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To One & All...


Awesome Sports Network!

Post contributed by Noah Schmidt When my friends ask what we should watch on television I always say, Fox sports. Fox sports is an awesome sports network which provides to the minute updates on the latest sports highlights and news. I used to have cable but now I use my Satellite TV installed because they have better sports packages, have better clarity when watching, and better prices. Anyway Fox sports gives you the scores of all the big games on a small bar going across the bottom of the screen. My favorite person on Fox news is Ron Coomer because I am a Minnesota Twins fan and love how he breaks down the performances of the teams and players. I also love how Fox sports provides interviews frequently so the viewer can see what each team plans to do pre and post game. They also cover each sport in the off-season which is helpful when you play fantasy sports like me. They also give you odds for fantasy picks. Fox sports is a great network that provides information to the viewer that

In Pieces...

That's how the glass horse carousel I bought online came today. It took forever for it to get here and that's how I got it. Ugh! Actually, I was half-expecting [is there such a word?] that one of the pieces I got would be in bad shape. That's just the way it is unfortunately. As soon as I opened the box of this piece, I knew something was wrong with it. It looked like it was packed in a hurry. The other pieces were neatly and carefully packed. This one, not quite. Anyway, I already emailed the seller letting them know of the condition of their product when it reached me today. The little one took pictures of the broken piece thinking I may need it in the future...and she may be right. Smart little cookie, eh? The other pieces are fine. The little one wanted to put them in the curio herself and she did. She also took this 'blurry' picture of what's in the curio so far. We still have a long way to go but we'll get long the pieces I order in the fut

Darrell Waltrip Is Great On Fox Sports

My favorite sports network has got to be Fox Sports. I love just about everything about that network, sports or non-sports. I remember growing up without cable, way back in the 80s, and there was only ABC, NBC, and CBS. ABC had Wide World of Sports that they broadcast on Saturdays, but really the only reason I even tuned in was to see the skier guy fall off the ski jump. Then along came Fox. The way they covered NASCAR was unbelievable. Darrell Waltrip is in the booth with Fox Sports, and he knows all the tracks and all the drivers. I love that guy. In the beginning, I thought maybe he was hitting the brandy during the broadcast. But after a couple races I realized that is just the way he talks. Whoever they put in the booth with him, it really doesn't matter. Darrell will talk over them, correct them, and generally make the other person look like an annoyance rather than a valid contributor. That's just the way Darrell is. He was a great racecar driver, I know that. I think h

The 'Carousel'

a.k.a. 'the surprise Christmas gift' Hubby and I already have our Christmas gift for each other...'ya know...the 'elliptical machine' we got a few weeks before Christmas. Yeah...that one. We have yet to put it in 'full use' but we'll get there...eventually. Anyway, the little one wanted to give us her 'own gift' so she secretly told us [seperately] of her plan. The good parents that we are [achoo!], we pretended we didn't know anything about it. But the husband didn't want to 'shop aimlessly' [as he called it] so he asked me what I wanted. much for secrecy, eh? I told him I'll clue him in when we're out 'looking' for the gift once I see something I like. We were out of time so we had to do everything on the same day we went to the mall. Luckily I saw this 'carousel' in no time and 'clued' the husband in. He and little one bought it while I walked 'aimlessly' around the 'Bath &

A Week...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It has been that long since I last posted here. I got a wee bit busy with a little of everything I guess. Truth be told....I don't even know what to blog about right now. I have a lot to talk about but I really don't know where to start. How about....Christmas? Yep, that most awaited holiday season. It's all over now and the excitement in our household has subsided considerably. Surprise? Needless to say...the little one had a blast. She got most [or is it all?] that's in her list...and then some. She's been on the NICE list per the app that Dad downloaded online. Guess who else was in the Nice List...Mommy! And Daddy??? Not quite. He was on the other side of the line..naughty! The little one had a hard time 'accepting' that her Dad was on the naughty list. LOL... We spent our Christmas at home. We had the usual Christmas dinner instead of the Noche Buena that I used to have with my family back home. I'm used to it already s

Weekend Fun...

That's the little one jumping on the 'Bugzy' at the mall. Yep, we went to the mall on the weekend before Christmas. Brave us, eh? LOL... Actually there's not a lot of people yet when we got there but it didn't take long before the crowd got bigger and bigger. We needed to pick up hubby's watch that's why we had to go. We were also there last weekend and the little one also jumped on the Bugzy but I didn't have a camera with me so I wasn't able to take pictures. I came prepared this time around....and I also took a short video of the fun she was having while jumping freely on that thing. I can only say one thing....I CAN never do that. I don't think anyway. I have to try it to see if I can last the entire 5 or so minutes. I'm guessing I may pass out on the first jump....LOL... Most of our Saturday was spent out. It was drizzling when we left the house but the sun showed up later on. It was already dark when we got back home. The little one ha

Long & Short Term Plans

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Since it's almost the end of this year I thought it would fun to jot down some short term plans as well as long term plans. The short temr plans are those feasible to attain or achieve during the coming year. The long term plans are those we want to achieve in at least 5 years to 10 years. For the short term plans, I am hoping we can finally visit my family and friends back home. We also want to be able to finish furnishing our humble abode. As it is right now, it looks like we just moved in. I don't know why but we just had a hard time moving forward as far as furnishing & decorating are concerned because of our not so good experience with the guy we contracted to build our curio. Now that we finally got it, we're slowly but surely decorating our home. For the long term plans, I guess the major one is our plan in someday owning a property in the Philippines. Our ultimate goal is actually to move there during our retirement years but we wan

The $$$$11 Million $$$$ Christmas Tree

Photos from Read more about it HERE ....

Wardrobe Overhaul

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I need it badly! I'm not really into fashion but I used to have a wide array of wardrobe in my closet. But that's when I was still working outside the home. The last I school I taught in is an international school where teachers are not in uniform. That meant I had to buy new women's apparel almost every payday. That's how I accummulated the 'wide array' of wardrobe. Now that I am a WAHM, I work mostly in shirts & shorts during the warmer months and sweats during the colder ones. Actually I just got the sweats I ordered online a week ago. The husband is not very happy with my choice of apparel lately. He really wants to get some new ones but I'm not sure if I should take him on his offer. I just think I shouldn't be spending money in buying clothes I'd probably wear only once a year. But if that's what the husband wants, then so be it, right? We're going to the mall again this weekend. Who knows I may just c

Choosing the Perfect Gift...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The season of giving is at its peak. I'm pretty there are still a lot of people out there who are not done with their shopping included. Actually, I'm somehow done. We already got everything we're giving to those who are near us...not for the ones across the loved ones back in the Philippines. I was supposed to send a box earlier this month but I wasn't able to get everything I want to put in the box so I just called and told them I'm sending it early next year. They understand. They didn't have a choice...LOL. Anyway, I only need to look for a couple of things. My brother asked me to check wireless routers here to see if I can get them cheaper compared to what they have over there. Actually, our wireless router is free...provided by the phone company. Unfortunately they don't do that over there especially if they use the prepaid plan. We still have our old router but it may be obsolete already since we boug

Christmas Countdown Ornament

That's the newest ornament on our little Christmas Tree. And guess who wanted it? Clue...not the little one. LOL! Well, she actually likes it but she didn't ask for it. Daddy was the one who thought it's a good idea to get it for her. Like I need more 'reminders' that it's almost Christmas. It used to be that she only says the days left before Christmas. With this counter, she now tells me how many days, hours, minutes & seconds left before Christmas...and she reminds me at least 5 times throughout the day. Lovely, eh?


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Not me but the man of the house. I'm sure it won't be long before his face starts getting break outs because of this stress. Poor guy...but it's part of being alive and running your own business. Hopefully, next year will be a better year for him and his work. Actually, I'm kinda confident he's going to have a better year next year for some reasons I cannot disclose...for now. There's not much he can do right now but go with the flow and hope things turn out okay in a few days. To relieve his stress, he decided to look online for a wireless printer that we've been planning in getting ASAP. We already went to the different office supplies stores a few weeks ago. We looked at the different brother printers as well as other brands that we can find. They're all a bit pricey right now since not a lot of people use them yet. Hopefully we'll find something online that's a little less expensive online. I really want to

Mediocre Sports Fan

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That's me. Actually, I was never a sports fan until I got a little older. I remember my brothers and my parents watching basketball on TV and I would either be reading or just listening to the radio. I was so anti-sport when I was in college I almost didn't pass 2 of my PE classes. I came up with every imaginable excuse I could think of so I won't have to play volleyball or basketball during PE time. I just didn't have drive to play any sports nor the interest to watch them being played by others. I only started getting [slightly] interested in sports when I was working already. My students played and as their homeroom adviser I was 'obliged' to support them. But that's as far as I went. Now that I'm married to a football fanatic, I also turned into a 'mediocre' football fan. I don't sit down and watch an entire game but I stay informed about most of the teams. But even if I am no longer anti-sports, there are s

Back to Back to Back

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Halloween....Thanksgiving....Christmas....New Year... Four occasions that we celebrate and/or observe in this part of the world. Added to those 4 is my birthday which falls after Halloween so it's actually 5 occasions for me/us to observe. In the Philippines we only do the last 2. Halloween's trick or treatin' though is starting to catch up. Anyway, with these 4 occasions happening only weeks [or days] apart from the others, one can't help but gain a few pounds here and there. Why not when these occasions are normally filled with sweet goodies and yummy foods. I'd like to say I have self-control as far as chowing down these goodies is concerned but that is not the case. I tend to eat them until they're gone. Boo hoo... This time though I'm hoping I'll be able to get rid of the weight I gained from way back when to the weight I'll gain during this holiday season...with the help of my new toy. If not, then I'd start


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I mentioned here a few days ago that Santa already delivered my Christmas gift. It's an elliptical. Like I said before, it's a personal request for moi and it was granted. The problem is I'm still trying to 'really' use it. I've been 'using' it for the past several days but I can't seem to stay on it longer than 10 minutes. My logs...err...legs just couldn't handle it longer than that. My knees start to fold after 5 minutues actually but I try to keep on going until I can no longer take it. Ugh! Since I'm not having too much success with it just yet, I think I'm going to look for workout routines I can follow where an elliptical is used. The machine came with pre-programmed workouts but I have yet to really look at it and see if I can do it. I tried checking it yesterday while I was using it but with not much success. I think the only thing I understood is that the workout lasts 30 minutes. Huh? If I can't


That's the result! Me sneezing my head off! Allergies!!! My poor nose is very tender now from all the wiping. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before the skin on & around it will start to hurt...then dry...then peel. That's the joys of having this lovely allergies. Aside from my neverending 'achooing', everything else is doing okay I guess. The last of the 'orders' I put online came today so I don't have to worry about not getting it in time for the big day. Work has been on and off for the past few days. We had some released this morning. I was able to do some. Hopefully they will be some more later on. Hubby on the other hand is still trying to fix some loose ends at work in order for their customer to do their part. I feel bad for him sometimes because he has to deal with some very unprofessional people whose only aim [so it seems] is to take full advantage of his kindness. He's getting really annoyed at some of them but they're sti

One More

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The little one sent in her 'orders' [that's what she calls her Christmas list] to Santa already. I think Santa has been pretty good in giving her what she has on her list...and then some....more. This year is no different. If I'm not mistaken, the order was filled before this month started. They are now stash somewhere needing to be wrapped. Since we still have about 2 weeks before the gift-giving itself, we can't help but see some other stuff that we 'think' she may like like this bead organizer I just saw online. She's very creative. She likes to put things together and come up with something new. Dad got her a kit for making bracelets and necklaces a few months ago which sparked her interest in beading. We haven't bought her a lot of beads but we plan in doing that next year. This organizer will be perfect for that so she doesn't put her beads everywhere. But...will it make here in time for Christmas? Not real

Home for the Holidays...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Don't we all like that? I actually don't know anybody who doesn't dream of being home for the holidays...including me, of course. I personally believe that the holiday season is best celebrated with family. I have my own 'home' now but I still can't deny the fact that until now, 'home' to me is 12,000 miles away. Sadly, it's been more than 10 years since I last celebrated Christmas [and other special occasions]. Almost every year, we make it a point to check different travel deals around this time of the year. Actually, we check months before the holiday season just in case we get lucky to visit my homeland. Travel fares are through the roof especially at this time of the year that's why we try to see if we can get cheaper fares for the the holiday season if we make reservations months in advance. We've found some really great deals before but we haven't been 'lucky'. It seems everytime we plan a t

Below Freezing...

That's what we're having at the moment. It was in the 20s when I went out in the front yard to take these pictures. I just HAD to because this doesn't happen here often. As a matter of fact, I think it's the first time I've actually seen ICICLES on the plants/trees since I moved here. I could hear the crackling noise of the icicles on the grass while I was walking across the's like stepping on broken glass...LOL. Anyway, I just want to share the pics here. Maybe next time I post it'll be snow. Oh, that will the day.

New Year....New Life

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Not us actually…although I really want to have new healthier lifestyle next year but more on that later. I’m talking about a friend who is going through some major changes in life. I think I mentioned this person’s ongoing uhm…saga, maybe? There has been change after change going in his busy life for the past few months he doesn’t even know where to start. But one of the first things he needs to do is to find a place to live and settle down. He doesn’t want to stay in a house where most of his happier days were spent which is understandable. He started looking for mortgage leads a few months ago hoping to get settled ASAP but up until now, he still hasn’t found a place he can move into. I honestly thought he’d be able to find place in a matter of days, or maybe weeks at most because I see properties on sale in every corner but it’s been months now and he’s still looking. Time is running out for him as he needs to have everything done before the year end

Season of Giving

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That's what we like to call this time of year. Not surprisingly since it is indeed the season of giving. It's that time where we can 'shamelessly' [LOL] write down the things that our hearts most desire. I know I did...and I already got it. Ha! Yeah, yeah...I'm lucky I guess. Anyway, with all the things we can ask for, I think one of the most requested, if not the most requested item during this season of giving [& asking?]has to be the iphone . Hubby has been planning in getting one but he always finds a reason not to...yet. Oh I'm sure that in time, he will get one. I think he's just waiting for that perfect moment to get his own but I'm betting it won't be long before I see one in his hands. As for me...I don't really crave for a cell phone since I am at home most of the time. But when the time comes that I may need iphone will probably be on top of the very short list of my choices for a cell phone.

Guess What???

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I mentioned in my other posts here that my Christmas present is here already. Yep, it arrived earlier this week. We looked for it on Thanksgiving weekend and we found it. But instead of buying it from the store where we found it, we decided to look for it online. Great decision because we found it online and it costs the same...with free shipping...without sales tax. What does that mean?? A saving of at least 100 bucks! Hubby ordered it right away and it was shipped a few days after. Here's the funny part. The day after hubby bought it, he read an article about 'what NOT to give your wife for any occasion" . Guess what??? My gift is on top of the list! LOL! He called me from work and told me about the article. I just laughed... What could it be???? This one..... Actually, the one on the list of "what Not to give your wife" is " Exercise equipment " wherein an elliptical falls under. Anyway, hubby is off the hook because

Long Travels...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's now about 3 weeks since we got the much awaited, much talked about curio. Like I mentioned last time, it's almost 2 years in the making. The only consolation we have is it came out good...or maybe we just think so because we've been waiting for it so long. When we ordered this curio more than a year ago we had everything mapped out. Hubby even talked to one of their delivery people to pick it up since he wants to make sure it makes it here in one piece since it's coming all the way from Georgia. The delivery guy asked a few times as to when it would be ready for pick up until he stopped since hubby couldn't give him a definite answer back then. I guess he just gave up...can't blame him...we almost did. Anyway, when the guy we paid to build this curio finally finished it hubby decided he'd pick it up himself instead of having it shipped. He wanted to see the curio first before paying the guy some more. He was bent in not p

Another Freezing Weekend....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's freezing! Well, it is to me anyway. And it seems it's a lot worse in other places. I just read there's a blizzard somewhere and the first headline I saw this morning when I opened the news is: Europe freezes over! I guess we have the better end of the deal then and I shouldn't be whining much about it. Today is 'warmer' compared to the past days and the coming days. I just heard in our local statio that we'll be having a lot colder weather in the coming days. Ugh. Anyway, we stayed in today. Hubby went to work in the morning to finish some work. He came home after lunch. He's now busy working on his computer. Aside from looking for some stainless steel barrels that they need at work, he's also working on something that spells 'future'. I can't really say much about it but it is something he's been wanting to do for a long time now. It's still in the very early stages but it's starting to t

Not a Baby Forever

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I can't believe it's only a couple weeks and it'll be Christmas. A lot of that's on TV right now are of Christmas themes. While I'm writing this the little one is watching Santa Clause 2. We just finished watching the first one. We know she's 'on the fence' about Santa Claus but she's still playing it like she still believes. I somehow like the idea of her believing because to me it shows there's still that child in her that's slowly fading away...physically especially. Right now I'm looking for safe ways for blackhead removal because she's been having a lot of blackheads lately. They are small in size but she can feel them everytime she touches her face and I'm afraid she'll start picking them and they'll get infected. She also has some pimple like bumps on her forehead and I have no idea how to get rid of them. We just keep reminding her to always wash her face and make sure it's clean. H

Locks of Love

About 2 months ago, I decided to chop off my almost 10-yr old locks. I haven't had a 'real' haircut since I got married...just trims here and there...mostly done at home either by me or my personal hairdresser aka...the husband! I'm so used in having long hair that it really doesn't matter to me if it takes that long to have a hair cut. But it's not just me now and there's the difference. The first thing that the lady asked me before chopping off my long locks you want to donate your hair to Locks of Love ? No question about she cut a foot off [there's a minimum of 10 inches for donating] before doing the much needed hair-[make]-over on me. The lady said that they used to send the hair donations themselves but that's no longer the case so she gave us the hair and asked us to go online for the instructions on how to send in the hair. A few weeks ago, I got the above thank you post card from Locks of Love. I'm glad they got the

I'm F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G Cold!

Yep that's me...and I'm not kidding! The temperature is not really below freezing but it sure feels like it is to me. This is probably the 7th day, give or take a day or two...hehe...that it's this cold. It feels a lot longer than that though. We had some kind of a short break from it on Sunday as the temperature went higher than 60. such luck. It's in the 40s right now and the highest will only be in the 50s. The lowest was in the 20s and I was sound asleep [maybe?] when it happened. Looking out the front yard, I see brown grass which was covered with thin frost this morning....and a polonia tree with dried leaves. Our maple and majestic beauty trees are withstanding the cold weather though. Their leaves are still green...for how long I have no idea. I believe the majestic beauty won't lose its leaves but the maple tree will. So it's only a matter of days before I see that one bald. On some other news...I still don't know what to get the hub

New Shoes for Me...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Surprising? Actually I don't have the new shoes yet...but I may need to get some in the near future. I've blogged about here numerous times that I don't really buy a lot of shoes. But it's just me. If I have a lot of money to blow, then it'll probably be a different story. Just to be clear, I like shoes just like any other girl out there...I just don't give in to the temptation...fortunately. Anyway, I have all the shoes that I need. I have a few pairs of sandals & dress shoes. What I don't have is a pair of running shoes or rubber shoes as we like to call them in the Philippines. But I'm planning to get me a pair of Reebok shoes this weekend so I'll have a pair I can use if ever we decide to go running or jogging or hiking or maybe biking. We've been planning in doing those things but until now we haven't done any of them. Hopefully we'll be able to do some this coming year. Maybe?

Thyroid Problem

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's been about 2 years since I was diagnosed with a Thyroid imbalance . Needless to say, it's the start of regular visits to the doctor and routine blood tests. I wouldn't even know that I have a thyroid problem if not for my peepers being uneven. I believe they call it 'bulging eye'. As it turns out I have what is known as hyperthyroidism which I fondly call ADHD of the thyroid. But that's just my pen name for it. It's a disorder where the thyroid produces more hormones than the body needs....thus the prefix 'hyper'. I've been on medication since it's been diagnosed. Per my latest blood test, my thyroid is now producing just enough hormones. In other words it's again normal. The thing is my peepers are still uneven. It's just that the eyes are like playing teeter totter. The first time I was diagnosed, it was my left eye that was big. Now it's the right one. This is the reason why my doctor is stil

It's Here!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Christmas present arrived today. I mentioned here a couple of weeks ago that we went looking for it, We found what we were looking for but didn't buy it at the store. Why? Because we wanted to see if it's cheaper to get it online...and guess what? It IS cheaper to get it online ...with free delivery. Ha! Anyway, I was waiting for it to be delivered the whole day because it shows in the UPS website it was out for delivery at around 5:30AM. It finally showed up at around 6PM. The truck was full of deliveries and we were probably one of the last stops. Oh well. At least the hubby was here already when it was delivered Anyway, I'll be posting some pictures as soon as I can take snaps of it...and then you'll know what my Christmas present is....LOL. One's probably not what you're expecting it to be.

Little Helper

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ever since she was about 4 or 5 years old, the little one has always been very eager to help with household chores. At that time I just let her fold towels since she was too small to do anything else. I thought it was just something that will pass. Not really. She is still very much eager to help out if I let her. She tries to do as much as she can. She even made a list that she can do on the weekend like dusting, cleaning the glass sliding doors. Her favorite though her bathroom. Surprising, right? I don't know a lot of people who like to do that. I like cleaning the bathroom long as it's my bathroom. Anyway, since she likes cleaning her bathroom I showed her how to clean her tub, the bathroom faucet and the sink. The only one I don't let her clean is the porcelain throne...aka the toilet. I'd rather do that myself for now just to be sure it's cleaned well. In time she would have to do that as well. I'm just

Lights Everywhere

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The little is having a grand time watching our neighbors yard because they already put the Christmas lights on their fence this weekend. The neighbor in front of our house also has some colorful outdoor lights blinking with the big pop-up Santa and reindeer set in their front yard which amuse the little one to no end. Right now that's all she can happy with the neighbors' blinking lights because we haven't had the chance to put any lights outside. The only blinking lights we have for now are the lights we have on our tree which she herself [still] decorating. I thought she's done with it but when she came home last Sunday from a trip to the store with Daddy, she had some more stuff to hang on the tree. Surprise, surprise, eh? Anyway, we're almost done with the Christmas shopping...I think. The little one wants to give Dad something but she hasn't decided yet what that could be. I told her she needs to

What Can I Say...

Yes it is! And it's going to be like this until next week. Our heater has been working overtime for about a week now so I'm dreading to see the electric bill next month. Anyway, time to say nightie-nite again...hope your weekend is going well.....

First in the Family

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Up until now, I cannot believe that I have a nephew who is a doctor. He is the first doctor in the family so we’re all proud of him. He always wanted to be a doctor It wasn’t easy for him to get this far. Actually, I thought I would never see him in green hospital scrubs because he kind of lost interest in pursuing a medical degree during his fourth year in college. He didn’t really say it directly but when he decided to work as a guidance counselor fresh out of college, I had a feeling he was no longer interested in becoming a doctor. His parents were somehow disappointed but supported his decision not to start medical school right out of college. They felt he just needed a break from hustle and bustle of being a student…and they were right. After a year of being a guidance counselor, he decided to go back to school and pursue his childhood dream of becoming a doctor. As soon as his contract ended, he jumped right back into being a student…a medical stu

It's Up...

I guess we're ready for the holidays then, eh? I originally planned to put it up on the weekend but the little one just couldn't wait so I decided to put it in place on Tuesday and let her hang the decorations herself. She was really proud of herself after....and the Dad said she's getting better at it as well. All that's missing now are the presents that 'Santa' may or may not bring her for Christmas. Since there is not much to do anymore as far as the tree is concerned, she's now moving around the small nativity I have under the tree. One day the Three Kings are in a circle, the next day they're in line. I wonder what their formation will be tomorrow....LOL....

Water Damage

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Flood is something I grew up with along with rain and typhoons. In other words, where I grew up, water damage is a very much common occurrence so we had to take precautionary measures in order to minimize or better yet, avoid such occurrence. Unlike here in the US, we didn’t have places like water damage repair service austin when I was growing up. If something gets water damaged, we either had to restore it ourselves or replace it or get rid of it if we couldn’t restore it and we didn’t have the money for a replacement. Water damage though is not only caused by natural calamities like flood or rain. Simple carelessness [accident, maybe?] can result to an overflowing sink which s something that can happen anywhere, anytime to anyone. Lucky for those in Texas because they have water damage expert austin that’s always available to help them. The SteamTeam has been in business for more than 20 years and offers full service for both reconstruction and restora