Friday, April 29, 2016


My husband knows a lot about tools. That's probably because he has every tool [well, almost] one can get. He was very surprised when we were in the Philippines upon learning that there was no screw driver just laying around. Ha! When I sent a box for my family after that trip, he made a point to put a big box of tools in it. Anyway, I said he has almost 'all' tools because there's one type of tools that he certainly doesn't have: music tools. I mean tools that involve musical instruments. I guess it's safe to say that my family has more when it comes to that. As a matter of fact I am currently checking out pro tools because my youngest nephew just requested me to look for something for his guitar. He just graduated from grade school and I told him it will be my gift for him. He just started playing not too long ago and his father, my brother, can't be any happier because he's been encouraging him to play for a couple of years now. It seems the guitar is the instrument of choice in my family. A lot of us can play the guitar. I just wish I can play it a lot better.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Favorite Destination

This has been our favorite destination for the past couple of months now. If before we didn't know where to go on the weekends we don't have any appointments, now we do...this place. It's about an hour drive from our place but it's a pleasant drive so we don't mind the trip at all. Sometimes we'd pack a picnic basket/cooler so we have something to munch on in case we get hungry before we could head out to restaurant.

As you can see there's really nothing much to see here but the pine trees. It would have been a bonus if there's water around but it's okay because we're perfectly happy just the way it is. We can actually sit here for hours just taking it all in. Yep, nature at its best. Now if only there's a bird bath here, it'll be perfection to us. Maybe one day.

Good Quality Headphones

Our little one goes through headphones rather fast. We got headphones at the same time last year. Mine are still working, hers had to be replaced a few weeks later. I think she's gone through 4 or 5 already since that time. Not quite sure what she's doing with them but they're not the pricey headphones so we don't really sweat it out whenever she breaks them. Maybe it's time we get her something like the bose quietcomfort 15 and see if they will last her longer. Her birthday is coming up and a pair of good quality headphones will be a good present for her. Ha! Now that's an idea.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It's the Little Things

When I checked my FB yesterday morning, I saw a lot of new updates on my friends' list. I had a hunch that it may have something to do with the much-celebrated VDay as many like to call it. And boy was I right. Most of the posts are from the  younger gen I must say. Good for them.

But just like a lot of not so young people out there, Valentines' day is no longer a big deal for me. Truth be told, it was never that big of a deal to me even when I was younger anyway...and that's whether I was in a relationship or not. It kind of became a big deal though when I was teaching because my students were in grade school and middle school. Now that's the age when things like Vday become some sort of a 'holiday' in terms of observing. For about 10 years, I would get flowers and/or gifts on that particular day regardless whether I had a special someone or not. Anyway, if I was in a relationship when the day came, I didn't expect him to get me anything because to me, even back then, it's the little things that matter. Big things are appreciated of course, but it's the day to day things that's more important to me and not any specific day.

I was actually in the process of writing a post using that title a few weeks ago, yes, way before VDay. As usual, it got stuck in my Drafts folder because I got a busy while I was writing it [part of the job I have is to stop anything I am doing when it comes] so it stayed in there until today. I only had a couple of lines in it anyway. What prompted the original post was something my dear husband got me in the store during one of his usual grocery shopping trip...a bag of coconut flakes. Yep, just that. I just felt it was so thoughtful of him to grab a bag just because he knows I love anything with coconut...which he hates. It's not the first time he's done that of course. It can be anything...a fruit, a shirt, shoes.  If he comes across anything that he feels I'd like, he'd get it.

Anyway, there's nothing wrong with giving someone you love a card, flowers, jewelry, a gift on Valentine's Day. I just hope that it's not a once a year deal though. Cliché as it may sound, Valentine's Day should be any day of the year and not just on Feb. 14 as love should be celebrated everyday. Agree?

Monday, February 15, 2016

SuperBowl 50 Champs!

That's the Denver Broncos alright...and that's Peyton Manning of course. He's the only reason I'm rooting for this team. I must say that I only know a couple of his team mates since I only follow his [and some other QBs] game/performance. I was really hoping the Broncos would win if only to see him retire on top. Now, his retirement is not a sure thing yet because he wouldn't give any definite answer yet but I'd rather he retire...tee hee. I actually thought he would retire last year. But he decided to come back and now he's able to get that oh-so elusive ring for the second time. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that this is it for him. I don't think my heart can take another season. Yeah...I get nervous everytime he plays. I actually didn't watch SB 50. I can't even watch him play during regular season, how much more during the big game itself. Anyway, congrats Mr. Peyton Manning and the Broncos. It's a well-deserved win.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

She's Getting Married....

My niece, I should say, is getting married! I spoke with her last weekend when I called my sister to greet her on her birthday. I was actually very surprised when I learned that my niece was around. She was so busy with her job when we were there last year that we almost didn't see each other. Anyway, my sister handed her the phone when I called and we got the chance to talk for a few. I am very happy to hear that she finally found someone she can spend the rest of her life with. She actually introduced him to us when we were there so I kinda' know him already. She's almost 30 so it's a good age for her to tie the knot.

Unfortunately I won't be there when they get married sometime year. But with technology now, I'm sure I'll be seeing pictures and videos of both the wedding ceremony as well as the reception. I'm now thinking of what to give them for a wedding present. Maybe I should just order wedding napkins for them that they can use for the reception or as part of their wedding give-aways. I just saw some samples online and I think they're pretty neat because their names can be printed on the napkins as well as the date of the wedding itself. Yep, I think this will be a perfect and unique wedding present for them.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Road Chip....

Yep, it's the latest installment of the highly-acclaimed [in our household...LOL] movie: C-H-I-P-M-U-N-K-S. Is it Oscar-worthy? Not really but it's definitely 'little-one- worthy so we just had to see it...and probably get the DVD as well when it comes out. We didn't tell her that we were going to see it. We just asked her to get ready because we were going somewhere. She doesn't usually ask questions where we're going so there was no danger of letting the cat out of the bag, so to speak. When we got to the movie theater, she asked what we were doing there. I think I told her that we were there to see another movie...can't remember which one anymore. It was only when she saw the big movie poster of the Chipmunks movie that she finally figured out why we were there. I just loved her smile when she realized we're going to see the Chipmunk movie.

When we entered the cinema, it felt like we actually rented the whole place because there were very few people there. Oh well, at least we were able to choose the seats our hearts desire. As expected, the movie was not for us. LOL. Did the little one enjoy it though? She did and that's what matters, right?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Helping Out

While visiting my family early last year, my younger brother asked me if he could talk to me about something real important. My brother is rather shy and there is no chance he would say that unless it's really important to him. So what could be so important he had to talk to me in private? He said that he wants to start a small business of his own. He lost his job a few years ago. He was really affected when that happened but there was not much he could do so he just accepted it and looked for another one. It wasn't easy because of his age. He was able to find one eventually but wasn't really happy with it so he left it after only a few months. He's been in and out of jobs since then so he decided to do a little research on a good business venture. After a few months of research, he finally decided on what business he wants to venture into. His only problem is his lack of capital so that's the part where I come in. He explained everything to me and I thought it's a feasible business so I talked with the husband and we agreed to help him out.

Now I really want to help him and so does the husband. He saw how hard my brother works with what he's doing at the moment so my husband knows he'll do the same with his own business. That's good enough for us. Aside from the financial help, I also want to help him some other ways I can. He said he can buy everything he needs locally but that is not stopping me from looking at premier table linens custom trade show tablecloths because I know it will be perfect for the kind of business he wants to start. He already has a lot of the things he needs. He originally planned in launching the business during the holiday season but a series of flooding in our area prevented him from doing so. That's alright. There's really no need to hurry it because it's something that can wait. Hopefully he'll be able to start soon.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Lotto Millionaires

Nope, I'm not one of them. I wish...:) I'm just not that lucky when it comes to the lottery but I'm fine with it. If I win though, I really don't have any idea how I'm going to deal with it to be honest. But if there's one thing I'm certain I won't do if get lucky like those people that won the billion dollar plus pot last weekend is: I won't be going on national television announcing it. I just caught a glimpse of them in one of the morning TV shows and I really don't know their reason for doing so but I definitely won't do that. I just don't see the logic of it. But that's a matter of personal preference so to each his own, right? I guess it makes them happy to be on TV after such windfall.

So many people, yes including us, got in the lottery boat for the 'billion dollar plus' drawing. That's the reason why it got that high. For us personally, we don't normally buy lottery tickets. We just get on it when the pot gets about half a million. Yep, the less chance of winning for us, the better. Haha. Anyway, I heard that some people even crossed the Canada border to buy tickets. Ha! Since it's anybody's game, everyone has a fair chance of actually winning the prize so I can't really blame those who got on it. I just hope it was done within reasons. I mean, I hope people didn't spend their grocery or rent money just to be able to buy tickets which some did I'm sure. Oh well. Again, to each his own.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Family Tree

After more than 30 years, hubby and his cousins finally saw each other again a few weeks ago. They were just kids when they last saw each other but hubby said that he would still recognize anytime. One of the reasons his aunt wanted to get together is because of their interest in tracing their family tree. Actually, it's her daughter [hubby's cousin] who is really into it. She even joined a site just to get deep into the family's roots. She said it's very interesting to dig through the family's roots as it's very different to what she's been told. She already went so far back but she said that there's still a lot of things to look into and she has no plans of stopping right now.

Anyway, her brother was not into it as much as she is so he and I just talked while his Mom and sister and hubby browsed their family tree online. Interestingly his wife is also an Asian. He really wanted us to meet but she didn't want to miss work because she only gets paid if she works. He said that she's currently going to school to finish a degree she already finished in her home country. A lot of the subjects she took in her country's university don't have the equivalent here so she is now taking the subjects needed for her to get the degree. He said that they had to send her credentials, like her diploma and transcripts to a translation company because they are written in her language. They were hoping that after everything is translated then she can use it to find work in line with what she finished in college. Unfortunately, when they had the translated credentials evaluated, they were told that it does not meet the standards. That's the reason why she decided to go back to school and work at the same time. He said she still has about a year or so to finish everything. I'm not sure if that's all she has to do though before her degree will recognized. I hope it is because she seems to be a very hardworking person.