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New Year's Resolutions..

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yep, those things you want to accomplish in the coming year. Lose weight? Be more active? Learn new recipes? LOL...yeah, yeah....I'm too old to be talking about new year resolutions but if there's a good time to actually start making changes [for the better of course], I would think this would be the best time. Back in grade school, I remember our teachers asking us to write a list on the first day we're back to school after the 2- week Christmas break. I did that when I was teaching myself. I hated doing the list when I was still studying. Why I asked my former students to do the same is beyond me, honestly. I haven't done any new year's resolution [or a list for that matter] since I don't know when. This year though, I may just write down a list for my 2009 resolutions. Why? I kinda' like the idea of having something concrete to look at and probably accomplish in 2009. What would be in my list? How about 'learn how to drive'? You?

Remote Controls and Men....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What is it about men and remote controls? And I'm not just talking about the TV remote mind you. The husband is big on anything that has remote controls. He actually built a remote controlled plane a few years ago that's sitting in the garage. But because he has been busy with work, this hobby has taken a back seat. Instead of building them now, he'd rather buy them if the budget allows. But give him a reason to get one, and he will definitely get it. During the little one's 5th birthday, she asked for a remote controlled helicopter so that's what she got. Guess who enjoyed the RC helicopter more? Yep, the big boy of course! Anyway, the little one wanted another RC this past Christmas. It's not part of her original list just like the iPod so we told her that 'Santa' may not give it to her because it's not part of the original list. But being the RC enthusiast that he is, the husband still looked at different RCs onli

Math and Science Teachers...Needed!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That's one of the headlines in Yahoo News this morning. It says that in the next 10 years, schools here will need about 200 thousand, yep, 2 hundred thousand or 200,000 teachers for these 2 subjects. Why? Because of retirement, overcrowded and people teaching out of their field. Ha! When I first came here, I actually considered teaching. Of course. That's the only thing I knew then. I filled out an application for the county and got not 1 but 2 forms from them in a matter of days of sending the application forms. Why 2 I have no idea. I was not able to pursue the application because I got pregnant. I have no plans of applying again in the near future BUT if worse comes to worst, why not, right? I just hope the schools here get the much needed Science and Math teachers soon. Why? Because sooner or later, the little one will be attending one of these schools.

Vacation in the Offing?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The husband suddenly blurted out last night that he wants to take a vacation. Hmm...that's unusual. He said he wants to go somewhere, anywhere away from here for a short break. He normally doesn't talk about vacation especially since he started a business. The last time we went somewhere was not really a vacation and it was in 2006. Yep, a good 2 years. I had to attend a conference/seminar in Maryland for one of my jobs. The husband decided to tag along. So while I was attending the 2 day-seminar, he and the little one went around the area. Anyway, he didn't mention any specific place but he wants to go somewhere close like maybe New York or New Jersey. He really wants the little to experience snow so it may be New York...or Pennsylvania because he has family there. If he decides to go to New York, it would probably be a good idea to see a ballgame, eh? New York Yankees tickets are a bit hard to find during the regular season so we can probabl

Unexpected 'Loot'....

Yes, that's a Barbie CD player. The little one is so much into music these days so we thought of getting her some CDs and this Barbie CD player for Christmas. But because she got the iPod already, the player is now without an owner...that is before I decided to put a stake on it. LOL... So here I am typing and listening to my new "Barbie" CD player with Celine Dion singing. How cool is that?

Post-Christmas Activities

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's been a few days since I last wrote an entry here. I guess I took some break from blogging, eh? The husband has been home since Christmas so we've been hanging around the house most of the time. I'm online most of the time but I just didn't have the time to really sit down and write something. The little one has been enjoying her 'loots' that 'Santa' brought her. She's been using her iPod a lot as well as the Digital Arts & Crafts. We're taking advantage of her iPod as we've been downloading loads of educational stuff on it. As for me, I've been enjoying my Christmas present a lot as well. I've been doing most of my online stuff on it now. I originally didn't want to since I'm afraid a virus may invade it...I hope not. The husband has also recorded his first video with his new camcorder. The camcorder came with an 8 GB SD card. He wants to get another card for it as back up so he's been

Our Christmas 2008....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We had an early start expected. The husband and I went to bed late because of the 'wrapping party'. The little one was very excited to go to sleep so I couldn't start wrapping earlier even if I wanted to. Everytime she heard something she'd call. She finally fell asleep around 10..which is an hour later than her normal bedtime. The 'elves' went to work soon after and finished at around 1 AM...sleepy of course. I was hoping she'd wake up a bit late...not a chance. Dad heard her moving around at about 7 AM so he had to jump out of bed because he wanted to capture her first reactions when she saw the presents under the tree. Oohs and ahhs were mostly the sounds we heard for the next hour or so. She liked what she got of course. The husband and I both fell asleep midday while the little one was tinkering with her 'loots'. She got a lot of hats because she loves [adores] hats and there's not a day she's not wea

Christmas is Giving...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ They say that Christmas is for kids…and I couldn’t agree more especially now that I have a child. I enjoyed Christmas myself when I was a kid myself. Our little one is very excited that she actually marks her calendar without fail which heightens her anticipation. She made a list a long time ago and is now awaiting for Santa to drop by to bring her presents. She already asked me to leave him some brownie under the tree in case he’s hungry. I still enjoy Christmas now that I am an adult. Of course the reasons have changed since instead of receiving gifts, I now give gifts to loved ones. But gift giving to me is not just about material things. I really think it out before I get someone a gift. This is especially true this year since life is a bit tough for everybody because of the economic pinch. I still give material presents like shirts, CDs, etc but I am also giving the gift of life…sort of. How? I am planning in giving my sister a C'Elle subsc

It's Christmas....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Wouldn't life be worth the living Wouldn't dreams be coming true If we kept the Christmas spirit All the whole year through?" Author Unknown Christmas gift suggestions: To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect. Oren Arnold Have a very Merry Christmas everyone! Juliana

It's Umma's Birthday...

Wondering who Umma is? She's someone I've only known online. She's very sweet who always leaves me some really nice comments. We've been visiting each other's blog for quite sometime now but it's only very recently that I learned we have something common...Taiwan. I taught and lived in Taiwan for 4 years. She on the other hand is from Taiwan. So it's like I know her even if I haven't met her in person. So when somebody asked me if I want to join in surprising her on her birthday, I readily agreed! To's wishing you many more birthdays to come! Enjoy! Top 10 Questions 1. What's your first impression on umma? by reading her daily posts. 2. After you've known her, did that impression change? Not really 3. What song will you sing to her aside from "Happy Birthday" and why? Not quite about "We Wish YOU A Merry Christmas" since it's almost Christmas...hehe 4. If U

'Tis the Season of Giving...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Growing up, the only heroes I remember ‘knowing’ are people who have been long dead that we discussed in our Social Studies class. That of course changed as I grow older. I look at my parents now as my personal heroes as well some other people I met along the way. They ranged from friends to former teachers to co-workers to friends. We all have our own personal heroes that we look up to. More often than not, that’s all we do to our heroes…look up to them. There’s nothing wrong with that but sometimes we tend to forget that some of the heroes we look up to need some kind of a helping hand. Sears is making sure that doesn’t happen to the heroes of today. That’s why heroes at home wish registry was started. The main goal of this program is to help today’s heroes and their families have a happy holiday by making some of their wishes come true. With a little donation from us, these heroes will know how much we appreciate all they are doing both here and in othe

Back Online

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Actually, I've been back online since this morning. I've been trying to catch up on work since I wasn't able to do that because of the internet situation. A technician came by early this morning...about 9. He did a quick check to see what the problem was. I told him that their CS told me to unplug the router for my wireless. It seemed to have worked for a few minutes. It started acting up again last night which ruled out the router as the problem. Guess what the problem was? The modem that their company supplied us...which we paid for by the way. As it turned out that modem has been causing problems but the company chooses not to face that problem instead doing what that CS did...blame other things but their modem. Needless to say I was not happy. Good thing the technician offered to replace the modem with a new one that has a router already. If he didn't do that...we'd probably be with another provider by now. Anyway, I just w


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That's how I would describe my Monday! Blame it on our internet service provider. The connection has been cr***y the whole weekend. I couldn't do any decent work because I kept getting disconnected. I was hoping that it will get better today since it's the start of the week. Boy was I wrong. I couldn't connect at all this morning. I called their CS and we went through the whole she-bang. Just like any other company, it's not their's something else. This time they blamed the router that we have been using eversince I started using wireless. The only solution that they could to was to disconnect the router and connect the modem directly to the computer. That means I cannot work on my new toy . Ugh! After I spoke with the CS, I called the husband. He was not happy that they blamed the router. He called them and they said that they're going to send a technician down here tomorrow to check on the problem. For now, I am here on

Busy Weekend

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sort of. Our Saturday was spent at home but I had to do some what else is new. As usual, we had a deadline to beat so even if I was didn't feel like working, I did. The husband and I originally planned of going out to get the little one's Christmas dress but because of my work and how I was feeling, we decided to just go out today. Christmas shopping is done now. All that's left for me to do is the wrapping part. I usually wrap the little one's presents on Christmas eve...after she went to bed. Our tree is pretty much void of any gifts before that as she still 'believes' it's Santa that gives her presents. For how is the question. I have a feeling though that this will be the last year that she's going to believe. As for the husband and the wife...we already exchanged gifts. We gave each! Here's the 'toy' I gave him... . ..and this is the 'toy' he gave me... My old laptop was

Last Minute Shopping....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yesterday was one of my older brother's birthday. I was able to call and talk to him to wish him well on his birthday. It’s always nice to talk to my family since it’s very rare that I get to do that. The reception in their area is so bad that even if I want to call them often, it’s just a pain so I just call when I really have to. Anyway, my brother’s birthday is so close to Christmas that I usually have a hard time deciding on gifts to give him. Aside from that, I would usually wonder if I would just give him a 2-in 1 gift. Now that I am thousands of miles away from my family, it's even harder. I don't have any ideas first hand on what he's into right now. For the past few years, I was able to send my family my Christmas gifts to them weeks before Christmas itself. I guess I was more into it then. Or maybe life was a lot easier then because I didn't worry much about the financial aspect. When I spoke with him yesterday I asked him wh

My Christmas Gift...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ... has arrived! Yep, it's in the house already. It came in the mail last Friday but I wasn't able to blog about it right away. I have not taken a picture of it but let me give you a clue now...I'm using it right now. LOL...can you guess what it is? hehehe... Anyway, I'll post some pictures later. We need to head out in a few here because we weren't able to do that yesterday. Yours truly had a 'visitor' and was not feeling well yesterday so we had to postpone the trip to the store. Have a great week ahead everyone! Be good.....

Last Minute Shopping Anyone?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In a few days, Christmas will be here. I'm sure this will be one busy weekend for a lot of people. We are planning in going out ourselves to get the little one a Christmas outfit. We get her one every year but we did it much earlier in the past few years. I guess we just got busy that we forgot to do it. I'm expecting the stores to be packed since this is the last weekend before the big day arrives. If it were up to me, I'd rather shop online as I'm sure there is some kind of a sale going on in almost all of the online stores. But since we need the outfit in a few days, I guess we have to brave the crowd and get it done and over with. But I will definitely check out the different sales going on right now online...not for gifting but for my personal stuff. Ha!

Hubby Lists....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nope, it's not that 'famous Christmas Lists''s actually a tag!! Tada!!! Anyway, I got tagged by 3 lovely ladies so I felt that I probably should do the tag already, eh? Thanks to Joyce of PinayMamas' Diary , Beth of All about Elizabeth and Cecile of ...Life is Good and Beautiful for passing on this tag to me. As per the title of the's all about the Husband...and our story, I reckon? LOL... Here are "The Rules" 1. Pick your sweetest picture when you were still friends and post it on top of the questions and answers. 2. Another pic now that you are together post it after the questions. 3. Share to how many friends you like. 4. Enjoy doing it c: 5. Let your hubby read it too! ======================== We don't have a picture as friends 'per se' since we met the old fashion! But we have some pics when we first met. This was taken in Tagaytay...on the 3rd day he was here and the day w

A Nice Day Here....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's Wednesday and it's the 3rd day in a row that I can truly say that we're having a very nice day wise! The sun is out and it's not too cold to go out there to rake the leaves that came from our neighbor's oak tree....ha! Yesterday, I decided to do some weeding in the front yard on our 'still empty' flower bed. Why empty? We still have to have the gutters put on there so as not to drown the flowers that the husband wants planted there. If it were up to me...I'd be planting 'kangkong' and 'kamote' [sweet potatoes] on those flower beds...LOL. Nah...I wouldn't dare. I also want some pretty flowers there just like the husband. Anyway, I have to get going to do some more weeding and some work of course. To all of you....

A Valuable Gift...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you ask me what I am thankful for this Holiday season, I would have to say I’m thankful for my family. It took a while for me to finally settle down and start a family of my own. I honestly didn’t think that I’ll be sitting here today having a lovely 6 year old with the man I’d be spending the rest of my life with. Cheesy, eh? I was almost in my mid-30s when I met and married my husband. We got pregnant soon after we got together and had the baby a few days shy of our first 'meeting'. To say it’s exciting is an understatement. We were beyond that. The moment we learned we were expecting, we vowed to do everything we can to protect and make sure our little one’s future will be secured. That’s why we decided to enroll with Cryo-Cell and have her cord blood preserved. Just last week as I was watching TV, the news came on and one of the topics they had was about this little 2 year old boy who was diagnosed with a disease before his first birthda

Busy Me....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's been a busy few days for me....thus the lack of blogging and hopping on my end. Sowee.... Christmas shopping is done though...I think, so that's good. I'm done with mine but the little one keeps blurting out something she "really" wants for Christmas just like everything else. I told her there's no guaranty she's getting anything else but those on the list. The Dad is of course swinging by the stores after work almost everyday to see if he can find what his little princess wants. Yeah...we have a typical Daddy's little girl here. The husband and I already exchanged gifts...sort of. I already gave him my gift which he had to pick out himself as he wants something specific. Ha! No biggie there as I want him to be happy...ek ek...hehe. As for his gift to/for me, it's being shipped out it will definitely be here by Christmas. I have a couple of little gifts for him that he doesn't know about unless he

Our 'Moving' Nativity...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is the first year I put a Nativity under our tree. The little one was very excited about it when she saw that there are figures shown in the box. I already explained to her what Christmas is really about so she knows what the Nativity is. On the day we put up the tree, I arranged the Nativity under the tree like this: A few hours later, I looked at the Nativity. To my surprise it looked like this.... I guess kids will always be kids, eh?There has been a few 'changes' in position already but she just moves the animals now and not the baby Jesus and Mary and Joseph...and they are no longer standing in line...LOL...

Dieting 101

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is such a beautiful day outside. The sun is shining and the temperature is in the 60s right now. It would have been a perfect day to go out and enjoy it....but I don't feel like going out. My tummy is all messed up from trying to skip meals. I tried to cut on my rice, as in totally removing it from my meals and I don't think my tummy likes it. I noticed that I started having gas pains and all that's associated with it eversince I stopped eating rice. The good news? I lost a few pounds...but I am not happy about it because of my stomach troubles. So I have decided to go eat rice again and just research on the different diet products that I can *probably* try. I have never tried dieting before much less taking any diet pills so I really need to read first before I do anything again. I don't want to end up having some tummy troubles again so I better learn whatever it is I need to learn before trying to lose some excess poundage. I wonder if

Fun Google Tag..

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Umma of Spices of Life tagged me on this fun google tag. It took a while to find my answers but I enjoyed it nonetheless....thanks much, Umma... "The rules are simple. Use Google Images to search for the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results and post it as your answer. After that tag 7 people." 1.) The age of my next birthday 2. Place I would like to Travel 3.) My favorite Place 4.) A favorite thing 5.) My Favorite Food 6.) My Favorite Color 7.) The City/State I Reside Now 8.) The City I was Born 9.) My College Major 10.) Name of Your First Lover 11.) A Bad Habit 12.) A Hobby 12.) My Current Wish Lists (Max of 3 )

Crazy Weather

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is what greeted me when I opened the curtains by the sliding door leading to the back porch.... It's pouring like there's no tomorrow! It's been kinda' warm since yesterday [like in the 70s] but the weather people said that it's going to get colder last night with some rain. Rain happened but it didn't get colder. The heat didn't come on last night which means that the temperature didn't drop lower than 74. For the first time in weeks, I didn't have to put on my nightgown when I went to bed last night. I am not a blanket hugger so I usually wear something warm. And guess what I'm wearing right now....shorts and shirt. Yep, it's summer during fall [almost winter] once again. That's the sunshine state for you folks.... How about the weather in your neck of the woods?

Raining & Teaching...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What a gloomy day we have here today. It’s been raining since early this morning so the ground is really wet and the sky is dark. Days like this one make me thankful all the more that I am working at home. When I was still teaching in a regular school, I hated it when I had to go out in the rain all dressed up only to get soaked up even before I got to my destination. And since I had a homeroom class, I also had to attend to the classroom making sure it’s not wet and slippery…and made sure the students were taken cared of. Ahh…those were the days. Now, I just sit here listening to the pitter pattering on the roof…and looking out the backyard full of dry leaves…aargghh… Anyway, raining aside, I loved being a teacher. I got to interact with kids almost everyday and I got to meet exchange students that came to sit in my classes. I learned a lot from those exchange students because they’ve been to so many places at such a young age. One of them was a South Afric

Leaves here there and everywhere!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ...and they're not even dry leaves from our tree. I've vented about this in my other blog . I thought I'd take the vent here...LOL. Our neighbor has an oak tree in their backyard adjacent to our backyard. It's fall...and you know what that means. Leaves are falling off their oak tree non-stop. It's an oak tree so what do we expect, right? Well, it would have been fine by me if the leaves stay on their yard. But they don't...they come flying to our yard everytime the wind blows! Another thing....they don't clean their yard regularly. The dry leaves are in their yard [and ours of course] for weeks. Here's a shot I took just this afternoon.....they haven't raked their backyard in weeks! And this is where the leaves go...our dry leaves, eh? Just dry grass...LOL...actually, there's dry leaves now since I took the picture about an hour ago...sigh...

Finding the Best Deal...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wow...I didn't blog at all yesterday! I was a bit busy with work because we were trying to beat a deadline...which is today. I *think* we made it. I have yet to hear from my boss but all the work that needed done was all done last night before I retired for the day....around 12 MN. Ugh! Anyway, now I can concentrate in doing what the husband has been asking me to do since last week...find different car insurance quotes . Why? We got a mail from our insurance company last week letting us know that there will be some changes that will take effect next year. It was not stated what *changes* but we have the feeling that it may have to do with raise...of fees of course. Now that I am finally considering this thing called 'learning to drive', we will need not only one but two insurance so we are looking for deals that we can benefit from. Alrighty then....I have to get going before some more work is released. I'm hoping to finish this insurance thin

Our Tree is Up!

Yes, it is! The little one didn't stop bugging me so I had to give in or I won't be able to do any work. It's our old tree from the old house. We thought of buying a new one, a bigger one but decided against it. There are other important things we need to buy for the house so we may just get a new tree next year...maybe... I let the little one decorate it of course. I only had to put the garland around and the small nativity set afterwards. It came out pretty good according to the Daddy although he didn't think so at first because the little one kept putting the ornaments on one side. Most of the stuff are from the previous Christmases we've had. We just buy a few more every year. So what do you think of our little Christmas tree and the model little 'reindeer' beside it? LOL...

Watch and Be Amazed!

Needle Sized Art Very incredible story! Not only is this mans art cool but he got a ton of cash for it!


~~~~~~~~~~~~~, I mean...hmmm...LOL. I have been quite busy with stuff around the house today so I am only writing post now at around 8 PM where we're at. Our weekend will probably be very busy. I have some work to do and we have some weekend shopping to do as well. We still have not put up the tree and the little one is getting impatient already. She's been bugging me to put it up for about 2 weeks now. Anyway....I just want to wish everyone well and hope you...

Sad Story....Filipina Vanishes

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This has to be one of the saddest news I've read in a while. Leafil Alforque, a 22 year old Filipina, was swept to sea during a proposal by her future husband. It happened at place in Oregon called "Proposal Rock". According to Oregon News , Scott Napper took her to the site to formally ask her to marry him. Unfortunately, she slipped when a tide came to them and literally swept the 93-pound Filipina off her feet which caused her to fall in the water. Sad. Here's a link to the Yahoo News about it. Links: Yahoo News Oregon News

Food for Thoughts...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are some food for thoughts for a change. A friend forwarded this to me a long time ago. I usually save emails that have jokes, interesting facts or food for thoughts for future now. If I can follow a few of these, I think I'll be good... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Life is Beautiful... 1. Take a 10-30 minute walk every day. And while you walk, smile. It is the ultimate anti-depressant. 2. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day. Buy a lock if you have to. 3. When you wake up in the morning complete the following statement, 'My purpose is to __________ today.' 4. Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants and eat less food that is manufactured in plants. 5. Drink green tea and plenty of water. Eat blueberries, wild Alaskan salmon, broccoli , almonds & walnuts. 6. Try to make at least three people smile each day. 7. Don't waste your precious energy on energy vampires, issues of the past, negative thoughts or th

Should We?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Is it winter yet? Because it surely feels like it is already…and we’re in the Sunshine state. If I can barely survive temperatures in the 30s, I cannot imagine how I will survive if we move to a state that has those freezing temperatures especially in the winter time. My husband though loves this kind of weather. He’d be grinning from ear to ear if the temperature dips down. Anyway, I mentioned that he may go on a business trip this month in one of the colder states. That trip may not push through BUT he’s going on another one…in another cold state, New Jersey. They have a visiting customer right now who wants him to come visit their shop sometime soon. Since the little one and I have not been to New Jersey, he wants us to tag along. It would be great to take the little one because she likes to travel but I’m honestly not crazy about the idea…but… The husband only told me about it during his lunch break today so I don’t have all the information yet but I

Everybody's Changing....

Isn't that the truth? We all change of course. It's inevitable. Like the saying goes: Nothing is permanent BUT change. Here's a song I've been looking for that I only found today. I was spelling the name of the band wrong so I'm not getting the right song/video...courtesy of You Tube of course. The band's name is: KEANE...

Sportsman of the Year...

Yeah! That's Michael Phelps alright. LOL...he's been named as the Sportsman of the Year by Sports Illustrated. Surprise? I'm not. With all the buzz he created when he won those 8 gold medals at the Beijing Olympics, how can it be a surprise? Anyway, I saw this picture in one of the websites I visited this morning and I can't help but post it here. He looks good in and out the water, doesn't he? I just don't know why he jumped in the water fully dressed like that....hehehe

Rebuilbing our Lives

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Economic Recession. Two words that we don’t want to hear, especially from the administration. That’s probably why it took them a year to finally admit that we are indeed experiencing economic recession since December 2007. What now? Do we start packing our bags and move across the globe? Not quite. It’s no secret that this recession is not only felt here in the US but all over the world so moving will not be a smart decision right now. What is? Stay put and plan for the future. All is not lost. There are some people who are willing to risk their own money in order to help us get back on our feet. This is how Rebuilding of America started…with the goal of helping each and everyone of us. The investment is very affordable at $20 with the promise that the money we invest is secured and all the profit is distributed equally to the investors every year. How is our investment secured? Believe it or not, the $20 that we put in is FDIC insured because it’s put

Cold and Not Feeling Well...& Tags Galore!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That about sums up what I'm feeling right now. I'm not ill or sick...I just have an upset stomach. I have no idea why but it's been more of a discomfort than anything. I can feel & hear my tummy rumbling right now actually. The little one was also having some tummy issues yesterday but she's well now. Yesterday was a different story though. I thought she had another indigestion but it's not. She threw up a couple of times but it's mostly liquid. She didn't eat much during dinner because of her fear of throwing up. As a result she woke around 5 starving. She ate then went back to sleep. Anyway, I got a few tags from friends so I'm posting them here before I call it a day... The Power Blog tag is from Clarisse of Coffee, Anyone? ...thanks much Clarisse.... Wear a Smile Today is from Mommy Ruby of Ruby Posts ...salamat pow Mommy Ruby! // Start Tag...// Someday, everything will make perfect sense. So laugh at the confusion