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The Virus Strikes Again...

...and I got hit first! It's that pesky cold virus again, of course. I started having the symptoms when I woke up on Tuesday. It escalated as the day went on. By midnight, it got worse. I woke up at 2 AM with a 102 temperature. Not good. I took some Tylenol and it helped a bit because it brought my temperature down to 100. But when I got up the next morning, it's back to 102 again. Not fun. I just took my medicine diligently and by late afternoon, I was feeling a lot better...although I still sounded 'dreadful'. Today, I'm up and running...err...walking again. I feel little bit of tickle in my throat but I'm trying my best to ignore it and not cough. I actually coughed a little bit last night but not too bad. I'm just crossing my fingers that the virus didn't make a move to anyone here in the house. I tried to do some precautionary measures to avoid that like not letting the little one linger where I've been at in the house. No close contacts with

Our Turn

After weeks of nothing but gorgeous weather, we had our share of not so good weather last week. We had rain for a couple of days and it concluded with freezing temperatures towards the end of the week. We actually woke up this morning to what looked like 'light' frosting on the grass. If the cold weather over the weekend didn't kill the grass, that frosting probably did it. I'm also thinking our plants that started to get new leaves during those spring like days we had a couple of weeks ago are probably on the verge of dying now. Oh's still winter so it's expected. We will have a couple more days of 'cold temps' and after that, we're back to normal. By the end of this week, we are looking at mid to high 70s already. Woot! Anyway, this past weekend we had plans of going back to a park we stumbled upon the a weekend ago. We thought we could go canoeing because the park has this river and they rent out canoes for park visitors. We really lik


I saw this in my FB and I, of course, find it funny. I'm sure those on the 'other side' don't find it as funny. The temperature here today will be in the 70s again. It's about to change though because rain and a little bit of cold weather are fast approaching.

Another Week...

Wow. It's like days are just flying us by. Before we know it the 'ber' months will be rolling in. Oopps...let me hold it right there...let's not go there yet. Let's enjoy the weekend first, eh? No plans yet here for the weekend. I have a 'feeling' we may go biking though. Hub's doctor advised him to try biking to help him lose a few pounds. He's actually happy with his weight but his back is not. Since it's not really that big of a deal because he only needs to shed about 5 to 10 pounds, 15 at most,  the doctor just told him to find something he enjoys doing and do it to increase his activities, especially on the weekend. It seems our driving around on the weekend where he's stationary for the most part doesn't count because he's not really moving, like 'really moving'. Since we have our 'trikes' in the garage, we figured we can use them and have fun together at the same time exercise. We barely use those bikes anywa

Allergy Attack

It's been a while since I had one but I guess nothing lasts forever, eh? Lack of sleep and change in weather...these are the 2 biggest factors that can trigger my worst allergy attacks. If I don't get to sleep before midnight for a few consecutive nights [2 or more], then I can expect some sniffling for a day or so. As far as the weather goes, if it's cold [mid-60s or lower] and I don't bundle up soon enough, then that calls an allergy attack. If I factor in both at the same time, I end up with a day like today. Constant sneezing, non-stop sniffling and blowing of nose which would result to a sore nose for the days to come. Ugh! That's my life today anyway. Other than that...things are fine around here. It's a slow start for this week but that doesn't really mean anything. There are weeks when it starts slowly [work-wise anyway] then it picks up as we go. I'm just glad it's not as busy today because I've been sniffling so much and all I can thi