I saw this in my FB and I, of course, find it funny. I'm sure those on the 'other side' don't find it as funny. The temperature here today will be in the 70s again. It's about to change though because rain and a little bit of cold weather are fast approaching.


J said…
para sa akin funny na din ahahaha. masyadong pikon ang bro.

a little bit of cold weather is a welcome treat for us here. dito kasi cold, cold, cold!

hope your tuesday is going great. tapos ka na magluto?
Ciela said…
Hahaha! Pikon nga! Hirap na kasi sya mag-shovel nung snow. Sana pwede dito itapon! Lol! Summer heat is being felt here lately. Beach time na ulit! Woo hoo!

Done with your cooking Huling? Yay, kainan na!!

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