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Another Week....

Should have said...'busy' week. My postings here are becoming less and less frequent because of my rather busy work schedule. Aside from that, I'm also busy doing other things, of course. I've been trying to squeeze in a few minutes of weeding every morning. It's a good addition to my routine of 'sweating it out' since I'm able to accomplish something that I see right away. Our weekends have also been packed lately. It seems we always find ourselves running some errands almost every weekend now. I must say it's been quite different because we used to just lay back and relax on the weekends. Do I like it? Well, do I have a choice? Tee hee...actually, it's a good change since we get to spend time together outside the house. The little one is loving every minute of it of course. Every weekend when we have to run errands, she'd count how many places we've been for fun. I guess she finds it rather odd that we've been going to several place

Another Degree

Not mine but for my over-achiever [I think] nephew. I just saw a picture of his graduation in FB. This time he graduated with a masters degree in Special Education. Last year he graduated with a medical degree. Earlier this year he got his medical license when he passed the board. I knew he was simultaneously going to medical school and earning another degree in Special Education. I just didn't know that he'd finish the 2 this closely. I actually thought he would not pursue a medical degree anymore because after finishing his bs degree , he went to work as a guidance counselor which gave him the chance to work with kids with special needs. At that time he told me how much he likes helping/teaching/interacting with these kids and that he was thinking of going back to school for a special ed degree. Well, he did the unthinkable and enrolled in med school...then enrolled to take some units for an MA in special ed. I guess he just couldn't disappoint his father who was the one


I always like to give 'personalized' gifts as much as possible. I just feel that it's more umm...personalized? LOL. But seriously, I try to avoid grabbing something for a gift just for the sake of fulfilling something. I'd rather spend time either looking for it or making it myself. That's what we [the little one & I] did for this past Father's Day. We spent weeks cooking up this little present for Daddy. Well, I didn't have much choice because it's kinda' hard to look for gifts for a man, personalized or otherwise unlike for Mom on Mother's Day when personal gifts for mom are abundant...and affordable. For Dads, the choices are limited so I usually spend days, weeks and sometimes months just looking for something that will either be to his liking or something he will actually use. what did we 'cook' up for him this Father's Day? It's a little video of him and his little princess in it with the little one singin

Early Morning Weeding...

That's what I did this morning. It seems my weekends are packed so I decided to devote some time this morning...and probably the coming ones as well...tending to my much neglected flower beds. Besides, on the weekend even if I'm not busy with other things, it's way too hot already when I get the chance to actually work outside. Anyway, hubby has been getting weekends off now so he's back in trying to do some improvements which our yard needs so badly. When we started a few weeks ago, we bought a lot of plants, some mulch , pebbles and a few decorative stones. Then hubby got busy at work so everything was put on hold. Last weekend, he was able to put down some pebbles again but we still need to do something about the flower beds up front. He is also very frustrated about the weeds overtaking the yard so he just wants to strip it of the grass it still has and just hire someone to do some landscaping and use landscape mulch to cover the ground instead of laying sod again.

Blackberry Galore....and a Little Birdie...

... caught in the ACT!!!!!!!!!!!! See the little 'culprit' harvesting before me! Ah! Caught it with my camera. Now I only have to find out where to send this picture so this little cute adorable cardinal can have its day in court....tee hee... Seriously though, I think I scared the 'you know what' out of it because as soon as I took that picture, the poor thing didn't know where to go since it's caught in the netting. It was able to fly out quickly though because the netting is not fully closed. Hopefully, it learned its lesson. NOT..because it's back the next day. Hmmm.... Oh...and here's a picture of a few days worth of 'harvest'. Not bad for only 3 blackberry bushes we have. Next year we will probably have more since we have about 5 more bushes that sprouted from the 3 main bushes.

Juggling Work and...

..."something else". has something to do with the coming Father's Day this weekend. It seems I'm always trying to beat the time on everything...even this 'something else' I've been busy with the past few weeks. I am so busy I haven't had the time to even look for a gift for the man of the house yet. Actually, he doesn't really want any gift but I'm usually stubborn that way. But this year as much as I want to get him something, I just didn't have the time to look around...even online. I'd probably end up getting him something like power tool batteries after the big day already and come up with some smart excuse like...I was busy. Tee hee... The little one is very excited for the weekend because of this Father's Day. She's always excited about any celebration but she's extra excited when it comes to doing something for Dad. I guess she's the typical Daddy's little girl who wants to impress Big Daddy. I knew

Another Invite...

...for a friend's upcoming wedding next month. She sent me one of those online invitations and I was hesitant to click it because I thought it was a spam email. I sent her a message in FB and was told it's actually for real!!! The real invitation card is coming in the mail in a few weeks according to her. Woot!!! That's great news because it's about time...LOL! That's what I tell my friends because they're almost at that age where it's now or never...ha! Anyway, I won't be able to attend because her wedding will be in Hawaii...but maybe I can come to her bridal shower and maybe give her a french maid lingerie she can wear on her honeymoon, eh? She's only in another state but it's the next one to us so it's very feasible that I can do go to her shower. There is no date for the shower yet though so I'm not sure when it's going to happen. Maybe I can plan that for her. that's an idea.


Last night I posted a picture of our new gadget here at home. Since the result of the bloodwork are not very good, we decided to eat healthy...healthier. We already started using it last weekend and so far, it's been going ok. I still don't know what to cook on a day to day basis but I'm hoping I'll be able to get the hang of it and will find some good recipes along the way. Among the 3 of us, the little one is enjoying it the most. She even wants me to grill something for her for lunch...LOL. I guess I have my job cut out for me then, eh?

Shoe Shopping...

Hubby needs a new pair of work shoes. The pair he's using gave out today so he needs to wear another pair tomorrow. He doesn’t really get a ‘new pair' to use for work. His work shoes are usually a ‘hand me down’ from himself. Confusing? Well, when he buys new shoes to wear on weekends or when he’s not working, the old pair becomes his work shoes . He doesn’t collect shoes. He only has the pairs that he needs…a pair that he can use for formal occasions, a pair for casual affairs and a pair of either running or canvas shoes. Anyway, since he needs a fresh pair of work shoes for the rest of this week maybe he’ll finally use those work boots that are just gathering dust in the closet which I doubt because he finds them too hot for comfort. He’ll probably just wear the running shoes he uses on the weekend then we’ll probably go shopping this weekend for replacements. I wonder if I can convince him to buy steel toe boots for a change. Ha! Maybe not since we’re in the sunshine state

New Gadget...

Hmmm....guess why?

Venturing Out the Country

Not too long ago, I posted something about how a lot of people that I know want to come and work here in this country. One of those people is someone dear to me…my nephew who recently became a licensed medical doctor back home. Actually, he wants to work overseas, period. I’ve been trying to talk him out of it…at least for now. I want him to use his degree there first before venturing outside the country. Well, it seems my last talk with him worked because he just sent me a message letting me know that he just took a job at the hospital where he had his residency. I’m thrilled to say the least so I’m now at browsing. Guess why? LOL… Anyway, I know how much he really wants to work abroad because he’s been talking about his friends who are already in different parts of the world. I have to explain it piece by piece to him how it is to actually live and work abroad since I’ve done it myself. He knows I have some valid points and he also knows that I will su


Some of them anyway. These are the blackberries we have in our backyard. We only have 3 bushes right now but we're getting quite a few berries already and that's not counting the ones the cardinals got. Last week we decided to collect the berries instead of eating them right away. We were able to collect about 4 cups in 5 days...and yesterday, the husband made some 'blueberry dumplings'. It's delish! We still have some left in the our 'harvest' for today. Want some?

Club Membership

Last weekend we decided to apply for a membership in our local club. But before we signed up to be members, we had the grand tour of the place first. The lady in-charge showed us everything…from their gym to the swimming pool to their lockers to their open court they use for different sports. The little one got all excited with the aluminum bleachers in their open court the lady giving us the tour chuckled a little. Actually, she excited with everything in the place but she’s most excited with the prospect of finally learning how to swim. She actually wanted to get in the pool that day and we had to remind her that we didn’t have her bathing suit with us since that’s not part of the plan that day. Originally, we planned to go there this weekend…but we weren’t able to. We still have to get some stuff like a lock for our locker , some sunblock lotion, and some other supplies that we will use only when we go there either to swim or take some classes. But instead of picking up the suppli

Hula Hooping!

Yep! I'm trying to put some new spin in my 'so called' daily work out routine....hula hooping. That's me this morning in the middle of our living room hula hooping for about half an hour. Hula hooping was my original choice when I started thinking about losing my 'spare tire' know...the one in the mid-section that just wouldn't go away? I was thinking it's the perfect way to do just that since my mid-section will be doing most of the exercise. But that plan went kaput. I 'hula hooped' alright but only until the little one learned how to hula hoop herself. At least something came out of that first attempt, eh? The little one is now a pro in hula hooping that she even demand some one on one face-off with me....LOL. Anyway, I still picked it up every now and then in the last few months but only for fun. This time though, I'm thinking of doing it at least 3x a week for about 30 minutes to an hour....while watching TV. I am hoping that after

Hindsight is 20-20

One of the things I am often asked to do by friends [and some acquaintances as well] whenever I get the chance to communicate with them is to find them a job here. Like that's easy, eh? But that's beside my point here. My point is there are still so many people [especially from the 3 rd world countries] who want to come here hoping for a better life. I personally don’t encourage it because I know it’s not as easy as they think it is. Still, I can only offer my personal view. It’s still their decision if they really want to come here. So I wasn’t surprised when a former colleague emailed me recently telling me that he ‘may’ be coming here either late this year or early next year. He is a teacher and we used to work in the same school and eversince I moved here, he has always asked me to find him a job. I guess he was able to find a way to come here because he IS coming in a few months. He is now busy looking for Dallas Homes For Sale because that’s where he’s going. He of cour

Internet Explorer 9

Right now...I'm not a fan of this IE 9 that I just downloaded. I can't figure out how it should work with the blogger platform. That little icon up top that's supposed to make things compatible is doing the opposite. I can't post links...and I can't figure out why. Yep, I'm frustrated alright. If things don't get better, I'm going to switch to another browser and just ditch IE altogether. I don't have the time to mess with it. That's my vent for the day. :) So how's your day going? Mine is still busy as can be. I have work waiting left and right, up and down...all around! Ugh! I wish I can just take off and go on a vacation somewhere. Hubby and I were kidding around earlier while we were on the phone talking about going to Timbuktu for a get away. Right now it sounds very appealing even if I know nothing about the place. I know it exists but that's about it. Anybody here wants to take me on a vacay????

Chrysler Patron

In the past couple of months our weekends were anything like but…weekends. They were more like regular weekdays because they were spent working. Well, we finally had a break from that. We were able to do a lot of unfinished errands but we weren’t able to do them all. I think we’ll need a few weekends to finally get caught up with that. One of the things we still have to do is find that second car we’re planning in buying. All that we’re able to do right now is to check at websites like to see what they have to offer. Hubby’s big brother mentioned this West Palm Beach dealer that sells used cars because he knows that hubby only buys Chrysler product...unlike him. He said a friend of his mentioned it to him when he and his wife were planning to get a new car. They weren’t able to go there because it’s quite far but he knows hubby wouldn’t mind the trip if what he’s looking for is there. Anyway since I’ve known my husband, he has only bought Chrysler products

Filing....Spring Cleaning?

That's what I've been doing this morning. I have accummulated quite a lot of paperworks that I just had to do it ASAP. I just feel like drowning on papers already. I guess that's the start of my 'spring cleaning'? We don't really need to do spring cleaning around here since there's not much to put away after winter. We basically use the same things throught out the year...well, except for some thick sweaters and some long pants which I can just leave hanging in the closet anyway. Anyhooo...this Monday is not as crazy. I'm sort of 'multi-tasking'. I am 'spring cleaning' and doing the laundry at the same time. I was supposed to do that on the weekend but we suddenly found ourselves out on both days. Nothing exciting...just some walking around the stores looking for stuff. Oh...and we also decided to apply for membership to our local YMCA. That means starting this weekend...if time allows it...we may be able to take a dip in their pool and t

Taking it Easy...

We’re finally having a more relaxed weekend. We’re still not completely idle but we’re also not running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Hubby’s busy fixing the net around the blackberry bush outside while I’m trying to search for some deals on both cable service and home security system. So far, I have only come across home security clancy plus another one which are not really useful for me because we’re not in the state where this particular company's services are available. I was hoping to find a link somewhere in their site that might lead me to one that has services around here but no such luck yet. I guess I’m going to keep on looking. As for the cable service, I still have time to look since our contract won’t be expiring anytime soon. I just want to be ready when that time comes so I’ve been checking periodically to make sure I’m not missing any good deals that are being offered. If ever I come across something better than w

The 'Plan'

Will it happen??? That remains to be seen. But from the looks of it...maybe not. I'll try to enjoy it though...even if I'm not snoozing like that little doggie in the picture.

Jam Packed!

That's today for us. We have a series of appointments to go to throughout the day. So far, one down...2 more to go. The last one will take the whole afternoon since it's for the 3 of us. Can you say...ugh?'s a break from the monotony of work day in, day out. Right now we're back home busy tapping away on our little gadgets. The little one is doing some internet for classroom stuff to keep her busy and learning something before we go to the next appointment. The hubs [who took the day off....hallelujah!] is also busy on his little netbook...working away from work, maybe? usual...doing some work here and there...and blogging...while waiting for laundry to be done. Life! I haven't been blogging much because of the busy schedule I have with work. I still come here everyday, I just don't have the time to write something down...unless I have to...if you know what I mean...tee hee.. That's basically life for me, work, and some work