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 Where to start. It's been a minute. I guess first things first. A post...

I thought I won't be able to post anymore because my blog would not load so I emailed my domain host back in October last year. They wanted some things from my provider and I honestly didn't want to go through the hassle so I just took my time.😄

Fast forward to last week. I decided to post on the Blogger help desk and lo and behold, someone replied. Thank goodness. I sent the information to my domain host and blog's up and running again. If only I knew it's that simple to get a fix....hmmm...oh well.

Anyway, there is a lot of work this blog needs. I let it sit idle for years. I really don't know how to start but I'll try. I have to relearn a lot of things like putting a header on it. I used to have a very pretty header made by another blogger but the host of the image either closed/shut down. The header just disappeared...and so did a lot of images imbedded in a lot of the posts here. The blogger friend who made my header also stopped blogging so I can't ask her to make me another I have to do it myself.

Anyhooo... I'm back...I think...I hope. See you around.... blogosphere! Is that still a

Ciao for now.


Ruby said…
I am glad that you are back to blogging. I guess, from the list of blogs on my blogroll, you are the only one that has a personal entry for 2024. Hehehehe... I have updates, but nothing sort of a personal entry. Anyhow, welcome back! Will be visiting from time to time.

Mommy Ruby

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