Out with the Old, In with the New...

I’m finally done putting away the things I want to donate to charity. I have 4 boxes to give away most of which are toys and clothing. I also have a couple of bedding sets in the boxes and I’m hoping they can be of use to those who need them. They’re not brand new but they’re barely used because they didn’t quite go with what we were going for when we bought them. I was originally thinking of sending them to the Philippines but they’re too bulky so I’m just going to donate them instead. I don't think the beddings will go with the weather in the Philippines anyway so they may just end up in a closet unused as well so it's better to give them to someone who can actually use them.

Ironically, I am also shopping for a new bedding for our new bed. We just recently replaced our old mattress and I think it’s just appropriate to ‘clothe’ it with a new bedding set, eh? I haven’t found one that I like yet since we haven’t really gone to a store to look for it but I’m doing some online window shopping. If I find something I like online, then I’d probably go ahead and buy it. I’m also looking into comforters for the little one because the one she has is already out of her taste. Yep, she wants a new comforter because the ones she has no longer please her ‘eyes’. She already has something in her mind and all I have to do is to look for it. Kinda’ tough when her mind changes every couple of days.


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