I always like to give 'personalized' gifts as much as possible. I just feel that it's more umm...personalized? LOL.

But seriously, I try to avoid grabbing something for a gift just for the sake of fulfilling something. I'd rather spend time either looking for it or making it myself. That's what we [the little one & I] did for this past Father's Day. We spent weeks cooking up this little present for Daddy. Well, I didn't have much choice because it's kinda' hard to look for gifts for a man, personalized or otherwise unlike for Mom on Mother's Day when personal gifts for mom are abundant...and affordable. For Dads, the choices are limited so I usually spend days, weeks and sometimes months just looking for something that will either be to his liking or something he will actually use. what did we 'cook' up for him this Father's Day? It's a little video of him and his little princess in it with the little one singing in the background. We did the same thing last year and he said that it was the best gift ever. The little one remembered that so she of course wanted to do it again....with me putting everything together. That's what's been keeping me extra busy the past few days. It was well worth it anyway.


Ciela said…
♪♫ Somewhere♪♫♪over the ♫♪ rainbow.. ♫♪♫
Yes Huling, it is certainly well worth it! Grabe! sobrang nakaka-touch! Kasi naman pang tunay na artista ang mga looks nung mga bida eh! Plus the wonderful singing voice ni E na tunay na pang musical scoring sa pelikula. Don't know why my eyes gets watery while I watch the video. Great job Huling! Sooo love it! What more pa kaya si M?!! Parang may hint na ako kung ano ang prize mo for making the best video... (wink!!)
Congrats! I wish kaya ko rin gumawa ng ganun! hehe...
Btw, can't believe that E has grown that big! Dalaga na talaga ang baby mo!

Ay sya! Ang haba ng litanya ko!! Til next post! Ingat!

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