We decided to put our other house in the market a few weeks ago after taking it off a couple of years ago. It's always been for sale except that we decided to let go of our agent because she doesn't seem to be doing anything. I think we only got less than 10 inquiries the whole time she was our agent. But we can't put the blame on her entirely because the housing market was really in its worst shape during the time she was our agent. Anyway, an agent contacted us not too long ago and hubby decided to meet up with her. She'd list our house again and we're hoping we'll be able to finally sell it. I wonder if this new agent has a real estate crm app on her phone. I just read about this app that really help agents run transactions with their clients on their mobile phone. Maybe she has it. If not then she's missing something very valuable for agents like her who are always out meeting clients and prospective buyers.


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