Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Vintage Treadmill....

  1. A few weeks ago I posted about going back to basic as far as my treadmill is concerned. To the left is my 'vintage' treadmill I talked about in that post. Well, vintage may be exaggerating it a wee bit since it's only about 10 years old. But this was the treadmill we got when I realized that my weight was not coming down on its own 3 years post natal. Ha! Did it work? Did I lose any weight? I did...probably half a pound. Not the machine's fault though. I just wasn't motivated enough that time to use it regularly and continuously.
Anyway, I tried to convince the hubby to give it away when we decided to get the elliptical a few years ago but it stayed in the garage collecting dust and cobwebs. We got rid of the elliptical and got the tread climber, then got rid of the tread climber but this treadmill stayed in the garage. Why? Well, probably because it's so 'basic' that we're embarrassed to even give it away for free [even with free shipping]. LOL!!!
Anyway, I decided to dig it out of hibernation a few weeks ago. I've been using it regularly since then and so far so good. I've clocked a few miles on it already. I try to walk a mile on it every morning, either before or after I use the recumbent bike. It was a challenge at first to use it because I'm so used with the tread climber that just goes automatically once you press the start button. This one doesn't have a start button. I actually have to walk on it for it to start working. The screen can only display 1 thing at a time ~ mile, time, calories and the odometer. Here's how the screen looked like while I was walking on it a few days ago.

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Night of "F-I-R-S-Ts"

* First try at canvas painting

* First time to attend an art class

* First time to learn with a group of virtual strangers

* First time to be out of our sight for a long period of time [3 hours].

And those are the many 'firsts' the little one experienced last week. She had a lot of fun to say the least and she can't wait to experience another one in the near future.

Now let's talk about 'my firsts'. Ha!

Seriously, that's the first time that she was not within our sight for a couple of hours. To say it's scary is probably sufficient. I was also anxious on how she'd do being with a group since she's always with us only. I wasn't overly concerned but concerned nonetheless. I even gave her my cellphone so she could call us anytime she wanted to. Overkill? Yep...but hey I'm a Mom and I want to make sure she has the means to call if she has the need.

After dropping her off, the husband and I were literally at a loss as to what we should be doing. We didn't make any plans on how we should spend the time with just the 2 of us. We didn't want to go back home. We thought about hanging out in the parking lot of the studio and tinkle with our gadgets. But we decided against that and went to a couple of stores instead. The whole time we were at the store we were actually looking for stuff for the little one like a purple purse, purple watch [yep, that watch in my previous post], and anything purple we think she may like. We were like a couple of kids lost in the store honestly since we really didn't have anything in mind to buy. After a couple of hours of strolling in the stores, we decided to pick up some food because I got hungry. I ended up getting pastries instead of real food. Bad me because it meant sabotaging my so-called diet. Oh well. With about an hour left of her 3 and a half hour class, we decided to hang out, yes, in the parking lot of the studio. From where we were parked, we were able to see what they were doing in the class. I must say that my worry [of her not being able to interact well with others] was unfounded. She was getting along with the others, well, at least with those that she talked to anyway. She said there was not a lot of chance to talk to others but her seatmate because most of the time was spent painting.

Anyway, she's looking forward to the next schedule. We don't know yet as to when that will be but I'll definitely be more prepared [and relaxed] next time around,

First Stop

The past several years I have been asked over and over again to search for musical instruments and/or gadgets. It's either a request from my younger brother and his band mates or my husband. My husband does not play any musical instrument but he always wants to find something for our little one. Anyway, whenever I have to look for musical instruments or gadgets my first stop is muscians friend. I've been to this site so many times already so I know it's always the first place I should check if I'm looking for anything related to music. My brother who is in another country always checks this site as well if he and/or his band mates are looking for anything for their band.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Everything Purple

It used to be pink, now it's all purple. That's our little one's latest obsession. Well, she's always liked purple but she used to like pink more. Now, it's just purple because pink is for little kids. Huh? That's what she said anyway.  How obsessed is she with the color you may ask? We got a plastic watch a few months ago. It's of course purple and she chose it. It's a rather cheap watch so quality is of course not the best. There were a few to choose from but she chose this one which was the cheapest in the bunch.

As you can see, it's purple. But that's not the story here. After a few weeks of daily use, the plastic band broke. It didn't totally broke off. She was bummed to say the least and showed it to Daddy McG. Glue gun won't work to put it back together so McG used the next best thing....stapler. It worked...for about a week... then it broke again. Stapled it again. When it first broke I asked her if she wanted it replaced already. We even went to the store to look for a replacement or a replacement band [which is more expensive than the watch itself]. No can do. She didn't find one to her 'taste'. Not purple enough, I guess? She went for a few weeks wearing the poor 'stapled' watch. All those times we were busy looking for a replacement for it. Finally we found one last weekend that she likes. It's not as purple but it has some streaks of purple that she really loves. She was a bit hesitant at first but she finally gave in. Now she has a new favorite watch. It's a little bit more expensive so we're hoping it won't break after a few weeks of daily use. Btw, we got a second one...just in case.


I just received a message from my dear brother. He wants me to look for some musical instruments for him and his band. His new band I should say because his old parted ways a few years ago. They had equipment and instruments then but they sold them and split the money when they disbanded. Now that he started a new one, they also have to start anew. They have their own guitars [I think] but they need a good keyboard and a set of drums and amplifiers. I told him I can't promise him anything. Online Only, that's the only place I can look since I don't drive. I can only check local music shops here on the weekend and that's only possible if the husband is free. So yep, online it is. Actually it's better because then I can send him the links of whatever I can find. So why doesn't he just do it himself? Not quite sure why actually but I'll try and help him if I can....researching that is.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Back to Basic

It's been about a month now since I started using the recumbent bike that replaced the tread climber. It's a much easier exercise equipment to use because you can stop anytime without pressing any buttons. With the tread climber, you have to be focused when using it or you can easily get hurt. Anyway, I have adjusted to it already but I miss walking so I decided to go back to basic. With basic I meant hauling my very first treadmill from the garage and dusting it off so I can start using it again.

I call it 'back to basic' because the treadmill is manual. It's not the one that you plug on the wall to make it work. All you have to do is walk on it and it goes. It doesn't have all the hi-tech stuff on it. No plug for an I-Pod or MP3 player much less a wi-fi. It doesn't even monitor heart rate. It only has the basic info on the screen like distance and time. I got this treadmill in 2004 or early 2005. I remember trying to use it to lose some weight because I was going to attend a friend's wedding in CA where the little one was going to be a flower girl. I used it for a few months before the wedding then I, of course, stopped after the event. Typical, eh? But I've changed [?] since then and I now have the motivation to actually exercise. Hopefully the machine is still good. It seems to be working when I tried it for a couple of minutes earlier. My plan is to alternate walking and stationary biking starting this week.

Speaking of biking, we were able to do some real biking in the park yesterday. It was a GEORGEOUS day to be out and about so we took advantage of it and took the 20+ minute drive there so we can give our trikes a spin. We went around the biking trail a few times and we all had fun, especially the little one. She's been wanting to bike for months now but it's summer and there's no way the man of the house would go biking with an upper 90 degree weather. Hopefully we'll be able to do go biking more now that the temps are getting lower. Woot!


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