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New 'Three Stooges'

It's rated PG or Parental Guidance. The little one is a die hard 3-stooges fan so much so that she had to 'mortgage' the rest of her baby teeth to the Tooth Fairy in order to get the money to buy the enitre DVD collection of the old series. Anyway, she's been bugging me if she can watch the film. I have not decided yet if we'd watch it in the theater or just wait for it in DVD. She really wants to see and I have a feeling we MAY just go watch it.


Hubby likes to help other people especially if they ask for it. It is this trait of him that makes other friend/acquaintances & family alike go to him or ask him from the most complex to the simplest stuff. Sometimes I even think that some of them just don't want to do anything anymore because he'd willilingly do it for them. Of course there's a demarcation line somewhere as to what he'd do for somebody. Anyway, this is also the reason why he also gets asked or told of some unusual stuff [mostly personal] sometimes especially by some of his [older] male friends...which by the way is the majority of his friends. What kind of weird stuff? This particular asked him at one point on some advice how to keep it burning in the bedroom. You know what I mean? I didn't even know men ask such things amongst themselves. Hubby said not usually. I guess this guy was desperate or maybe hubs just gives off the vibe that he can be asked anything. I don't know. Anyway, I don&#


That's what happens when you let someone else make breakfast and there's the proof... I wouldn't say who the culprit is but it's not a girl. Hmmm...anyway, he wanted breakfast pronto so he decided to take matters into his own hands and this was what happened. He actually thought it was rather funny when it started overflowing that HE TOOK A PICTURE OF HIS MASTERPIECE. The waffles came out perfect though and we had a lovely breakfast. He was just left in cleaning the mess he made. Normally if he cooks, I clean. This time! The mess was too big so he had to clean it up. In fairness...the gridler came out cleaner than ever that it actually looks brand new right now. Hmmm...maybe I will ask him to make dinner some time. What do you think????

Deep Cleaning...

Doing household chores has always been one of my favorite stress reliever. I'm serious. When my boring online jobs get that...boring and stressful I would stop and do some household chores to release the stress. Mind you, I never run out of any [hello housewives!] so I can always de-stress. If you ask me though what my favorite chore is, I would have to say vacuuming. It's simple but you have to keep moving to do it. Since we didn't have carpet at home when I was growing up it's only here that I actually learned how to do it and that's prabobly one of the reasons why I like doing it. I vacuum at least once a week. But even if I do it weekly, I know our carpet doesn't really get 'that' clean. I know we need to have deep cleaning every once in a while so I'm planning in looking for a place like carpet cleaning chapel hill nc but locally since we're not in North Carolina. I know we have some around the area because we had a couple of people knock o

All Grown Up

My little girl that is. In a few weeks, she'll be another year older. Just like a lot of parents like me, I'm still in awe as to how fast she has grown before our eyes. She's almost as tall as me a few weeks ago which means she may be taller than me now. She's starting to ask us questions that are more 'grown-up' kind of questions. She's a girl so a lot of her questions now have something to do with general. She's a very smart girl but she still believes a lot of the things she sees on TV, on other words, advertisements. Just like a lot of girls her age, she's fascinated with how perfect the models look on magazines. I have to tell her that a lot of them have professional airbrush makeup done on them to look that way. I want her to be aware that there has been some alterations done to these models pictures to look that good. So far she's been grasping it all pretty good. I'm just hoping she'll continue to have a

It's Spring Alright...

Like I posted yesterday, spring is very much here. Besides the plants that have started to show some life, the weather has been rather pleasant. Last weekend we stayed in the back porch for a good 5 hours just sitting around. Well, I sat around with a laptop while the little one was hula hooping/playing/swinging. The husband was at work unfortunately because he had to finish some work. As I was sitting in our screened porch, I can't help but imagine our backyard with modern outdoor seating furniture. What we have right now are the traditional ones and I like them. They're comfortable and free because somebody gave them to us a few years ago because they were getting new set. We only had to repaint them and replace the cushions and they're like brand new already. Still, I'm imagining the time when we can actually get us some new ones....and I wouldn't mind getting the more modern kind of outdoor furniture. Dreaming on....I mean moving on....

The Most-Awaited Day!

I bet that's how you feel as well, eh? I definitely feel that way even if my week has not been crazy busy. I just like the idea of the weekend. It's like weekend = freedom. Doncha think? Anyway, I'm thinking of doing some much needed weeding on our flower beds in front. The dollar weeds are popping up/out in different places and I don't want them to overtake our little garden. It's easier to see them now because the plants that we have are just starting to come out from their hibernation. Hopefully I'll be able to pull those pesky weeds out before the plants get bigger. Enjoy your weekend everyone!


I said I'm done shopping for the things we're going to bring with us for our trip back home. I should have known better than to even utter a word about that. Those who has been on trips like this one know that you're never done shopping until you're actually BACK from the trip. Ha! Anyway, I just got an email from my niece asking for a favor. She wants me to get her a pair of nursing scrubs for her. She said that I don't have to if there's no time to look for them but I know I will feel guilty if I don't get her even just a pair. Ugh! I know the husband will laugh at me...again because I already broke my word....twice [or is it thrice?] when I got something last weekend. At the rate I'm going, we may just go over the allowable baggage limit. Nope...that's just not going to happen because the fee for that is just outrageous. So whatever doesn't fit, will have to wait until I can ship a box sometime before the holidays. Sigh...the stress of taking

Last Minute Shopping

Why is it that we do that to ourselves? I guess we like the adrenalin of being rushed? I don't really like being rushed. I usually 'rebel when I'm being rushed. I just flat out stop and that's it. This time it's a bit different. We didn't have a lot of time to prepare for the upcoming trip so there is no choice but to do as much as we can with whatever time we have on our hands....much as I don't like it. Anyway, a lot of the things I'm taking to my loved ones back home are bought online. That's the only way for now since hubby is only free on the weekends which means shopping in local stores will be limited. I also did my online shopping mostly at nights because I have other things to do during the day. Clothes and shoes are the most requested as expected. One of my brothers asked for a pair of work boots which I had to buy online of course. Hubby was beyond surprised when he saw me on a website that sells things like carharrt boots and carhartt cov

First of the Season

That's the first [maybe second?] flower on our blackberry bush - left pic! There are a few buds here and there already but it's the first bloom I've seen so far so I had to take a snap of it. Funny thing is the bushes aren't so bushy yet [read: BALD-y]. Yep, the bushes are just twigs at the moment but they're getting there. It's just funny that there is is this ONE bloom sticking out. Anyway, it seems we will have another good blackberry season this year. If we haven't been pulling out the stray ones, we would probably have more but we didn't want the little blackberry bed to look like a forest so we try to tame them as much as we can. Anyway, aside from the blackberry bushes we can also see most of our plants in front starting to show some form of life just like our Gold Mounds Duranta along the walkway - top right. We have about 7 of them and most of them have the gold leaves starting to show. The grass is another story though....struggling! Hopefully

Cute yard sign for a great yard sale

Guest post written by Amy Havershaw My husband likes to call me a curator of stuff. I'm always coming home with shopping bags full of flea market finds that are always really cute, but it ends up that they're not always a great fit for our home. So some of that stuff is cast away to our basement and then put up for sale in our yearly spring yard sale. It pains me to see this great stuff go, but at least I think some people are going to put these things to proper use! But I'm obviously not putting on a yard sale for my health. I could use the extra cash too and decided to make some good signs this year so people will be able to find it better. When I was looking for some DIY yard sign help I ran across this site on debt consolidation and read through it. We could really use some help with our debt, so this might be the option we've been looking for. I did find some really great ideas and settled on one for my cute yard sign . It looks a little vintage but still has lots

My New Ride...

How do you like it? LOL....of course I'm kidding. First, I don't even drive yet. Second, I don't drive! I guess you know what the third reason is... Seriously, I was just doing some random searches on a skidsteer . Yes, that's the one in the picture. Honestly, I didn't even know what it is when I was asked to look for it online. I was just told to type on the search bar and see what comes up. It's one of those random stuff that hubs asked me to look for online since he doesn't have the time to do it himself. It's not even for him. It's for someone he knows. For some reasons, people ask him like he's a yellow page or a search engine...literally. That's probably because he knows quite a bit about everything. I think he even scares some people, especially salesmen, because they don't expect him to know more than they do. He scared the people installing the lines in this house when it was being built yet because he started asking them questio

Getting Close....

Image the end of the first quarter of 2012! Ha! But that's not really what I'm talking about here. After more than 10 years, I will finally take that much needed [and wanted] flight to visit friends and family back home. I'm not really looking forward to the 20+ hours of being on air in a tube but that's the only way to get there so I'll take it. Finally, our little one will get to meet my side of the family after only meeting/seeing them on the tube. She's definitely more excited than I am. I am excited alright but I can already feel being tired from what's going to be a 'whirlwind' trip since it's only going to be a 2 week visit. We're glad we're able to do it, we just wish it's longer. Oh well, maybe next time.

Long Hair Equals.... hour in the shower??? Aside from a "little accident" when she was, maybe 2 [when SHE decided to trim her hair in front] and a little trim to get rid of the dry ends of her long locks, the little one never had a haircut...until 2 weekends ago. She's been asking us if she could have it [the haircut] for a while now. She's been convincing us to let her have one and one of her reasons was it takes too long to wash [I know because she takes forever in the shower] and she promised she won't have to take an hour in the shower if her hair is shorter. I [we?] always said no haircut. Okay, it was mostly me saying no. Dad always said: Ask you mother. I guess that's between the 2 girl kind of thing? Anyway, I finally gave in 2 weeks ago. Her hair ran towards her hiney. She wanted a shoulder-length hair cut. We negotiated so she now has a shorter do. It's a couple inches below her shoulder blades. Not too long, not too short. She's happy with it, I'm hap

Marketing a Business...

The husband is all alone at work right now. That means he has to take care of everything all by himself...which he does most of the time anyway. Still, it's good to know there's an extra pair of hands around when something unexpected a machine malfunctioning. That's exactly what happened this morning. He's trying to finish a job when the compressor decided to quit. Now instead of finishing the job, he's fixing the compressor. That also means he cannot do what he set out in doing today...find an online marketing company like triangle direct media . He wants to start advertising his business online again. That's how he started his marketing. Then they started getting busy [partly because of the online marketing] so he no longer had the time to do that himself so the online marketing was put on hold. He knows that in order to get far in the business industry he needs exposure out there and he plans in 'getting far' so to spe


...the end of the first quarter of this year! That fast huh? A few weeks ago, days were going really slow for me but now, they seem to be flying by. Maybe because I'm not that stressed anymore? Probably. Anyway, in a few days our little one will be turning a year older. I'm happy she's healthy and all but also sad that she's growing way too fast for me. Added to that, she said she's no longer as excited when her birthday is coming. How sad is that? My baby is growing up. She's still excited about other 'special days' though. Speaking of special days, after Easter the next one will be Mother's Day. Have you started thinking what to get Mom yet? Don't say it's too early to think about it because it really doesn't hurt to plan in advance. In case you need minneapolis Mother's day flowers , maybe you should start looking at some places to get them now. I'm sure it will be one busy season again so you better be sure to place your order

Hello Allergies!

It's actually the second day of spring already...officially that is! Here in our state, if not for the blooms & plants that are starting to show some life already, you can't really feel that much of a difference between spring & summer. It can be winter but we can have temperatures here as high as mid-80s some days. It's only the second day of spring but we're already seeing record high temperatures that it's starting to feel like summer already. Crazy, eh? What can I say...that's just the way it is here. Anyway, as my title says...spring = allergies as well. Although in my case it's already a way of life so the season doesn't even count anymore when it comes to mine. Still, many people have worsening symptoms during this time of year so better be prepared. I know I would be...stacking up on allergy meds anyway.

...and then it's SPRING!

Weekend is just around the corner!

Back Pains

I don't get a lot of back pains myself but the husband does. He told me several times that one of the things he wants done in the future is probably some kind of a surgery on his back to relieve him of the pain that just wouldn't go away completely. Apparently he's not the only one in the family that has some back problems. His brother wants to inquite more about Spine surgery Houston because his back pain is delibitating already. He's in and out of jobs because of it and he wants it fixed once and for all. Another brother also has some back problems. His back pain though is caused by an accident when he was still 'young and foolish'...his words. He lives close enough to us so we visit their place every now and then. During one of our visits he asked me to walk on his back to help relieve the pain. I was very hesitant to do it but his wife said my weight is perfect to help him so I gave in. I guess I helped even for just a bit because he was able to get up afte

Taking Road Trips

Not my cup of tea actually. I can probably count with the fingers on one hand the road trips I've taken in my entire life. Actually I probably had more but I can only recall some of them. The trips were mostly with friends who had nothing better to do during summer vacations during my early years of teaching so we would take off for about a week without any concrete destinations. We always took a particular friend's car during those trips just because it had a killer sound system. Not sure what kind of speaker she had, probably a Rockford Fosgate , but it was fun to sing along whenever we were in her car. The 'singing along' part actually made those long road trips bearable and fun and probably saved my sanity during those hours and hours of nothing but cruising along the highway and dirt roads sometimes. Still, I never really got to like road trips even if I had a lot of fun taking some with my closest friends. I guess I'm just not into those kind of things, eh?

Monday Blooper!

My laundry basket was full this morning. That's a cue that I have to do laundry even if I just did it a couple of days ago. So I did. I had to do 2 loads. On the first load, I used up all the laundry soap in the old bottle so I threw the bottle away. When the first load was done, I put the second load in and transferred the clean clothes in the dryer...then I went to do my usual stuff. Work, surf, teach the little one, clean here, etc, etc. When I heard the buzzer of the dryer I went in the laundry room to unload it so I can put the second load of clean laundry to dry. Right? Wrong!!! I realized while I was emptying the dryer that I forgot to put laundry soap in the dispense for the second load of laundry. Sigh! That means I ran a full cyle for nothing since there was no soap in the washer while it's running. Can you say.... There's an ALMOST Monday blooper as well but I'll reserve it for my next post....tee hee...

Weekend Cleaning Spree...

After months of not working on the weekend, the man of the house worked yesterday for half a day. I took the advantage to do some cleaning spree around the house since I've kind of neglected that in the last few weekends because we were always going out for something. Today, we also did some cleaning. I decided to clean the back porch which is so so so dusty while the husband decided to tinker in the garage which is not a good idea because I cannot be far behind when he's tinkering in the garage. Why? Because 'he lost control of his domain..aka garage' when I started re-arranging it. That means he doesn't know where his things are anymore. Today I heard him yell...honey, where are my quick disconnect plugs that I keep in the blah blah blah. LOL. I of course had to stop whatever I was doing to show him where his paraphernalias are now. He can't complain much if I re-arranged his domain because he doesn't have time to do that himself. I don't do it, then

He Listens....

A few weeks ago, the husband came home a wee bit excited because of something, well, more like a 'someplace' that he found. He and his partner visited a propective client who owns something like a warehouse. The person's business is buying and selling stuff in bulk. Hubby said he had everything from decorative plants to computer carts to orange cones. He said the guy sells almost everything in his place, which looks more like a huge warehouse. He got excited because now he knows where to go when they need to buy stuff for their shop like file cabinets at a very low price. He said the prices are really really low so he was tempted to get more [fake] plants for the house BUT he knew I wouldn't approve of it because I already told him not to get anymore plants...and he didn't. I guess he listens, eh? LOL....

Pool Season Already?

Spring will be 'springing' in a couple of days but with the temperatures in the last few days, it feels more like summer is about to spring. That's no suprise in our state and pool fence miami is always in season but it will still be great if we go through the spring season instead of jumping to summer, wouldn't it? Anyway, I saw our neighbors across the street standing in front of their pool this afternoon as if contemplating if they should remove their pool's cover already. I couldn't blame them because the temperature today went all the way to higher 80s...and we're in the cooler part of the state. I guess that's the reason why people flock to this state during the winter season.


Wow...I haven't said that in a while. I'm always thankful when Friday comes rolling in but in the last, well, few months, I was pre-occupied I should say so I never really thought of acknowledging Fridays...but I'm backkkk! Our plans for the weekend are, as usual, up in the air. I'm pretty sure we will be heading out at some point but I'm not quite sure yet as to when. It can be on both days since we have quite a few things to accomplish. The weather has been really lovely around here as well so staying indoors will be a shame so even if we don't go anywhere, we might stay outside and do some yard work. Our flower beds are starting to look like 'spring' already because the plants on them are starting to sprout some leaves already. For a few months, both flower beds looked kinda' pathetic because all they had was mulch and dried up plants. Now, we can see some greens already. Yay! That's our 'plan' for the weekend! What's yours? Whatev

Spring Cleaning!

That's all I've been doing the past several days actually. So it's not only my old lappy I've been cleaning up but the house in general as well. What can I say, it's that time of the year...and it's called SPRING CLEANING! Yep, spring is right around the corner so I'm starting to welcome it with a much cleaner, less cluttered surrounding. The first stop [after the laptop I mean] is the garage. It's our dumping ground so to speak so I have to get to it first. Since we have all the unwanted stuff in there, the first thing I usually do is to sort things out. Things to keep, things to give away, & things to throw away. More often than not I get stuck with things to keep. Ugh! It's so hard to get rid of things mind you. But it has to be done so I try to be more reasonable when it comes to 'things to keep'. I usually go through hubby's stuff first. Why? Because I need his opinion on what he wants to keep or thrown his old weldin


I like to reassess things in my life every so often. Don't you? I tend to do that also everytime something what I just went through the past few months. Because of this particular event, I started to think more about insurance in particular. No, I'm not terminally ill but that's just the point. Should I wait until I am before I start thinking about things like this? I don't think so. Life is very unpredictable. One day we're good, the next day, we're not. So now, I'm looking for help with life insurance policies that I can possibly get just in case. I used to have 2 or 3 of them when I was still single. I got them because I wanted to make sure my parents [and my other beneficiaries] are taken cared of if something happened to me unexpectedly. Nothing did but it was worth having those policies if only for my peace of mind. It's the same thing this time around. Peace of mind. To me that's priceless...

Time for an Update!

It's been more than a week since I last posted here. I've been thinking of updating my blogs since the weekend but I just didn't have the will to do it. As a matter of fact, I don't have the will to do most of the things I usually do. I'm trying to keep up with what's important and needs to be done and just skip on those I think can wait....blogging included.'s March already. This weekend is the Spring Forward thing that we do every year. It's that time of the year when we 'lose an hour' because we reset our clocks/watches an hour forward. How does it work? At 2 AM on Sunday morning [March 11, 2012], we have to move the hour hand an hour forward. That means we're going to eliminate '2 AM' completely and jump to 3 AM. It's that simple. That means that 8 AM will be 9 AM, 9 AM will be 10 AM....and so on and so forth. And just when we're getting used to it then we have to move it back again in November. Exciting...NOT!