Busy Weekend


Sort of. Our Saturday was spent at home but I had to do some work...so what else is new. As usual, we had a deadline to beat so even if I was didn't feel like working, I did. The husband and I originally planned of going out to get the little one's Christmas dress but because of my work and how I was feeling, we decided to just go out today.

Christmas shopping is done now. All that's left for me to do is the wrapping part. I usually wrap the little one's presents on Christmas eve...after she went to bed. Our tree is pretty much void of any gifts before that as she still 'believes' it's Santa that gives her presents. For how is the question. I have a feeling though that this will be the last year that she's going to believe.

As for the husband and the wife...we already exchanged gifts. We gave each other...toys!

Here's the 'toy' I gave him...
...and this is the 'toy' he gave me...

My old laptop was also a Christmas gift from him in 2002


blessedmom said…
hello mommy j! advance merry christmas ha! wow! love both the gifts! beautiful! im sure lalo ka na-iinspire mag-blog nyan! yipee! :) and i guess more videos of ur family especially ur pretty daughter :)

take care mommy j!
Ciela said…
Now you can do more jobs at a time with laptop on your left and another one on your right. Presenting J, as the ... Super Woman! He he..

That's a nice video cam. For sure your hubby will shoot all the li'l one's movements.

Unknown said…

Well done! I got a desktop from Hubby about two years ago. Hubby needs a new laptop very badly. His old one is slow as a turtle, it's very old. About six years.

Don't you just love Christmas? New toys, new, new, new.... lol.

Have a great week ahead Jul.
sugarbabes said…
Wow, Mommy J, pang big time yan ah! hehhehe...well as mother and wife, we deserve it, getting up early everyday, taking care everything diba! dapat lang hehehhe..MERRY CHRISTMAS MOMMY..have a great monday
Nova said…
wow mommy j, dami mo na sigurong gadgets ano.. i hope my hubby will give me a toy like that too.. hahahah.... but its fun... anything that comes from the bottom of the heart is well treasured for me...
DebbieDana said…
WOW! I like both toys! Ganda ha, big time!!

Merry christmas to your lovely family!

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