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First [Full] Week of Spring

And guess what? It doesn't feel like it's spring on some of the days especially on Wednesday because the temperature went as low as the high 30s in some counties here. Yep, it was winter for a day again. The cold weather is then followed by rain and more rain. I heard that we have a 70% chance of rain tomorrow. Good thing we have no plans to go anywhere because the man of the house is busy. I will also be busy doing my usual weekend chores. My original plan for this weekend is to do some weeding on our front flower beds but because of the rain forecast I don't think that's going to be a good idea. Our little daisy gas started to have a few flowers and I want to clean around it so it doesn't look so pathetic surrounded with weeds. Out back hubby discovered that the Iris that he planted a year ago has started to have flowers, too. The only problem is the flowers don't stay long enough for me to see them so I've been checking it daily and today I got lucky. T

Spring it ON!

Ka-Bloom!!!!!!!!!!!! Those were only 2 of the things I saw on a show this morning. It looks like a lot of people are super excited to get rid of winter. Who wouldn't be when it's a particularly mean winter, eh? Technically though Spring does not happen until around 12:57 EST. Ha! Oh well. What's a few hours eh? Spring has actually sprung in our neck of the wood days ago. The weather has been very nice except for a day when it rained a lot. In fairness the weather people around here had that rain the forecast so it was expected. But after that rainy day on Monday, it's back to gorgeous weather again. "Rainy Day on Monday"?? Hmm...doesn't that sound like the title of a Carpenter song? One of my all time fave song actually....Rainy Days and Mondays. are some photos taken showing how early Spring came here....2 of them were taken during our weekend bike rides at the park.   This last picture was taken in front of our humble a

Monday Wash Out!

What a way to welcome the week....wet! It's also St. Patrick's Day so it's a bummer for those who are celebrating today. It's expected though because it's been in the news since last week that there's a great chance it's going to be a wash out today. The weekend weather though is the exact opposite of today's weather. To describe it in one was PERFECT on both days. The temperature stayed mostly in the mid 70s to the lower 80s. On Sunday we granted the little one's wish which was to go back to the park's bike trail and have a picnic in one of the tables along the trail. We left the house right around lunch time. We went around the bike trail one time then sat on one of the picnic benches to have our PB&J sandwiches. Yep, just PB&J and she's in heaven even if she eats that kind of a sandwich at least once during the week. After our 'sumptuous lunch I just sat around while she drew. Dad on the other hand decided to go for

Biking in the Park

More than 2 years ago we got tricycles for each of us. The plan was for us to go biking around the neighborhood when the weather is good. Well, we've done that a grand total of....drum rolls please....once! It's mostly my fault because after that first [and only] time I decided I don't feel safe biking on the road even if it's on a rural area like ours. I kept looking over my shoulder thinking there's a car coming up behind me. It wasn't a very nice experience so to speak so I didn't want to do it like that again. And if I don't want to go, then they won't go...'they' meaning my 'assistants' here. Tee hee. I told the husband that I would rather bike on a bike trail even if we have to drive to get to it. Anyway, in one of our unplanned escapades [aka driving to nowhere trips] we stumbled upon a nature park and went on a short hike in there. What do you know...there is a bike trail in that park. So we made plans to come back with our

Springing Forward....

How about 'slipping backwards? It will take a few days before I get used to it but this spring forward has always been a pain to me. I already had the first slip-up when I woke up late this morning. That of course resulted in me not being able to do my morning routine on the tread climber. But that's okay because we were to do a little bit of biking yesterday in the park. Anyway, I'm not sure if it's because of this time change also but I also wasn't able to sleep well last night. I was in and out of lala land and it sure didn't feel good. Ugh! Needless to say, my Monday isn't turning out the best. One question....

The Birthday Card...

The man of the house had a birthday not too long ago. The staple gift is of course a card. I ordered the cards online and had them sent here instead of sending them at the birthday boy's place of work.  Why? Because the little one wanted to add her personal touch to her card for Dad. The result I must say made the Dad's birthday. This is the front of the card...     ...and this is the inside of the card... This is her 'personal' touch to it...