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Arctic Blast

Polar Vortex. Arctic Blast. Some new words I've been learning during this winter season. The Polar Vortex affected much of the north while this Arctic Blast is affecting the South...our state included. But there is no snow here. Atlanta GA was on a standstill yesterday as far as traffic is concerned. Some kids even had to stay overnight in school because they couldn't go home. Some people abandoned their cars because they ran out of gas while others spent the night in their cars because they were immobile. A woman even gave birth in the middle of it their car. Apparently the city of Atlanta didn't heed the warning beforehand so its people suffered the consequences. Well, that's per the news reports of course. Atlanta had a similar experience in 2010 and said they would not be caught in the same situation anymore. I guess not, eh? As for us, we're having rain around here. Temperatures will only be in the 50s for most of today and tomorrow. But it's go

Lost Ring

I was wondering why my husband brought his small metal detector last weekend when he went to meet up with his brother. As it turned out, he lost his wedding ring and he was digging through dirt trying to look for it. The small metal detector didn't help so he's now borrowing our never been used metal detector. Ugh! He's not even sure where he lost the ring. I couldn't blame him for looking because he's had that same ring for more than 20 years. But by the looks of it, there's very little chance he'll find it. I might as well send him this link where these titanium rings are sold and maybe he can think about getting a new one instead of going around in circles looking for his old ring. Hubby is hesitant to lend him the detector because he's not sure where his brother will take it looking for his ring. Hopefully he'll find it soon so he won't need the detector.

Results are In!

Early last week I went in for some routine blood work and everything came back good. At least for the ones that were tested anyway. I was kinda' worried there for a while because I didn't exactly follow what my doctor told me to do which was to have that blood work done 6 months ago. I thought my thyroid was acting up again a few months ago because I was having a hard time going to sleep and I was afraid I may have to go back to my medication. I'm glad that is not the case as shown by the result. I guess my sleep problems may have something to do with me not being able to shut down my brain when it's time to sleep. I don't think I'm alone when it comes to that. I just don't know why I go through that. Sometimes I can't even turn off a song in my head when I'm about to sleep. I should probably stop watching You Tube videos an hour before going to bed, eh? Anywhoooo...I'm just glad that everything came back normal. I guess I just have to credit m

Whatta' Mess...

Our polonia tree which is situated in front of the house lost its leaves already for the winter. It started shedding its leaves a few months back but it's only when the temperature started dropping really low that it got bald. The result...a very messy front yard. When it was a little warmer, the little one and I were able to rake the leaves and put them in trash bags for disposal. Now that it's quite chilly, I just don't feel like braving the cold to pick up/rake the leaves hence the yard that is not so pleasing to the eyes...eyesore in other words. This reminds me when our neighbor still had his oak tree. That oak tree made so much mess in our backyard that I was fuming everytime I look out the window. That's mainly because it's not our tree and they rarely cleaned the mess it made. That tree has long been gone because the owner probably realized the heartaches it was causing poor me. Ha! Now it's our very own tree that's causing me heartaches. Ouch. But i

Weekend [No] Plans

Again. It's just hard to make any plans with this unpredictable weather. We did plan a few weeks ago to finally put our bikes to good use but the temperature suddenly dipped so low we decided to wait it out...and waiting we are until now. Anyway, this weekend is again being spent indoors. We may or may not go out later on just to, well, get out of the house. I'm not very keen in going out because it's still cold but I also want to because I'm about to have cabin fever. According to our weather man, today will be warmer than yesterday although it will be cloudy. From the looks of it and by looking out the window, I don't really see any clouds. We originally thought of going biking this weekend but because of the forecast we scrapped that plan but now it looks like it may be a good day to do that. Yesterday I spent the better part of the day cleaning. The man of the house had to attend to some business [in the other house] and I didn't want to tag along becaus

Keeping Our Fingers Crossed

I posted a few days ago that we've put our other house back in the market. Actually we relisted it since we never really took it off the marked. We may have a prospective buyer already although it's still a wait and see situation. They're  actually renting it for the month. We originally didn't want to rent it out but this is a unique situation. They're here to look at properties but the realtor they're working with didn't do what they asked so they decided to just not push through with that. They actually decided to go back home with a heavy heart. They planned in staying here until the winter is over so it was such let down for them to even think about going back home just days after leaving. Anyway, to make the long story short they decided to swing by my sister in law's place and that's how they heard about our other house. We felt bad for them so we decided to let them rent it. We're told they're weighing their options and they 'migh

Sore Arm

Thanks to my annual [routine] blood test of course. I don't think I'll ever get used to being poked on the arm with a needle to draw some blood. I just don't like it...just like a lot of other people I'm sure. Added to that, the phlebotomist almost always has to hunt for my veins because they're virtually invisible. There were a couple of times when not one but two phlebotomists had to do it. That was torture because the first one poked me only to fail in drawing any blood so she had to take the needle out then had to call her supervisor who had to do it one easy try. I guess that's why she's the boss in that laboratory. Anyway, I had a few unfortunate experiences when it comes to this but I won't go into it anymore. I think I actually blogged about those times with accompanying pictures after they happened. Right now I'm just hoping that the result of both my and hubby's tests come back okay. The sore arm? It will get better in time

Despicable Me

Not me.  I meant the movie Despicable Me. I haven't seen the 2 movies although we have both DVDs already. The little one got them for Christmas. She's of course watching them as much as she could. It was during one of the times when she was watching one of the movies when I heard this song by Pharrell Williams. It's called Happy and it's very catchy. I looked it up on You Tube and of course found it. There were a lot of them actually because he made a day long videos. Each of the videos where an-hour long and there are 24 of them I think...aside from the original music video. I tried watching one of the hour-long videos but had to cut it short because I had to do something. Anyway, here's the original music video. Enjoy...

Year-End Purchases

It seems to be the norm for a lot of businesses. I always see hubby trying to look for things they need or might need at the shop for next year towards the year end. Last year they purchased a lot of supplies, a few machines including a coolant pump as well as a trailer. The trailer is definitely something they need because they've only been using our trailer whenever they have to deliver or pick up some jobs locally. At least now they don't have to borrow our trailer since they already have their own. I don't know why they do big purchases towards the end of the year but it seems to be something they have to do. They also do some big purchases during the year but only when say a machine breaks down. Maybe I should ask him. It may be a business strategy that I don't know about. I wonder if I should also start doing some year-end shopping myself starting next year. Maybe.

Hiding Out

Well sort of. I'm staying mostly in my office right now because football is on. It's the NFC/AFC championship today and my team is playing so I'm staying out of the bedroom until it's all over. I just don't want to get all nervous and anxious because of it so I decided to hide out here. I also closed our bedroom door so I won't hear much of the game that's going on. Tee hee... I decided to use my time hiding out compiling and completing documents I need to report the birth of our little one to the embassy. I'm more than 10 years late in doing that so I have quite a few documents to gather. The only thing I need to do now is have some docs notarized then I'm done. Hopefully I can mail it out this week. I actually didn't know that I had to report her birth in order for her to obtain a dual citizenship. Hopefully it will be ironed out before I apply for my passport again so she can also apply for one when I do.


We decided to put our other house in the market a few weeks ago after taking it off a couple of years ago. It's always been for sale except that we decided to let go of our agent because she doesn't seem to be doing anything. I think we only got less than 10 inquiries the whole time she was our agent. But we can't put the blame on her entirely because the housing market was really in its worst shape during the time she was our agent. Anyway, an agent contacted us not too long ago and hubby decided to meet up with her. She'd list our house again and we're hoping we'll be able to finally sell it. I wonder if this new agent has a real estate crm app on her phone. I just read about this app that really help agents run transactions with their clients on their mobile phone. Maybe she has it. If not then she's missing something very valuable for agents like her who are always out meeting clients and prospective buyers.

Cold Days

Yep, we've been having below average temperatures around here so I'm cold. My 'cold' is different from other people's cold though because I get cold even if it's 74 in the house. The perfect temperature for me is actually 78 degrees. That's too hot for the man of the house so we turn down the thermostat to about 75 when he's around. These days the thermostat is pretty much set to 74 because if I turn it any higher, the heater will never be off because it's in averaging 40s outside. I'm in my thick clothes most days now. I'm dreading to see our electric bill for the months of January/February. We've been planning to go biking for weeks now. Last weekend would have been the perfect weather for it for something came up and we had to stay indoors instead. This weekend, it's way too cold to do it. The bikes are loaded in the trailer in the garage. All we have to do is to drive somewhere  there is a bike trail. Hopefully we'll be able

Another Move

My sister in law and her family moved out of this state at the start of 2012 I think. Before that year was over, they moved back down. I never really found out the reason why they came back but now I just heard that they moved again. This time in North Carolina. We really don't get to talk much since they're all busy with work and other things. I only heard about the move from another relative because we were asked if we know of a cleaning service in raleigh nc . We don't since we're not anywhere near that area. From what we're told they already found a place there. They just want it cleaned before they move in it. I can see why that is. I also wouldn't want to move in a house that's not clean.


Couldn't have said it any better. It's probably the best advice I really need to hear [read?] right now. If you read my posts in recent days it's obvious I'm in the middle of something right now that's making me be on edge. I'm trying VERY VERY hard to not think about it and it's really difficult. I'm getting better at it by the day. I have good days and bad days and I'm hoping and praying that I learn to just roll with the to speak. Anyway, it's the middle of the week already. The weather here is better today compared to yesterday when we woke up with rain. It's colder though...and it's just going to be a lot colder in the coming days. Still I'm thankful that it's another day to live life. Have a great day everyone... 45242b6aa229586be534868640260f6f618bc4ca58954b0eaf

Easily Affected

Easily rattled. Worry wart. I guess you know what I'm getting at. That's me in not so many words. I guess many people consider themselves 'worry warts' like me. But I can sometimes [well, a lot of times] be unreasonably affected. How so? Well, let me count the ways. Eversince I was young I've always liked watching/following movie stars' lives played either on TV, radio or magazines. Whenever a love team broke up, regardless it's a tandem I followed or not, I would get affected. I hate reading about people breaking up...real or reel people. How shallow is that? I remember 'praying' for Guy and Pip to get back together when I was younger than 10. Today I'm not that affected anymore when movie stars break up [still makes me sad though] but there is still something that affects me and makes me lose sleep sometimes. Football. I started following football a year or so after I got married [ I guess for obvious reasons since hubby likes football]. I

Monday It Is!

Yep, let's be positive about it, alright? Still, it's Monday. Sigh... The weekend just flew us by as always. We stayed in as usual. Hubby was able to box our tree and stash it in the attic along with everything that goes with it. We'll see it again sometime in November I'm sure. For now I'm just glad that there's a little more space in our living room. I don't really need the space but I don't like cramped places so... I have so much in my mind right now. I have a hard concentrating but I'm trying to be busy. I know I can't dwell on some things which are uncertain but it's, like I said, hard. I wrote in my other blog that this year I'd like to make the saying "This too shall pass" as my mantra. To say I'm struggling to make that a reality is understatement. Everytime I feel something coming on I just try to call out to HIM. I think that's the best I can do for now and for always. Have a great week everyone.

Visiting Family

During the holiday season we were able to spend some time with the husband's family. It was a much needed bonding time especially for my husband because he hasn't seen most of those we saw during this visit in at least 10 years. Yes we stay in touch by phone...especially because my husband is the go-to guy for everything. Everyone, especially his family would call him asking him questions from places to print postcards in nyc  to what brand of computers to get or even to ask his input about some of their ideas which they believe will be the next 'million dollar' invention, etc. Name it and they've asked him about it. Anyway, the visit was a pleasant one. There was no drama whatsoever. It was all catching up and reliving the good ole' days. If there's anyone that enjoyed the visit the most, it would have to be the little one. She really likes seeing family because we don't get to see much of them down here. Hopefully we'll be able to do that again soo

Remembering Him

My Tatang. He would have been 90 years old today. I've been thinking about him a lot lately. Partly because of his birthday but also because of some other reasons. How I wish he and my Nanay are still around. But they're not. All I can do is just talk to them the best way I can. It's been more than 10 years since they left but I still think of both of them regularly but it's particularly hard for me on their birthdays. I've been planning to write this post since the time I woke up this morning. I just find it hard to concentrate so I'm posting it this late. I know he won't be able to read it but I still want to acknowledge his supposed to be '90th' birthday. Maybe my Nanay had a special party for him wherever they are.

A Snowbaby

That's the one! Isn't it cute? Our little one built it when we were in PA during the Christmas break. It was her first experience of snow and one of the things she wanted to do was of course build a snowman. It was only a few inches of snow but there's enough to build a much bigger one. The only problem is it got too cold for her [and me?] to stay out for a longer period of time. So the result is this 2-ft baby snow as like to call it...or maybe a 'mini snow man'. The most important thing is she experienced it while she's still young and giddy about these things. Maybe when she's older she'll live [or maybe just travel again] to a place where it snows and she can build a bigger snow man.

A New Post

How original is my title, eh?  Anything that has 'new' in it is in because it's the new year. Ha! I was MIA here for about a week now because I was down with something. Yep, I welcomed 2014 in bed, well mostly on the couch actually, feeling a wee bit under the weather. I wouldn't go into details but let's just say I was pretty much useless for a couple of days. It's a good thing there was nothing urgent that needed my attention. We don't do anything special here to welcome the new year and this year wasn't so different so I wasn't forced to put up a brave face to welcome 2014. No Media Noche to prepare like what I'm used to when I was growing up. Even back then I was actually too lazy to stay awake and wait. The running joke in the family then was I would be sleeping the whole year round because I was sleeping when the new year arrived. My mother would try to wake me up a few minutes before midnight. Sometimes she succeeded, most time, not quit