Weekend Cleaning Spree...

After months of not working on the weekend, the man of the house worked yesterday for half a day. I took the advantage to do some cleaning spree around the house since I've kind of neglected that in the last few weekends because we were always going out for something. Today, we also did some cleaning. I decided to clean the back porch which is so so so dusty while the husband decided to tinker in the garage which is not a good idea because I cannot be far behind when he's tinkering in the garage. Why? Because 'he lost control of his domain..aka garage' when I started re-arranging it. That means he doesn't know where his things are anymore. Today I heard him yell...honey, where are my quick disconnect plugs that I keep in the blah blah blah. LOL. I of course had to stop whatever I was doing to show him where his paraphernalias are now. He can't complain much if I re-arranged his domain because he doesn't have time to do that himself. I don't do it, then we won't be able to navigate around the garage. Anyway, we survived our weekend cleaning spree just fine. I just have to remember not to take weeks in between dusting the porch because it really accumulates so much dust it's a pain to clean.


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