Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Used vs New

The place where our little is taking her piano lesson is also a music store. They have almost all of the musical instruments except for a piano. I think most of their instruments are also used because a lot of them look vintage. They're in good condition though. Last weekend I went around the store to see the different instruments and how much they cost. The first things I checked were the guitars. I saw a lot of different makers like Yamaha and Fender. I must say the prices are not very appealing to me because they're still a bit expensive considering they're used instruments. When I got home I decided to check online and saw that a brand new squier at musiciansfriend.com is cheaper than the used ones in that music store. I'm not sure if the store has a squier but I will definitely look when we got there this weekend.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Always Grateful

Our little one just celebrated a birthday. True to our nature we didn't have any big celebration. She just wanted to eat at her favorite restaurant and we did but on a different date because her birthday itself was on a weekday. We went the weekend before. Aside from that dinner there's only one other thing she wanted. Instead of a cake she wanted to bake brownies...so we did. We had fun baking her birthday brownie but we had a lot more fun when she decided that she wanted to form a pyramid using squares of brownies. The brownie was gooey inside so we had a hard time cutting it in perfect squares. We were cracking up as we were trying to form the pyramid using the uneven brownie squares. She really had a ball while we were trying to figure out how to go about building her pyramid but we did it. We put one candle on top of it so she had something to blow after her happy birthday song.

One of the things we did a couple of weeks before her birthday was enroll her to a piano class. It has nothing to do with her birthday though but there's a reason behind why we decided to do that. She has this keyboard sitting in her bedroom for about 6 years. She never really showed any interest in learning how to play it so we decided to just put it away and stash it in her closet. A couple of months ago she had a dream...a few of them actually. In her dream she could play the piano/keyboard quite well. She said the dreams felt really real that she'd wake up disappointed that she actually couldn't play the piano. So we asked her if she wants to learn and without hesitation she said yes. She's so happy with us enrolling her to piano lessons that she calls it her best birthday present ever. It wasn't really a birthday present but she's always been like that. Everything that we do for her, she considers it a gift. She always expresses how grateful she is for everything no matter how small or big it is...and for that I'm happy because it shows that she appreciates the things we do for her.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Perfect Gift

I've been racking my brain as to what to give our little one for her upcoming birthday. She's not much help because she really doesn't one anything but a brownie cake for her birthday....and to eat in her favorite restaurant. But I still feel like I want to get her something. Then I learned that Guitar Center has, zoom h2n at a great price! It's a recorder that she can use making her little movies in her little gadget. As it is right now she's only using the recorder on her gadget and the quality is really poor. With this little recorder I'm pretty sure her 'movies' will have better quality audio. I can't wait for her to get it and use it. She'll definitely love it.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Summer Forward

The only time I'm reminded that it's Spring already is because of the so-called 'spring forward'. For those not familiar with 'spring forward', it's when we adjust our clocks an hour ahead thus resulting in a lost hour so to speak. It's part of the daylight savings time that I really don't understand, well I do, I just don't get why it has to be done. Anyway, that happened about a month ago. I'm now adjusted to it but where did Spring go? It's still spring technically but the temps we have are very much summer like temps now. It seems Spring sprung too much that it skipped us altogether. Oh well.

Since Spring skipped us, we may not be able to bike around the neighborhood because it's too hot to do that now. We can still do that but we may have to do it in the park instead. We have no summer plans in place but it doesn't mean anything. We like to do spur of the moment trips/stuff. One time we just decided to drive for 8 hours to visit a place and stayed there for the weekend. Who knows we might do that again. I'm not really big on trips but I'm fine with it if our not so little one wants to do it. Usually we just drive and see where it takes us. The husband likes doing that and it's fun since we get to discover some things close by that we can visit in the future. It is in one of our 'driving around' that we stumbled upon a very nice park that we really love. We haven't been back yet but we may just go back soon.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Unused Keyboard

When the little one was about 8 she asked 'Santa' for a keyboard for Christmas. It was one of the many items in her list and she knew that not all in her list will be fulfilled. Still, we, I mean Santa brought her a keyboard. Since I'm usually the one in-charge of looking for the items in her list, I started by checking out http://www.musiciansfriend.com/ since they have anything and everything music related. I'm not sure where we got the keyboard from but she was ecstatic and was excited to play it for a good couple of days. Fast forward to present time, the keyboard is still practically brand new. It's stashed in the corner of her closet for the last 6 years. But it seems it's not forgotten yet because she just brought it up in one of our conversations over the weekend. So who knows? Maybe she's dust it off and start learning on how to play it. I hope....

Monday, January 30, 2017

Winter's Here?

It feels like it anyway.

Our weather down here is so bipolar. Last week we were in the 80s, this week it's going to be in the lower 60s most days then we'll have 70s by the weekend. I think it's confused, eh? I'm used to it already...I think. Although this year it's been quite mild. Our polonia tree in front hasn't lost all its leaves yet. If I remember it correctly it should have been bald by now but I may be mistaken since my memory is no longer that reliable. Anyway I'm hoping that when March rolls in, it should look like this...

I really like this sight since everything else around here will be brown right around that time. Right now all I can see are the seed pods and some leaves that are still hanging on to dear life. As far as the our other plants/trees, they're hideous at the moment. Our flower beds are so unkempt that I barely look at them these days. Oh well. I'm hoping I'll be able to work on them in the coming weeks, at least rid them of all the dried leaves and some stubborn weeds so they're not an eyesore...but we'll see.

Anyway, the first month of the new year is almost up. Yep, it seems to have gone so fast...again. The next month will be shorter so I'm guessing it will even be faster. That's alright as long as we're having fun, eh?

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Season of Giving

Yep, it's that time of the year again when we tend to give more than usual. Majority of the gifts have been given away already but there are still some that are still waiting to be handed out. I still have a couple of gifts to send to my family back home but there's no rush because it's a 2 in 1 gift for my brother and also for my sister. For my musically inclined brother, I might just send him a gift card for an online store so he can get all the hot licks products he wants and needs for his band gigs. Originally, I wanted to get him some hot licks guitar DVDs but I'm not sure which ones he wants so I decided to just send him some 'funds' so he can buy the ones he actually needs. For my sister, I still haven't made up my mind if I'll get her a gift or just give her the money so she can get whatever she wants as well. I have about a month still to make a decision so there's still time....I think.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Chill in the A-I-R....

...and guess what? I'm wearing a sweater! HA! I'm sure my husband would be laughing his head off if he sees me wearing a sweater now...but I care not.

Anyhoo...it's been a pleasant couple of days around here. I think Fall received the memo already that it should be here by now and to stop procrastinating. Per our weather people on TV, highest this week will be in the mid-80s while lowest is in the low 60s. I know somebody will be the happiest because of this...his name starts with 'hus' and ends with 'band'.

Incidentally, today is also Columbus Day on this side of the world. It's considered a national holiday which means federal offices are closed. With that being said, we don't normally observe regular holidays here in our household. We usually do our normal stuff on days like today. I work from home, husband has his own small business while the little one is homeschooled. We schedule our own holidays. That means we can take off anytime we want but we don't. We normally do it when husband's schedule is not that busy. I'm glad that we have this kind of set-up because we can dictate our own schedule. I'm just glad that we can do it this way and frankly speaking I would not have it any other way.

Anyway, the weekend went by fast...as usual. We stayed home for the most part. We only went out to go to the store then headed back home right after. That's us. We normally don't plan our weekends. If we do, it's usually last minute. Actually a lot of our plans are last minute. To us it's more fun that way. Spur of the moment. For one, I hate that feeling of disappointment when a plan we're working on just falls through so I would rather not plan to avoid that. I tend to overthink about it [a plan] as well so most of the time it takes the fun out of it. So yeah, I'd go with a spur of the moment trip over a planned one anytime. How about you?

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Let There be Lights....

I think my husband has a fascination with lights. He keeps replacing the ones we have here at home. Well, he actually wants to replace every single one of them with LED. He said it will save us money in the long run so I just let him do his thing. It seems that he's not only doing it at home because I just saw him checking www.warehouselighting.com this morning. It seems he's also planning in replacing the lights in their shop. I've been to their shop several times and I know they have a lot of lights there so changing all of those regular lights into LEDs will save them a lot of dough I'm sure. Hopefully he'll find the ones he's looking for.

Hurricane Matthew

The last time I posted about a weather disturbance here was a few months ago when TS Colin swung by. What can I say...but the coverage for Colin's 'arrival' at that time was over the top. I don't know if that's the norm now when it comes to these kinds of things but I know it is...haha. It seems that when some kind of a weather disturbance is in the horizon the weather people just overdo it.

Now comes Matthew. Well, he already came a couple of days ago. It seems Matthew made worldwide news because even my friends I haven't heard from in months emailed asking how we are doing. Well appreciated of course but I just wish they didn't have to worry about nothing. I even read in the news that a well known TV anchor went as far as saying that people will die if they don't evacuate. What? I know that a hurricane can be devastating but to go on TV saying that can just create unnecessary stress and panic...and panic they did unfortunately. Some hotels raised their rates 3x more than the regular rate. I even saw in the news that a gas station was charging 9 dollars a gallon. That's just unacceptable. Yep, price gorging at its best. Bread and water ran out in a lot of stores.

Anyway, Matthew didn't wreak havoc in our neck of the woods. Maybe just a little.