Vintage Treadmill....

  1. A few weeks ago I posted about going back to basic as far as my treadmill is concerned. To the left is my 'vintage' treadmill I talked about in that post. Well, vintage may be exaggerating it a wee bit since it's only about 10 years old. But this was the treadmill we got when I realized that my weight was not coming down on its own 3 years post natal. Ha! Did it work? Did I lose any weight? I did...probably half a pound. Not the machine's fault though. I just wasn't motivated enough that time to use it regularly and continuously.
Anyway, I tried to convince the hubby to give it away when we decided to get the elliptical a few years ago but it stayed in the garage collecting dust and cobwebs. We got rid of the elliptical and got the tread climber, then got rid of the tread climber but this treadmill stayed in the garage. Why? Well, probably because it's so 'basic' that we're embarrassed to even give it away for free [even with free shipping]. LOL!!!
Anyway, I decided to dig it out of hibernation a few weeks ago. I've been using it regularly since then and so far so good. I've clocked a few miles on it already. I try to walk a mile on it every morning, either before or after I use the recumbent bike. It was a challenge at first to use it because I'm so used with the tread climber that just goes automatically once you press the start button. This one doesn't have a start button. I actually have to walk on it for it to start working. The screen can only display 1 thing at a time ~ mile, time, calories and the odometer. Here's how the screen looked like while I was walking on it a few days ago.


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