Choosing the Perfect Gift...


The season of giving is at its peak. I'm pretty there are still a lot of people out there who are not done with their shopping included. Actually, I'm somehow done. We already got everything we're giving to those who are near us...not for the ones across the loved ones back in the Philippines. I was supposed to send a box earlier this month but I wasn't able to get everything I want to put in the box so I just called and told them I'm sending it early next year. They understand. They didn't have a choice...LOL. Anyway, I only need to look for a couple of things. My brother asked me to check wireless routers here to see if I can get them cheaper compared to what they have over there. Actually, our wireless router is free...provided by the phone company. Unfortunately they don't do that over there especially if they use the prepaid plan. We still have our old router but it may be obsolete already since we bought it way back in 2003. I should probably ask the husband to help me in choosing which wireless routers are worth the money. I don't want to send my brother a junk for Christmas gift, would I?


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