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A New Year's Wish to One and All....


Looking for Lockers

Every year, our high school holds its annual homecoming for alumni like me. I haven't attended one since forever but I'm always updated with what's happening and what we need to do to help out. Our high school was built for only one serve those who cannot afford to send their kids to high school. It basically runs on donations. At first it had a lot of benefactors to support it. Today it runs on our support...its alumni. Every year we get a list of the things the school needs or will need in the coming school year. This year they need a lot of things including lockers. The ones they currently have are either too old already or had been damaged by flooding. I volunteered to look for lockers for sale either online or off. Our batch doesn't have a lot of funds so we're counting on either finding good deals or even buying used lockers that are still in good condition. I would rather go with finding new ones at a good deal but if we can't find the ones

Cold Weather on the Way

At least that's what our meteorologists say. If it's true then we will have a low of low 40s and high in the 60s only. On Saturday, we're expecting a below freezing temperature in the morning. The whole weekend will have highs in the 60s only. It's going to be one ideal weather for the man of the house. Me? I'm going to bundle if ever we decide to head out. The 'bug' that victimized me and the little one is finally gone. This time around the hubs was spared. That's probably because we tried to stay away from him when we had it [both the little one and yours truly]. I guess it worked because this is supposed to be his week [to have the cold] and so far no sniffles/sneezes or clearing of throat on his end. I guess some might find it odd that I said 'it's his week to get the cold' but that's how it's been the last 3 times we had the bug here. It's 3 weeks in a week for each one to nurse the pesky bug. It sounds silly but

Fashionista in the Making

As early as now, I can tell that the little one likes womens urban fashion . It's evident with the choices she makes when it comes to her clothing. She likes boots, skirt with leggings on, blazers and anything that she calls 'hip'. Two weekends ago we even went shopping because she was looking for a top that will go with an ensemble she created. While we were at the mall she also asked us if she can get a pair of boots to go with her ensemble. Being a Daddy's girl, she got everything she asked for. Well, almost everything...and that's because I was there to say no to some of her wants. Anyway, I know that she didn't take after me when it comes to her fashion sense. That's simply because I don't have any. I am the jeans-shirt-sandals kind of girl. I don't layer my clothing to look 'cool' or hip. I layer my clothing because I'm cold. She on the other hand does that to obtain a certain look. I must say [being her Mom I guess..ha!] that she

Advertisements = Christmas

My inboxes are drowning with advertisements. Sales, last minute deals, free shipping guaranteed to make it by the 24th...etc, etc. That's all I get in my inboxes nowadays. All these establishments trying to get us to do some last minute shopping. I have not fallen in their far. I might if I don't delete the emails right away though. On the other hand, I have a good self control when it comes to these things. I rarely fall for them. So I guess I'm good in that department. Ha! Anyway, I can understand why we're being bombarded with all these hard to ignore offers. Christmas is right around the corner. It's less than a week to go. We don't do the countdowns as much anymore because somebody here has grown out of that already. She still taps on that countdown tree ornament we have hanging on our tree every now and then but not as often as she used to when she was much younger...which was several times a day. She's still excited about Christmas itself

Looking for [at] Properties

They're saying that now is the best time to buy real properties. It would have been a perfect time for us to invest into it if only our other house will be sold already...but it's not. This just goes to show how hard it is to actually sell a property nowadays. Still, this didn't stop us from traveling to another state to look at prospective properties. We haven't bought any yet just because we're still weighing our options as to what kind of property we want to buy and where. Yes, we're not sure yet where we want to buy. Hubby is still all over the internet looking at things like  orange beach real estate as well as some more in Georgia and even in the Philippines. Honestly, I have no idea where we're looking. I thought we're only looking somewhere not that far from here. Apparently, no. I know we've talked about maybe moving across the pond in the future. I just didn't realize he's also considering the west coast. Maybe it's all just


The Voice's Tribute to Sandy Hook Victims... My prayers to the families of the victims...

Fix-Ups Needed

It's been years now since we put up our other house for sale. We actually put it up for sale even before we moved out of it. And guess what? We already had a buyer. The only problem was the original builder of this house screwed us so we couldn't move out of the old house soon enough so we had to drop out of the negotiations on the sale of that house. As soon as we moved out of that house, we again put it up for sale and that's how it stays more than 4 years after. It's very frustrating to say the least that we've actually thought of walking away from it a few times. But we're still holding on hoping that one day, someone will finally buy it. Originally we didn't want to do anymore fix-ups for it. Actually, it was in a very good condition when we vacated it. It was only 8 years old so it's not that old. But with it sitting idle for a long time, it now needs quite a few work done to it. Hubby already did some work on the roof about a year ago because we

Almost Over...

My bout with the cough/cold that is. I'm still coughing especially at night but I think I'm over the worst part of it. I just hope it'll be gone sooner than later. I hate waking up at night just to cough. When that happens, I have no choice but pop a halls in my mouth to get rid of the itch or the tickle in my throat. And yes, I fall asleep with candy in my mouth. Something I tell my daughter not to do.'s TGIF again. It's quite chilly here today. We woke up with a low 40s temperature I think. It's climbing up fast though. The highest today will be in the mid-70s so it's a 30 degree climb. The weekend will be much warmer because we're expecting of highs in the high 70s for both days. I have no plans to go anywhere though. We were at the mall for the past 2 weekends but we didn't really shop much. I did most of my holiday shopping online just like the last few years so there's not much to look for in the mall anymore. Then there&#


That's probably what this nasty cold virus told me once it got in my body. I thought I was able to dodge the bullet...err...virus but I was wrong. I have a very sore throat right now and the back of my nose hurts so bad that even swallowing is a pain in the neck....literally! I've been gurgling with salt water and taking the ever dependable Alka but I can still feel it coming on. I guess I may just have to let it run its course. On a positive note, the little one's cold seems to be going away. She has a very slight cough which we're trying to keep that way with some cough syrup and so far it's been working. She also had her dental appointment this morning which was supposed to be last Wednesday but because of the onset of her cold, it had to be moved to today. I didn't go with them at the appointment. I barely had sleep last night because of my painful throat so I decided to stay at home. I think it's her first appointment with just Dad. They did okay with

Tree is Up!

That's our tree this year. We were finally able to take it out of the attic and put it up over the weekend. The little one was the one that decorated it...most of it anyway. It took her a few hours to put it all together. Last year, we had a star for the topper. This year, we were able to find an angel topper that goes well with the decorations. We wanted an angel topper last year but for some reason, we had a hard time finding one. Actually, it wasn't that easy to find it yesterday either. I think we went to 4 or 5 stores before we found one that has more than one selection. I almost grabbed the one in one of the big stores at the mall but hubby said not to because it was a 'return'. He said there's a reason why the original buyer returned it [light not working, etc]. It's a good thing I didn't get it because the one we eventually bought goes better with the tree and it's cheaper as well. Now all that's missing are the presents under the tree. A

Printing Business

One of my cousin's children has started advertising his new business venture on a social networking site. He recently started a printing business because he just lost his job. He figured this the best time to start a business since he's having a hard time finding another job. It's basically just him right now doing all the work but since there are a lot of online resources for a printing business such as web2print it hasn't been that hard for him. He said he has yet to land his first client but he's very optimistic that he'll be able to make it work and I actually believe he can.

Clogged Nose!

That's the little one's complain right now. I can hear it in her voice whenever she talks that her nose is indeed clogged. She keeps asking me if that's how it feels whenever I have my allergy episodes. I told her yes and then some because I usually have sneezing fits that come with the allergy attacks. I feel bad she's having a tough time and I can only hope she gets better sooner than later. Anyway, it's TGIF again. We have another gorgeous day in our neck of the wood. We've been lucky to have really cool temps in the last couple of weeks. Hopefully it continues to be this way. Our weekend is wide open. We have no plans of going anywhere. We may drop by the mall to do a couple of errands but that's about it. I'm thinking of letting the man of the house do that by himself because I want the little one to just stay home and rest so she can get rid of the cold she's nursing at the moment. But I'm sure he'd want us to go with him.

Should I?

When I graduated from college back home I wasn't able to get a class ring. I didn't want to burden my father in paying for it so I opted not to get one anymore. I would have loved to have one because it's some kind of a symbol that I could carry with me anywhere I go. Every now and then, I still think about maybe getting me one. I even scout websites like for class rings just to see if I'd see one I'd like to buy for myself to take the place of my college ring. I've been thinking of doing that for several years now but I still cannot make up my mind if I should push throught with getting me one or not. Maybe I should since I can't seem to get it out of my system. Hmmm....

Cold..Cold...Go Away!

It strikes again! That nasty cold virus that we catch every now and then. I felt it probably Monday. I didn't pay much attention to until the little one started complaining of a sore throat on Tuesday. Yesterday, her sore throat got worse. Mine as well. I took the ever dependable Alkazeltzer and it worked! The little one is not as lucky. I wish I can give her the Alka as well but I can't because she's too young. She's been gurgling with warm salt water and taking in fluid as much as I can remind her to. She's also having a temperature since yesterday...not that high but enough to make me worry. I'm a Mom what can I say. Today...she's already sniffling with the start of a cold. Hopefully it won't last long and that she won't have the cough. She's doing her normal work but a little she can get any slower. Ha! Hopefully she'll feel better by the weekend. I just don't like it when she has something like this.

Coin Collecting

The little one and I are in the middle of finding 'that' perfect gift for the man in the house. It's actually the 'surprise gift' because he already got a gift that he wants. We got that last weekend. But the little one wants to surprise him with another gift. I have a few ideas that I'm looking into like the silver eagles coins. He's not really into collecting things but I figure this will be a great way to start some kind of a hobby while at the same time investing into something. There's just a little problem. The little one also has her own ideas on what to get him. A toy! Well, he mentioned to her one time about this toy that he liked very much when he was young so she asked me to look it up yesterday. We found a few 'like it' but not the exact same toy. Hmm...I guess we have some decisions to make, eh? Not as easy as I thought this would be....

Cold, Grey and Dreary

Fortunately, that's not how it is where we're at. Here it's bright and sunny and temperature today was in the upper 70s. It's going to be the same way tomorrow according to our meteorologists. My post title actually refers to Canada. Hubby just arrived from a business trip there and that's how he described it. He likes the cold part but definitely not the 'grey and dreary' parts. He said he wouldn't want to reside in a place like that. I guess he got spoiled with the bright and sunny kind of days, eh? Well, sorta'. He doesn't like the heat though so.... The weekend is flying us by. I spent the better part of this day just cleaning and doing some other chores around the house. I also did a little bit of [paid] work on the side. I just can't pass up work when it's presenting itself, right? It wasn't a lot so it's fine. I guess I can say I accomplished most of what I wanted to so far. Tomorrow is another day. No plans whatsoeve

Custom Perfect

It's the holiday season again! It's that time of the year when we're all busy trying to figure out what to give our loved ones for Christmas. Unlike last year, I am not as clueless this year as to what I'm going to give my loved ones who are back in my home country. I am planning on getting a [poster custom] made specifically for my siblings who I saw earlier this year, for the first time in 10 years! As expected, we had a bunch of pictures taken together to remember our time together of course. We made sure of that because we couldn't really tell when we might be seeing each other again. I already sent each of them copies of the pictures I took myself, but I want to give them something special to remember our time together during our last visit, which is a custom poster of us together. What could be a better time to present this to them than the holiday season, right? I've been searching online for quite some time now. I've seen several places that mak