Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Out with the Old, In with the New...

I’m finally done putting away the things I want to donate to charity. I have 4 boxes to give away most of which are toys and clothing. I also have a couple of bedding sets in the boxes and I’m hoping they can be of use to those who need them. They’re not brand new but they’re barely used because they didn’t quite go with what we were going for when we bought them. I was originally thinking of sending them to the Philippines but they’re too bulky so I’m just going to donate them instead. I don't think the beddings will go with the weather in the Philippines anyway so they may just end up in a closet unused as well so it's better to give them to someone who can actually use them.

Ironically, I am also shopping for a new bedding for our new bed. We just recently replaced our old mattress and I think it’s just appropriate to ‘clothe’ it with a new bedding set, eh? I haven’t found one that I like yet since we haven’t really gone to a store to look for it but I’m doing some online window shopping. If I find something I like online, then I’d probably go ahead and buy it. I’m also looking into comforters for the little one because the one she has is already out of her taste. Yep, she wants a new comforter because the ones she has no longer please her ‘eyes’. She already has something in her mind and all I have to do is to look for it. Kinda’ tough when her mind changes every couple of days.

Quick Post

How quick?

This quick...ciao!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


One of my brothers just recently got into blogging. He’s not really new into it since he’s been reading company blogs during his break time from the call center job he has at the moment. He learned that I blog so he asked me to give him some pointers…which I don’t really have since I don’t consider myself that knowledgeable with this even if I’ve been blogging for years now. I only know how to write entries. I have no clue about SEO or anything related to it. I think my brother knows more about it than me now. He has gotten serious about this new venture of his and he’s thinking of starting several websites in the coming weeks. I should probably let him know about RankPay and this promo code he can use to save $50 for seo services by RankPay.

Like I said, I have no idea what SEO is for until maybe a year ago. It's something I’m not that concerned about since my blogging is just a hobby for me. I couldn’t care less if it comes up in search engines. My husband on the other hand needed search engine optimization when he started his company about 5 years ago. I wish I knew RankPay then so I could have suggested it to him because he really wanted his company’s website to land on the first page of Google and other search engines. I remember him telling me that it costs a lot of money to land on the first page of searches and they could only afford so much when they were just starting. I’m not quite sure how they fare now in searches. Hopefully they still come up. Maybe I should tell him about RankPay as well so he can look into it. Who knows, they may even get more jobs if they hire an SEO company now.

Monday, August 29, 2011

More than A WEEK...

...of no update/post on this blog??? Ha! I guess I was BUSY??? Or maybe I'm out of things to write about??? Well, the former is more like it.

So what have I been up to? WORK...of a little bit of laziness on the side. Also, hubby was away for a couple of days last week due to work and when that happens, I 'seem' to be occupied with worries...not for us but for him. I have no reason to be worried about since he's a big boy but I just couldn't help it when he's out of state. I even told him that but we have no's part of the job. Luckily he only has to do it once in a while. I cannot imagine how it must be for those with spouses that have to travel on a regular basis for longer periods of time. Well, they probably get used to it after a while.

While he was away I tried to keep busy with work and other things but blogging. I was able to set aside some educational toys that I can send to my 'grandchildren' back home. They were the little one's old toys. They're almost brand new because she was the only one who played with them...and since she had a few, she only played with them a few times since would alternate playing with them. Also, she'd rather play with things like straws, strings, empty tissue boxes, toilet paper/paper towel rolls cardboard. Sometimes I wonder why we even spend money to buy her stuff. But that's the way it is. Now my brother's grandchildren will have a grand time playing with those barely used toys.

Tending to the flower beds is another thing that kept me away from blogging as well. We finally planted something on the beds a couple of weekends ago. Only one of them is finished though. We still have to work on the other one but we're getting there. Hopefully, we'll be able to finish the other next weekend.

Anyhooo....have a wonderful week everyone! Ciao!

Friday, August 19, 2011


Yes it is! I feel like singing that song by Rebecca Black...Friday, Friday....LOL. In case you don't know what I'm talking's the link.

I honestly only heard this song once but some entertainment news featured her not because the song is great but the opposite. Not many people like the song. Oh well...

Anyway, weekend is almost here. Just one more 'sleep'...and it's here. Yippeee!

As usual, I haven't had the chance to post here as much as I want to because I've been doing other things...or maybe not. Well, I haven't been doing much actually. I was just plain 'tired'. My body has been achy for the most part and it's dampening my mood lately. One minute I'm okay, the next minute I feel like just shouting or crying or what not. Of course I didn't do any of those but it's obvious to those around me [yep, the H and the D] that I'm not my usual self. But I'm trying to get out of that 'zone' and I've been kinda' successful, I think.

I should be happy actually because this week marks our 10th wedding anniversary. Ironically, that's the day I felt like hiding under a rock. But there's no rock big enough to hide me so I just pretended I was one...LOL. But I perked right up when I got my chocolate from the husband...toink!!! We didn't have any big celebration even if it's our 10th anniversary. We're planning a trip sometime this year or early next year so I guess that would make up for it since we don't normally go on a trip.

We didn't even eat out and we don't have any plans of doing so either. We've been trying to avoid that because of our aim to 'eat healthy'. It's been more than 2 months and I'm glad to report that hubby lost almost 20 pounds already. He's a happy camper because of that. As for me, I'm a little bit slow in losing but I lost almost 10 pounds since I started exercising [mostly on the elliptical] regularly. The difference between me and the husband is he cut back on a lot of food [no cheese, cream and very little carbs]...I didn't. I still eat 'almost' everything I want. I didn't want to deprive myself of foods I like that's why I exercise. I know that the weight I lost is because of exercise and a little bit of 'food' control. What I'm trying to avoid is eating rice 3x a day. I still eat rice several times a week but not everyday.

Anyhoooo....I better end this here. I still have some work to do and I should get to that ASAP. In the meantime...

Monday, August 15, 2011

What to Do???

I'm not quite sure which road to take. It's nothing major but it's something I have to do sooner or later...sooner is better, of course.

I've been eligible to become a citizen here for the last several years now. I'm perfectly happy to be just an immigrant to be honest since I don't have any pressing reason to become a citizen just yet. The only reason I can think of now where a US passport will be beneficial for me is if we travel in countries [which is a lot] where a Phil passport is not enough to gain entry. And to vote of course which the husband's been wanting me to do. One of my plans is to become a dual citizen because we plan of settling in the Philippines upon retirement but we still have a few years down the road before we decide where we would like to eventually or in the Phils.

So why am I so torn right now?

My Phil passport is expiring next year. Our embassy here no longer accepts mail-in renewals. It has to be done in person now. In Washington DC. Or any other Phil consulate offices that process passports. We don't have any consulate office here so I really have to travel somewhere for my passport to be renewed.


I can just apply for that citizenship and do it locally.

Hubby said we can do whichever I choose. If I decide to just renew my Phil passport, we can take a short vacay somewhere out there preferably in the winter so the little one can experience the snow. I'm thinking of just applying for the citizenship to get it over and done with...THEN apply for the dual citizenship.

So? Which way to go? Only time will tell....[and me, of course]...LOL...

Jewelry Shopping

What girl doesn't like jewelry shopping? I definitely like to go jewelry shopping every now and then. It's just that is I'm not really good at it. Or maybe I'm just too fickle minded when it comes to which ones to get so I find it challenging most of the time. Our little one on the other hand is the exact opposite of the Mom. She knows what she wants as soon as she sees it. She's always been very decisive even when she was still young. She got me some pieces of jewelry for some special occasions in the past and the Dad was amazed how decisive she was when it came to what she wanted to get me. He tried to pursuade her to get something else but to no avail so he just let her get what she wanted. But like I said, I'm kinda' the opposite so I don't really do a lot of jewelry shopping. I tried to check some diamonds online but that's even harder for me because I like to see and touch something that I want to buy. It doesn't mean I won't buy diamonds online. I probably would in the future but would start with the not so expensive ones so if I don't like it, I wouldn't feel bad about it.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just a Day Away...

Well, it's actually a day and a half away but who's ALMOST the weekend...again!

You can only imagine how I'll be reacting when the weekend is FINALLY here...LOL

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Insurance Dilemma...

One of the things I dread coming in the mail [at least] once a year is a notification letter from our health insurance company letting us know that they're increasing our premium. I hate it when that happens simply because our premium doubled already since we started with them a few years ago. It would have been justified if we actually use it much but we don't so it's aggravating when they do a premium hike. But what can we do, right?

Anyway, we're trying to stick it out with them so we decided to just change plans. But we before we switch plans, we want to see the whole contract of the new plan. I emailed a week ago asking for it and up until now, I have not received any reply to my email. Aggravating! Now I'm thinking of switching company altogether so I'm browsing different sites like Wholesale Insurance to see what's out there for us. I'm 101% sure there will be a lot of other companies who will take us as their new customers. I'm hoping I'll get a much better deal as far as premium is concerned. If our current insurance provicer doesn't want our business, that's fine with us. It's their loss, not ours.


That's what we're having right now. It's kinda' soothing and relaxing...when there is no..

We already had a quick power failure which of course messed up our lovely cable box of course. I have it when that happens. It takes forever for it to reboot so whatever it is I was watching is usually done once the cable's done rebooting. Oh...and it also takes forever for it to find 'signal' whenever it's gloomy or raining. THIS IS WHY WE'RE CANCELING it soon.

That's how our day is around here today...rain and more rain. I wonder what tonight will bring. More rain, maybe?


Because of the crazy schedule I’ve been having for the past couple of months, there are a few things I have to put in the back burner. One of those things is finding a blog hosting for my very much neglected blog that I created a few years ago. When the blog hosting expired, I didn’t renew it for a couple of reasons. I felt like I was wasting the money paying for the hosting since it wasn’t the cheapest. Aside from that, I barely had the time to update the blog so I decided to just go back to free hosting for it…at least until I have to time to regularly update it. I think that last time I updated it was more than a year ago when the oil leak in the gulf happened. Wow…that’s a long time ago, isn’t it?

Anyway, work has been a lot calmer now. It’s actually been ‘calmer’ for a couple of weeks now but I decided to just take it easy and see if it stays that way and it has. We are still busy but we are no longer beating deadlines after deadlines. This means I can ‘probably’ spend some time tending to my blogs more than once a week or so. I used to blog several times a day but because of the crazy work schedule that had to stop. But now that I have the time I can start looking for a site that offers budget hosting for blogs so I can switch to paid hosting again. I haven’t started looking yet but I’m hoping I’d still get the best hosting for my blog without paying a fortune for it. I also want a reliable site because I’m practically clueless as far as hosting is concerned so I want a hosting where customer service is great. Is there such a site…affordable, reliable hosting site? I bet there is…I just have to look for it.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Finally...'s almost the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week has been a lazy one for me for some reason. I have no idea why but I really have to force myself to do some work...especially 'real work'. I'm hoping it's just temporary spell and that it would go away soon or I'd beeeee in big trouble...

Like right now...all I want to do is to get out of my 'cave' [aka home office] and just laze in front of that big black screen in the living room...but I still have a few minutes left in my schedule so I'm trying to be patient....

Tomorrow will be a busy day...again. But at least I don't have to be tied down in one place. Meaning...I can do the things I need to do without worrying that I may miss something if I go a wee bit far. Also, it's the weekend so I don't have to think about getting on the elliptical....but I may just go into it if I feel like it...ain't that ironic?

Anyway...enjoy the weekend everyone. As for me....I'll try. No promises though.....ciao!

House Hunting...

Not us...not yet, anyway.

My friend and her hubby who got married just a week ago is now busy doing just hunting. Last time I spoke with her, they haven't found a house so she was kinda' worried because they don't know where they'll be staying after the wedding. She and her husband live on opposite side of the city [near their respective jobs] so when they were still dating they only got to see each other mostly on the weekends. Well, that won't work now that they're husband and wife, obviously. They of course have to make a compromise and find a place somewhere in the middle since they can't [not anytime soon anyway] quit their respective jobs. I am hoping to hear from her as soon as they get back from their honeymoon to see what they've come up with.

Guess what? There might be a 'slight' change in plan as far as housing is concern. Like I mentioned in one of my posts here, they got married in Hawaii because that's my friends lifelong dream. As it turns out, they may have fallen in love with the place because as of this writing, they're looking at different Hawaii houses whenever they get the chance. Can it be that they're thinking of relocating there now? I'm a bit surprised because I didn't think my friend would decide so quickly. I know her to be someone who takes things in slow motion...plan, plan...and plan some more...before she decides. I guess marriage has changed her overnight? I guess so. This is all 'hearsay' for now I guess since I haven't personally talked to her but if she decides to do that and relocate in Hawaii...I would be one of the first to support her. The pictures she sent us show how happy she is right now. I'm guessing marriage and Hawaii are probably the reasons for that.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I used to get really excited when Wednesday comes rolling in. Sadly, I haven't had the chance to be that excited because of the busy schedule I've been having in the last few months. My schedule is not as crazy as it was a few weeks ago so now I have the time to get all excited about "Wednesdays"....AGAIN...woot!

Work is still busy but we're not behind schedule least none that I know of anyway. Our boss said that we've been beating deadlines so she's very appreciative of that. I think we finally got into the groove of the situation so our production has been steady which means we can somehow 'relax' a bit which I'm doing right now by blogging.

At the moment, we're having a gloomy day in our neck of the woods. The temperature is still in the mid-80s but it doesn't feel as bad because Mr. Sun is hiding behind the clouds. Rain will be here soon which is good especially for the few plants that we have. I haven't watered them in weeks because of the rain that falls regularly. I guess that's another reason why I have some free time as well...hmmm...

Anywhoooo...I'm signing off here for now. Like I said, work is still waiting so I have to get to it at one time or another. The sooner I get to it...the

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just Married!

Yep, another friend took the plunge last Hawaii! Exciting eh? I wish I was there but I wasn't. It was too far and time just wouldn't permit us to be away for more than a day or so. W-O-R-K...that's the culprit.

It seems it was only a few weeks ago when I got one of her bridal shower invitations in the mail and now she's a full-pledged wife just like me and our other friends. You know what's even more exciting...we now share the same last name. Ha! Yes we do. When I first got the announcement, I thought it was a joke or a spam email. I knew her husband's first name but not his last name so when I got a save the date e-mail, I thought it was odd that it's her and my [now] last name in there. I sent her a message right away to ask if the announcement was legit and it was. She said she wanted to surprise me...LOL. Oh well...I guess she succeeded then.

Anyway, she already posted their first picture as husband and wife. They both look happy and content. Now the wait starts...for their little one to arrive of course.


At least that's what I like to call it...

The hubs finished putting the finishing touches in the attic a couple of weekends ago...per my 'order'....ha! I really want to put our stuff in there already to clear the garage of the 'eyesore'. Now that it's all ready for me, I have to find a way to put the stuff in there during my spare time in the morning. Well, I finally started putting stuff there this morning. Since there's no way I can go up the ladder with a box on my hands, I decided to do it little by little. Meaning...empty box first followed by a few books at a time. It's slow but it gets the job done. I was able to put some books up there already. Yay! I'm planning in doing that everyday and I'm sure that in no time, all those boxes will be up there.

This weekend will be spent doing some yard work. We were supposed to get the plants last Sunday but we figured we should do it on a Saturday so we can plant them on Sunday. Our first plan is to get some boxwood that we can plant by the flower beds. Knowing hubby, I'm sure we will also be getting some gadgets like an echo hedge trimmer, a cultivator, etc... to make I have what I need to maintain the plants. I'm sure we won't need the trimmer anytime soon but that's the husband...always looking ahead and making sure we have what we need just in case.

So yeah...progress! We're not even halfway done yet but we're happy with what we've done so far. I think this is the most productive summer we've ever had in this house.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Christmas Shopping

I know it's not even the 'ber' months but I already started shopping for some Christmas presents. I'm actually looking for some presents for my family back home. I have to do it a lot earlier than usual because I have to make sure I can send everything at least 2 months before Christmas itself since I'm sending it using balikbayan box which takes about 5 to 6 weeks to arrive to its destination. Anyway, this morning I've been looking at some plus size clothes for my sisters-in-law. Yep, they're all on the big side but they're loving it...and my brothers don't mind that their wives are on the plus size because they're also on the plus size themselves. Also, weird at it may sound to others, they seem to think that being the size that they're in is a sign of being happy and content. My father thought so as well and he was very happy when my mother was on the heavy side.

I've never worn plus size clothing myself. I've always been on the skinny side that I never thought I'd cross over 100 pounds...ever. I actually did cross over 100 pounds [plus some more] and I couldn't be any happier...but my health started to suffer a wee bit so I decided to lose a few pounds. Anyway, I may not need plus size clothing for women right now but who knows, right? My sisters in law started out like me...thin as a stick but as the years passed they started adding pounds in their thin frames. Luckily, none of them is having any serious health issue at the moment. I'm hoping that won't happen...fingers crossed of course.


That's what happened with this blog. It seems the host for the personalized blog template I used to have expired. I checked one day and ...