S-O-R-E All Over!

It maybe from my "weeding regimen" every morning. Yep, I now call it regimen. I used to call it 'weeding addiction' but regimen sounds a lot better don't you think? I'm on my second week of doing that and so far I've done maybe a quarter of the front yard. Slowly but surely I must add. The part that I've done so far is the area right in front of my home office so I can sit back and admire my 'work of art' when I'm not busy doing other things. LOL! I do enjoy doing it...more than my regular morning walks on the Mobia anyway. At least with this I see some kind of a result. You know the fruit of my labor kind of thing. Ha!

Anyway, days have been flying. We're almost halfway 2014 already. How did that happen? Aside from my little project in the front yard, there is nothing much keeping me busy nowadays. I still have my usual gigs and of course the little one's schooling but other than that there's nothing new. Well, I'm actually on a waiting mode for something but it's not something I can share here. I'm hoping I'd get the result I'm hoping for. It's for a job actually but that's all I can disclose.

Our weekends in the last couple of months had been spent mostly at home. The man of the house is quite busy at work so when he gets off work all he wants to do is just relax. Sometimes we'd go out for a quick bite or to buy something like last weekend. It's Mother's Day weekend so the little one wanted to get a bite. Yep, it's her decision, not mine. We decided to just get some frozen yogurt. Afterwards we went to buy some stuff in the store then we headed home. I didn't feel like eating out so we just went home after shopping.

This weekend will be same-o same-o for us. I'm perfectly happy with just staying home believe it or not. I don't mind going out every now and then just to get out of the house. Going out to me means going to the park to walk or bike. Luckily the other stooges here also like to the same. Hopefully we'll be able to do that again in the coming weekends. In due time I'm sure.


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