Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bird Watching

We see different kinds of birds around here.  Cardinals and blue jays are a couple of my favorites. We also see lovebirds, hawks and even falcons flying in our backyard almost daily. Sometimes a woodpecker would wake me up in the morning making me think someone's knocking on the around 6:30. Aside from the little birds we also get to see ibises as well as crows hanging out in our backyard especially after the grass is cut. They like freshly cut grass because they're able to dig out for food since the grass is short.

A few weeks ago hubby had an encounter with a cardinal while he was watering the plants. The little red bird probably got hot so it decided to take a shower under the water hose that hubby was using to water the plants. It was for this reason that he decided to look for a bird bath. We were supposed to look for one together but didn't have the chance to do it on a weekend when he's free. So he decided to pick one on his way home from work one day. He placed it on the flower/plant bed by the back porch since we don't have any plants planted on it anyway. Everytime we eat now we get to witness it whenever a bird needs to drink or take a dip.

I kept my camera on the table for the first couple of weeks since we got the bird bath so I could take a snap if and when a bird takes a dip or even just hang out on it. Unfortunately that didn't happen. It's either I wasn't fast enough to take the photo op or I wasn't around when it happens. Then one afternoon while we were lounging in the back porch, it happened. A cardinal [which is the only kind that takes a dip on the bird bath] started bathing. It was a very quick dip but I was able to take a snap of it while it was drying up on the side of the bath. Here's the proof

That's the DH bird watching. It's actually fun just sitting around the back porch either watching these birds do their thing or just listening to them talk. There's probably at least half a dozen different species that we hear every afternoon and we have no idea which is which but it sure is fun to just listen to them...along with the crickets. One bird I really want to see one day in our backyard which I've only been hearing is an owl. We know they're there but we don't see them. Hopefully they'll show themselves one day even just for a brief moment.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Mosquito Invasion

Literally. Because when I say A mosquito invasion I mean just ONE mosquito creating havoc in our household. Dramatic, eh?

Weather has been generally nice around here. It can get a bit warm during the day but early evening is quite comfortable. This is the reason why the man of the house likes spending some time in our back porch sipping a cup of his favorite java after dinner. I usually join him there even if I don't drink coffee and so does the little one when she feels like it. It's a great way to spend some family time together...away from our gadgets that is.

I guess it was during one of those days when one sneaky mosquito got into the house. We weren't aware it's in the house until a couple of days ago. The husband first complained that something bit him. That same day the little one showed me a couple of bumps on her skin. Not long after that I saw a few on my legs and thighs as well. I freak out whenever the little one gets bitten by any insect. Her bites swell much bigger than you would expect. There was one time the bump looked like a golf ball on her leg. I of course freaked out thinking it was some monster bug that bit her. It subsided after a few days but I kept a close watch just in case it's more than just a bite. This time around she has one on her arm that got bigger than the size of a normal bite but it subsided after a day.

Anyway, I finally saw the culprit buzzing around me in our bedroom yesterday. The little one actually told me that it's been buzzing on her face for a couple of days already while she's walking on the Mobia. Unfortunately it's quite hard to catch it since it's so tiny. We decided to use some bug spray last night hoping it will just drop dead. It didn't. Earlier today I saw it flying low right here in my domain. So I took matters into my own hands and smacked the life out of it. Ha! Hopefully I'm right in my assumption that there's only one in the house. If not...then we're in a bigger trouble than I originally thought. Hmmm....

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Breakfast is Served!

The man of the house had to work on both days over the weekend. For whatever reason, the little one decided to make me breakfast on one of those days ~ Sunday to be specific. I was actually awake already when I heard the clanking of the pans in the kitchen but decided to let her do whatever it was she was doing. After a few minutes of just listening to the 'activities' in the kitchen I decided to peek out of my bedroom and saw her busy on the stove doing something ~still in her nightgown. I asked her what she's doing. Her reply: "I'm making you pancake for breakfast." Uhm, okey. I'm normally hesitant to let her use the stove but I let her this time since she already had a head start and she seemed to be in control. I went to wash up while she was doing the finishing touches to her 'pancake breakfast'...especially for moi!

When I got on the breakfast table, this is what she had waiting for me. I, of course, had to take a picture of it...for souvenir...and to show Daddy. Aha!

That's her first 'unsupervised pancake'...and she's kind of proud of it. Kind of because she knew it's a bit burnt on one side but I ate it nonetheless because she made it for me. While we were eating she was telling me about her foray in my domain...without me hovering. Apparently she miscalculated her batter because when she poured my pancake batter she noticed that it's a wee bit small. What did she do? She decided to whip up more batter and hurriedly poured it on top of the one cooking already. That's the 'fringe' that you see on my pancake. That's also the reason why there was still some 'uncooked' batter on it. Oh well. She has to learn sooner or later, right? At least now she knows how to make pancakes all on her own....sorta'.

 I'm not sure when she's making me my next breakfast but I can hardly wait...I think. Hopefully it will be as good as this one if not better. Maybe I'll tell her to make Daddy breakfast for Father's Day as her present for him. that's an idea.

Almost Summer

Technically anyway. Where we're at it already feels like summer a couple of springs ago. Anyway, my sister in law who loves summer barbecue is now all agog prepping for family get together. I forwarded her the link because she's been looking for table linens forever. It seems to be the case every year so I decided to help out in my own little way. She's the type who likes to host functions not only for family but for the different organizations she's involved with and she's always in need of something especially when it comes to her table setting. Hopefully the website I forwarder her will help her in some way.


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