Monday, May 26, 2014


That's what's by our front door yesterday afternoon...around 5:30. It's something I've never seen before here in our neck of the weeds. Well, there's one time when it hailed here but it was teeny weeny hail like the size of a grain of rice and it only lasted for a few minutes. We had to search for good sized hail then so we could take a picture of it. Yesterday, we didn't have to search for it as you can see.  This time around the hails were much bigger, maybe the size of a quarter for the most part but some were bigger. It lasted for a good 15 to about 20 minutes. It was kinda' fun and exciting at first but when it started to drop like we're being attacked, it got a wee bit scary. It felt like gravel was being poured on our roof at one point. I didn't know where to go to get a good look at it because it was also raining hard.

Our polonia tree in front got pelted so bad that a lot of its leaves have holes on them now. Its usual perky demeanor is gone today because the leaves that have holes on them are sagging now. Below it are all the leaves that didn't make it through the storm...dramatic, eh? We stood in the garage for a few minutes to watch it happen and also to make sure our car in the driveway is not being 'attacked' as badly as the polonia tree. If it was, hubby was thinking of moving it somewhere in the backyard. Good thing it wasn't. It survived the 'hail attack' I must say.

Some of our neighbors' yards got flooded a little bit as well. The roads also had some water on them. I thought our yard would also get flooded but thankfully it didn't. There was a little bit of water in the backyard but not enough to flood it. When the water subsided from the roads, it's all littered with leaves and limbs. Right now it's still a bit messy out there with all those leaves and limbs that fell during the hailstorm.

Some news on TV reported that some places had golf ball sized hails. I'm just glad it wasn't the case here in our neighborhood. I don't think our car would have survived golf sized hails.

What can I say. It was an experience I probably wouldn't forget anytime soon. I hope it doesn't happen again,

Friday, May 16, 2014

S-O-R-E All Over!

It maybe from my "weeding regimen" every morning. Yep, I now call it regimen. I used to call it 'weeding addiction' but regimen sounds a lot better don't you think? I'm on my second week of doing that and so far I've done maybe a quarter of the front yard. Slowly but surely I must add. The part that I've done so far is the area right in front of my home office so I can sit back and admire my 'work of art' when I'm not busy doing other things. LOL! I do enjoy doing it...more than my regular morning walks on the Mobia anyway. At least with this I see some kind of a result. You know the fruit of my labor kind of thing. Ha!

Anyway, days have been flying. We're almost halfway 2014 already. How did that happen? Aside from my little project in the front yard, there is nothing much keeping me busy nowadays. I still have my usual gigs and of course the little one's schooling but other than that there's nothing new. Well, I'm actually on a waiting mode for something but it's not something I can share here. I'm hoping I'd get the result I'm hoping for. It's for a job actually but that's all I can disclose.

Our weekends in the last couple of months had been spent mostly at home. The man of the house is quite busy at work so when he gets off work all he wants to do is just relax. Sometimes we'd go out for a quick bite or to buy something like last weekend. It's Mother's Day weekend so the little one wanted to get a bite. Yep, it's her decision, not mine. We decided to just get some frozen yogurt. Afterwards we went to buy some stuff in the store then we headed home. I didn't feel like eating out so we just went home after shopping.

This weekend will be same-o same-o for us. I'm perfectly happy with just staying home believe it or not. I don't mind going out every now and then just to get out of the house. Going out to me means going to the park to walk or bike. Luckily the other stooges here also like to the same. Hopefully we'll be able to do that again in the coming weekends. In due time I'm sure.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Yard Plans

So I'm back doing my favorite past time...weeding! Yep, I've been doing that since last week. I usually do it early in the morning, around 7:30 to about 9:30 everyday. Instead of walking on a machine every morning, I now go out there with a weed roller and weed picker to 'conquer' the front yard. Weeds have taken over our yard in the last couple of years. We originally planned in hiring professionals to re-sod it but we decided not to anymore. Hubby started buying plug-in sods and he's been plugging it on the bald spots of our yard. I decided to help by pulling out weeds thus creating more bald spots. Ha!

Anyway, that's the plan for the front yard. As for the backyard, we have a whole other plans for it. We want to put some fixtures there like maybe a gazebo or a swing set. Hubby already saw a swing set in chesapeake va for sale that he's interested in. I don't know if it's a good idea to order something from out of state but we may just give it a try. I like the idea of having a swing set in the backyard that we can use when the weather is as perfect as it has been like the past several days. We have a back porch we like hanging in but it would be nice to be out in the backyard swinging every now and then. Anyway, it's all plans for now. Hopefully something comes out of it before this summer is over. Fingers crossed of course.

Monday, May 5, 2014

It's Time....

This is probably the longest I haven't posted on this blog. Don't get me wrong. I tried. In vain. I think I drafted a post 3 or 4 times already and they all ended up in the trash bin...well, virtual trash bin that is.

So what have I been up to? Not much actually. Life's going. Ups and downs just like the usual. Everyday is something I'm thankful for just being around.

Last month the little one turned a year older. She's getting closer to being a teen. And so I ask what every parent like me asks...where has time gone? Of course we know. We just can't believe how fast she's been growing. Everytime I look at her I can't help but be very grateful for having her in our lives. She's definitely the BEST THING that happened to me and my husband. I can only wish she continues to grow up to be the fine person that she is right now.

Other than that nothing much [important stuff that is] happened. I guess that's basically the reason why I haven't had the urge to blog. Well, the weather I guess? What can I's still unpredictable of course. We had a wet week last week. This week? If we believe the forecast it's going to be perfect. No rain. Only blue skies and sunshine. Today that seems to be the case because it is really sunny and the sky is as clear as can be. thing that happened that I may not forget [like never?] anytime soon. I saw a SNAKE, well 2 snakes according to hubby. They're black snakes and are harmless because their bite [on human anyway] won't kill. Their bite may not kill me but seeing them certainly can. Where did I see them? On the walkway by our back porch. I was having breakfast 2 weekends ago when caught sight of the first one. Of course I shrieked like my life depended on it. It sent the hubby running from the bedroom. He went out and looked for it. He found it hiding behind the purple flower on the other side of the porch. He, with the little in tow, tried to coax [?] it into coming out so he could drive it our of the property. It took a lot of coaxing. When he was finally able to make it crawl out and cross the road, I saw another in the same spot but going in the opposite direction. Ugh! So he had to go back out again to do same thing. I was 'stoned' for a few after seeing those creatures to say the least. The little one is having fun teasing me about it and quizzing me as to why I'm so scared of them.

Anyway, I haven't seen them in 2 weeks. So maybe, just maybe they're in someone else's property already. As for me, I haven't ventured in the backyard since then. Our backyard has no bushes or tall weeds so that little creature has nowhere to hide there. But I'm still scared to  go there...for now. Hopefully I'll get over it soon since we're planning in starting a vegetable garden very soon. Goodluck to me.


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