the 40s. It stayed cold [to me anyway] throughout the day so the little one and I were in our 'winter gear' so I didn't have to turn the on the heater. It's cheaper that way. Today, it's still cold. It will get warmer later in the day though and it will stay a wee bit warmer for the rest of the week. Hopefully, it will continue to be pleasant until the 'real' winter arrives.

And last but not the's Halloween BOO! Scary, eh? The little one is all pumped up again because she can play dress up. We got her the costume a few weeks ago and she can't wait to don it later today. Hopefully it won't be too cold since the one we got is not really made for cold weather. At least we won't be trick or treatin' on the street because we always drive to the mall to do that to do that. Like I've always mentioned here, our little community here does not do 'trick or treatin'. Most people here are asleep by 8 that's why. Actually, we don't even see any of the houses around here with Halloween decors this year. Last year there were a few in our street with decors but not this year. Is that a sign of a worse economy??? Hmm...


Ciela said…
Hello Huling! Before anything else, I wanna greet you a Belated Happy Birthday! Mwah! Ayun oh! Huli man daw at magaling eh huli pa rin! Hahaha! How did you celebrate? Hope you had a blast!
Niweys,glad to know that the frankenstorm didn't leave any damage to your beautiful state unlike in other states that were hit hard.grabe!
How's was the li'l lady's trick or treatin'? What's her costume this time around? I'm sure, it's cuteness! :)

Have a blessed week ahead!

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