Looking for [at] Properties

They're saying that now is the best time to buy real properties. It would have been a perfect time for us to invest into it if only our other house will be sold already...but it's not. This just goes to show how hard it is to actually sell a property nowadays. Still, this didn't stop us from traveling to another state to look at prospective properties. We haven't bought any yet just because we're still weighing our options as to what kind of property we want to buy and where. Yes, we're not sure yet where we want to buy. Hubby is still all over the internet looking at things like orange beach real estate as well as some more in Georgia and even in the Philippines.

Honestly, I have no idea where we're looking. I thought we're only looking somewhere not that far from here. Apparently, no. I know we've talked about maybe moving across the pond in the future. I just didn't realize he's also considering the west coast. Maybe it's all just searching and that's that. But who knows. Maybe we'll find something appealing and affordable in that part of the country. So we'll see where all these searching will lead us. Maybe it won't even lead us anywhere. Maybe we'll end right here where we're at right now...and that's fine by me. Ha!


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