Half-Done Flower Beds

It's Wednesday already? Wow! Days are definitely flying us by. It's also a long weekend so for most of us, it's going to be a short week. I say most of us because WE [meaning us] probably won't have a short week/long weekend here. Yep work is calling. Hubby hasn't had many weekends off the past couple of months because of deadlines. That's alright because I know it has to be done. He'd probably be home on the 4th itself but I'm quite certain he'll be working throughout the weekend.

Since he's been working on weekends, it means that some of his usual task around here are left unattended like some yard work. Unfortunately I can only do some of them. I really want to help him in some ways so I tried to do just that the past weekend. On Sunday I decided to work on the flower beds myself. I started off by pulling out all the weeds I could get my hands on. That took longer than anticipated because the sun caught up with me...that's because I started late...around 10 I think. But even if the sun was out in full force it wasn't that hot because it was windy. I think I finished weeding after about an hour.

I rested to catch my breath for a few then decided to put down the mulch that's been in the garage for weeks now. Now that's back breaking, to me anyway. I had to drag a bag from the garage to the flower bed and that in itself was a challenge. It was only a few yards but I was out of breath when I finally got it where I wanted it. In all I used about 3 bags of mulch to cover just one of the flower beds. Since we only had 3 bags I was only able to put mulch on one of the flower beds and a little bit under the hawthorne tree on the other flower bed. Hubby was pleased...and he better be....when he saw the mulch covered flower bed but he was surprised that I used up all 3 bags on only one bed. He said he used 3 for both when he did it last time. Hmm....I just don't see how that's possible but I didn't argue. I was too tired to do that...haha.

As a result I was again sore all over when Monday came. But that's fine because it felt like I did some new exercise routines anyway since that's how it feels whenever I try new routines. I'd probably ask the hubs to get more mulch this weekend so I can do the other side already. It not only makes the flower beds look neat, it also prevents the pesky weeds from popping up every week or so.


J said…
Halloooo!!! Happy 4th!!! Although patapos na hihi. Hope you had a great one.

Dito sa bandang amin, it was such a freaky day with temps in the low 60's and very strong winds. Syempre maginaw yun for me. It's been raining last night, then cleared tapos umarangkada ulit by the end of the day. The sun came out shining bright by about 7 pm.

I hibernated all day, said no to BBQ invites kaya early to bed ang drama dito haha.

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