First [Full] Week of Spring

And guess what? It doesn't feel like it's spring on some of the days especially on Wednesday because the temperature went as low as the high 30s in some counties here. Yep, it was winter for a day again. The cold weather is then followed by rain and more rain. I heard that we have a 70% chance of rain tomorrow. Good thing we have no plans to go anywhere because the man of the house is busy. I will also be busy doing my usual weekend chores. My original plan for this weekend is to do some weeding on our front flower beds but because of the rain forecast I don't think that's going to be a good idea. Our little daisy gas started to have a few flowers and I want to clean around it so it doesn't look so pathetic surrounded with weeds.

Out back hubby discovered that the Iris that he planted a year ago has started to have flowers, too. The only problem is the flowers don't stay long enough for me to see them so I've been checking it daily and today I got lucky. There are two flowers in bloom. They're not as pretty as the gardenia or the hydrangea but after seeing nothing but weeds during the winter, any flower is a sight to behold doncha think? Anyway, I took a snap of it just for souvenir so I know when it blooms...more or less.

We're planning in overhauling the flower bed this spring...if my 'personal gardener' can find the time anyway. I'm hoping we can plant some new pretty flowers on it when it happens. In the meantime I'll just satisfy my longing for pretty flowers by looking for some random ones that grow in our yard. Good plan, yes?


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