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Normal????  Ha!

It's been a while since I've updated here. It's gotten a little bit busy around especially. I am not only slacking with my posts here actually, I've been slacking with other things as well. A lot of factors contributed to that aside from being a bit busy with work. For one...I stopped pedaling. Yep, I stopped my only form of exercise for a few months. The result...added poundage. Sigh! It took forever to get rid of those extra poundage and it came back just like that. Our month-long trip to the Phils was actually the start of this laziness. We did a lot walking while we were there so I still exercised I must say. It's after we came back from that trip that did me. I just didn't have the 'will' to go back on my bike when we got back. I kept on postponing it and postponing it and before I know I've gained back all the weight I worked so hard to lose.

But I slowly went back to it a few weeks ago. At first I was only on it about twice a week. This week I was able to use it 5 days in a row...wooh! Yep, Monday thru Friday I was on the bike for about an hour. I am also doing some hula hooping again. I know it's going to take forever again to get rid of this unwanted weight but that's not my main concern right now. My main concern is staying on this regimen again. I am hoping I'm going to continue on. I'm on the right track so I'm sure I will...fingers, toes and eyes crossed.

My blogging is a different story though. I'm not sure if I can regularly do it again but I'll try. It's just that it takes forever for me to finish a post like this one because of all the interruptions. I think I stopped about 5x already since I started typing this one. Yep, that much interruptions. The same thing happens when I'm writing an email or a message. Sometime it's a whole day affair just to finish one short message. Oh well. I'm thankful I'm busy so no complaints here...and that's that.


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