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~ A Day Out ~

On a Tuesday at that. How come? Let me tell you....ting a ling a ling a ling..... The past few months were crazy busy at work for the man of the house. And as I always say here, I am not complaining about that. In fact I'm very thankful that he's busy because it means he has work which for some people is very hard to come by nowadays. Anyway, because of his very busy schedule I had to schedule some things around his free time. One of those things is a test I need to take for a prospective job. It would have been easier to schedule the test if I knew how long it would take for me to finish. But such is not the case. According to my contact at the testing center it will all depend on me. It can take me a couple of hours to at most 6 hours depending on my 'abilities'. So we have to set aside a full day for me to be able to take it...and today was that day. We had to leave the house early...around 6:30 this morning because the drive to the venue is about 45 minutes, giv


Finally finished the project I started a couple of months least. Now I'm a happy [and a bit sore] camper. I finished putting the mulch this morning mainly because I don't want to give the weeds another chance to invade the flower beds least for a few months anyway. I think I had to pull out weeds twice before to prepare them for the mulch. I thought hubby would have the chance to put it down but his work just wouldn't let him so I decided to do it myself a few weeks ago. So why did it take me weeks to finish 2 and a half flower beds? I was just taking my time I guess. There was no hurry so I took my time. Now that I'm done with that 'project' I'm off to continue another one that I started about 2 weeks ago...decluttering my home office. The weather here is as unpredictable as...the weather? Last week it was raining almost everyday as predicted by the meteorologists around here. The time the rain would fall was the unpredictable part tho

Little by Little

Weed by weed. Piece by piece. Slowly but surely. That's been my mantra lately. That applies to almost everything I want accomplished around here anyway. A couple of weeks ago I started doing that by working on the flower beds in front. At this time, only one of the beds has fresh mulch on it. I was waiting for my former gardener [DH..ha!] to get more bags of mulch and he finally did over the weekend. This time he got 8 bags. I don't think that's enough. The 3 bags I put down on the first bed were not enough because we could still see soil and weeds growing. This morning I 'patched' those spots after pulling out the "wayward" weeds. Then I worked on a much smaller bed on the other side of the garage. That one is almost completely covered with weeds so it took me longer than anticipated to clean it. Instead of putting down mulch, I decided  clean around the lilies I have growing on the side of the house. Hubby told me a couple of weekends ago that one of t


I was checking a friend's page last night when I came across a video with a very nice background music to it. I liked the song very much the first time I heard it a few months ago that I actually printed a copy of it with guitar chords so I can play on my guitar it when I get the chance. I had chances alright but never really got to playing it on my guitar so the music sheet sat on my nightstand for a while. After hearing it again last night I got inspired of giving it a try today. After finishing my morning chores I decided to use the music sheet I have and tried to play it on my guitar. Well it didn't go very well because my guitar has deep sound and the song requires a higher sound than what's coming out of my guitar. I could have used my capo but I couldn't find it. Bummer. But I'll look for it later on today so I can spend sometime tomorrow practicing. I'm hoping I'll be able to get the right pitch/sound on my guitar, at least close enough to make it s

Half-Done Flower Beds

It's Wednesday already? Wow! Days are definitely flying us by. It's also a long weekend so for most of us, it's going to be a short week. I say most of us because WE [meaning us] probably won't have a short week/long weekend here. Yep work is calling. Hubby hasn't had many weekends off the past couple of months because of deadlines. That's alright because I know it has to be done. He'd probably be home on the 4th itself but I'm quite certain he'll be working throughout the weekend. Since he's been working on weekends, it means that some of his usual task around here are left unattended like some yard work. Unfortunately I can only do some of them. I really want to help him in some ways so I tried to do just that the past weekend. On Sunday I decided to work on the flower beds myself. I started off by pulling out all the weeds I could get my hands on. That took longer than anticipated because the sun caught up with me...that's because I star