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Back to....

Normal????  Ha! It's been a while since I've updated here. It's gotten a little bit busy around especially. I am not only slacking with my posts here actually, I've been slacking with other things as well. A lot of factors contributed to that aside from being a bit busy with work. For one...I stopped pedaling. Yep, I stopped my only form of exercise for a few months. The result...added poundage. Sigh! It took forever to get rid of those extra poundage and it came back just like that. Our month-long trip to the Phils was actually the start of this laziness. We did a lot walking while we were there so I still exercised I must say. It's after we came back from that trip that did me. I just didn't have the 'will' to go back on my bike when we got back. I kept on postponing it and postponing it and before I know I've gained back all the weight I worked so hard to lose. But I slowly went back to it a few weeks ago. At first I was only on i