A Mosquito Invasion

Literally. Because when I say A mosquito invasion I mean just ONE mosquito creating havoc in our household. Dramatic, eh?

Weather has been generally nice around here. It can get a bit warm during the day but early evening is quite comfortable. This is the reason why the man of the house likes spending some time in our back porch sipping a cup of his favorite java after dinner. I usually join him there even if I don't drink coffee and so does the little one when she feels like it. It's a great way to spend some family time together...away from our gadgets that is.

I guess it was during one of those days when one sneaky mosquito got into the house. We weren't aware it's in the house until a couple of days ago. The husband first complained that something bit him. That same day the little one showed me a couple of bumps on her skin. Not long after that I saw a few on my legs and thighs as well. I freak out whenever the little one gets bitten by any insect. Her bites swell much bigger than you would expect. There was one time the bump looked like a golf ball on her leg. I of course freaked out thinking it was some monster bug that bit her. It subsided after a few days but I kept a close watch just in case it's more than just a bite. This time around she has one on her arm that got bigger than the size of a normal bite but it subsided after a day.

Anyway, I finally saw the culprit buzzing around me in our bedroom yesterday. The little one actually told me that it's been buzzing on her face for a couple of days already while she's walking on the Mobia. Unfortunately it's quite hard to catch it since it's so tiny. We decided to use some bug spray last night hoping it will just drop dead. It didn't. Earlier today I saw it flying low right here in my domain. So I took matters into my own hands and smacked the life out of it. Ha! Hopefully I'm right in my assumption that there's only one in the house. If not...then we're in a bigger trouble than I originally thought. Hmmm....


J said…
Gamitan ng Baygon hahaha. Meron bang ganun dito? Feeling ko lang nasa Pinas tayo.

Ano na balita dyan? I'm sure you're enjoying summer just like me hihi. The past 2 days lang naman talagang feeling summer dito and I hope it's here to stay for a long time.

Siya hope your week is going along great. Ikumusta mo na lang ako sa mga housemates mo :-)
Ciela said…
naku huling, isa lang yan! dito astig sila! mabukas lng sandali ang screen door, grand entrance na sila. kaya nga tama si J, baygon ang katapat nila! Lol!

okay, enjoy your sunny day! kami dito ulan n palagi.

bye! silip na lng ako uli! take care!

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