Paid Blogging....

Image that still even a thing today? I stopped blogging actively several years now I'm like starting all over again.  I don't even know what to post anymore. A lot has changed since I started this blog in 2008. Yep, that's how long ago it's been. Back then I just wanted to write whatever. I was already a WAHM - Work at Home Mom when I started this blog and that's how my blog title came about. I started doing work-at-home jobs as early as 2002. I had a handful of different jobs I was juggling at that time so blogging was just really something I did during my free time. After a while I did paid blogging. I did that for a few years. I tried to do it as much as I could but my 'real' jobs had to be my priority so my blogging had to take a back seat. In retrospect, that may be the reason why I slowly lost interest in doing it. I tried going back to it every now and then, but the 'mojo' is just not there so I stopped altogether but opted to keep m

Crosswinds Resort in Tagaytay...Perfect Place to Unwind

Indeed it is... We were at Crosswinds Tagaytay last year. It's an ideal place if you want to have a quick get-away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The whole place has the Swiss vibe in it. The tranquility it offers is something that soothes the soul. We stayed at Grand Quartier Tower 3 which is a low-rise luxury condominium that has its own gym and pool. It was a very relaxing stay and we can't wait to go back as soon as possible.

House Fire

What a "rude awakening"....well, a rude way to wake up to I should say. A huge house fire...right across the street of our house.😲😲 I was awaken by some popping sounds at around 2:30 in the morning. My first thought was there was some kind of a fight going on. I stayed in bed waiting if it will go away but it continued so I got up only to be told by the husband that our neighbor's house is on fire. Our first question of course is if the neighbor's able to get out. He did with the help of the next door neighbor. It's very scary to watch his house fully engulfed in fire. The firemen did a good job containing the fire so the neighbors' house/s were not damaged as far as we know. We stayed up until around 5 AM. I just laid there thinking how fast things can happen. We really can't tell what tomorrow can bring. I'm sure that neighbor didn't go to bed last night thinking he may not have a house the next day. That is what he's faced now. His house i

Back to Blogging

 Where to start. It's been a minute. I guess first things first. A post... I thought I won't be able to post anymore because my blog would not load so I emailed my domain host back in October last year. They wanted some things from my provider and I honestly didn't want to go through the hassle so I just took my time.😄 Fast forward to last week. I decided to post on the Blogger help desk and lo and behold, someone replied. Thank goodness. I sent the information to my domain host and blog's up and running again. If only I knew it's that simple to get a fix....hmmm...oh well. Anyway, there is a lot of work this blog needs. I let it sit idle for years. I really don't know how to start but I'll try. I have to relearn a lot of things like putting a header on it. I used to have a very pretty header made by another blogger but the host of the image either closed/shut down. The header just disappeared...and so did a lot of images imbedded in a lot of the


L-O-S-T. I guess that about sums up how I'm feeling right now...with blogging anyway. I don't even know how to start this post. 😕 It's been almost 2 years since I last posted. It's not that I have nothing to write about. I have plenty but I seem to have lost interest in blogging. I thought  at first that it was just a phase. I thought it would only last for a few days but days turned into weeks then months then years and I still haven't blogged. Nothing sparked my interest to blog so I just didn't. Not even paid posts lured me back. I even considered deleting it altogether. I felt like I'm wasting my money paying for the domain name. But I can't do it so I just keep on paying. I can't seem to let go of the domain 'Pinay Wahm' because I got it when not many Moms were able to make a living or earn in the comforts of home. I also have a lot of personal posts here that when I want to get details about something that happened in my life I can


That's what happened with this blog. It seems the host for the personalized blog template I used to have expired. I checked one day and voila...I couldn't read anything on it because it was plastered with this: Since I am not very active with my blogging anymore I just let it stay that way for a few weeks. I was hoping that it will go back to normal when the new month starts. Well, it didn't. I asked a blogger friend who is very knowledgeable with blogging and is still actively blogging what to do and she advised that I could just change the template and use the free ones so I did. I chose one of the free ones here and that's it. The little I know about templates, HTML, etc is almost non-existent but I'm glad I was able to navigate through the settings and changed the template. Another blogger friend posted something about this as well and it's only there that I found out that this 3rd party hosting is now charging a lot to use their service. It used to b


Browsing is probably more like it. My blogging has been so sporadic in the past 2, maybe 3, 4...5...years and digging through my old posts here makes me wish I blog more. I used to have multiple entries in a day. At the peak of it my blogging frenzy I had as many as 129 posts in a month. That's an average of about 4 posts a day. Ha? So what happened? Life happened I guess...and laziness got in the way as well. But just like anything, blogging somehow lost its appeal to me. I still blog but not nearly as much as I used to. But that's okay since I still come back here every now and then. Anyway, life has been going okay around here. Nothing that exciting. I actually feel like we're due for a vacation. The little one and I were just talking about it a couple of weeks ago. I mentioned to her that I really want to go somewhere but have no idea where. Part of me wants to visit home but part of me only wants to stay here. I'm always torn like that. The excitement of seeing