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Monthsary....Monthly birthdays....

What's up with that? I'm not condeming anyone who observes it. I just can't see the logic behind it. On the 'monthsary' fad, from what I've observed only steady boyfriend-girlfriend [in general anyway] actually observe this. I rarely see husband and wife celebrate, much less, talk about the 'monthsary' of their wedding, etc. Am I right, or am I right? Truth be told, some married couples even forget their wedding much more their 'monthsary'. I may be a killjoy but I really don't see the reasoning behind a monthsary. Is it so hard to keep a relationship going that you can't wait for the anniversary to come anymore to celebrate so you have to celebrate monthly instead of yearly? C'mon now... And while I'm on it, what's up with the monthly celebration of birthdays? Yep, cakes, balloons, treats included. From what I can remember we used to have those on the first birthday of the child. Once a year....not once


I've moved a few times in my lifetime. When I say move, I meant not just move from one city to another but from one country to another, then from one continent to another. So yeah, I've moved alright. But it doesn't matter where or what kind of move one is making, moving can be very stressful...especially if you do all the work yourself. The last time we moved was in's just an intercity move so we didn't see the need of hiring movers. That wasn't a wise move on our part because it was painful...physically, mentally and emotionally. I told myself that next time we move, be it across the street or across the country, we will hire professional movers like Moving Companies AZ . I just think that with all the stress and the problems we went through during the last move, the money we'd spend for the moving company will be all worth it. It has come up recently that we MAY be moving sometime in the not so far future. There is nothing definite yet but I h

Shopping for Supplies

Well, that wasn't the original plan this weekend but we ended up buying supplies for office even if we're not really short in that department. I just thought that since we're in an office supplies store yesterday and they have some pretty good deals going on because of the looming school opening, I decided to take advantage of the situation. I didn't even know we were going somewhere until hubby asked if we wanted to tag along while he looks for a set of earphones. Since we didn't have much to do and the little one wanted to go somewhere I decided that we should go with him. Unfortunately, we couldn't find what he wants so he went home empty handed while I came home with a bunch of office supplies as well as some dresses for me and the little one. That's what you call 'impromptu' shopping. Ha!

London 2012 Summer Olympics

The 2012 Summer Olypics has officially started today in London. I saw the video where James Bond aka Daniel Craig picking up the Queen to escort her to the venue but I cannot find the video in You Tube anymore. I guess it has some copywright issues or something so it was pulled right away. Anyway, I've never really watched the Olympics. I remember in 2008 when Michael Phelps was winning  left and right I was blogging about it very often. He was like the face of that particular olympics because he was making history by winning as many medals as he did. This time around, it wouldn't be that easy for him from what I've been reading. I read he barely made it to finals of the 400 IM and then lost during the race itself. The biggest shocker??? He didn't even get a medal. A first since competing in the Olympics in 2000. Oh well... I guess he just can't win 'em all, eh?

New Career, Maybe?

Eversince I started working from home, I've always been on the hunt for that perfect job I can do while in the confines of my own home. I have to say I've been fortunate enough to find some but that doesn't mean I have stopped searching. As a matter of fact, I am always actively looking for something else [or should I say more?]. Anyway, everytime I do a search one type of job always comes up... copywriting . It seems there is no shortage when it comes to this type of job because it's there is almost always an opening somewhere for a copywriter. I am not a writer per se but I like to write. Through bloggling, I have to actually like it even if at times I don't feel like doing it. Copywriting is something I'm quite interested in learning sometime in the near future. I've done a little bit of research about copywriting when I first came across several jobs looking for a copy writer. It's only recently that I've become more interested in pursuing it


The little one's favorite thing to do in the world is probably draw. Well, definitely draw. I'm sure where she gets it from....not me. A friend once said to me that I couldn't even connect dots if my life depended on it and I can only agree. The little one knows that so there's really no keeping it as a secret. Anyway, she usually draws on her magna doodles. Lately though she's been using her Nintendo DS to draw. Recently she discovered that she can actually make a 'motion picture' using an app in the Nintendo. Now, if you've seen how animated movies are done you would know that every frame in these animated movies needs hundreds of images. The little one saw how it's done in one show and has been fascinated with it everysince. She's been drawing in her Nintendo every chance she gets. Her favorite characters to draw are Scrat and Scrate of Ice Age. She's still getting the hang of it but she's getting good at it. She started doing stick

Baby on the Go...

It seems more and more people I know are having babies lately. Am I jealous? Of course I am but that's all there is to it since I don't think we can handle a baby at this point [and age] in our life. Anyway, my niece is expecting while a niece [in-law] gave birth a couple of months ago. Recently, a good friend emailed to let me know he and his wife are expecting their second child. That only means one thing, I have to start looking for something to give them as a congrats gift. My friend and his wife have an 'always on the go' family. They like camping and doing things outside the house...very unlike us and I know what I want to give them....a baby carrier. I already started searching for the perfect one for them and I think I may have found it. Designed by an active sailor and rock climber, these Beco baby carriers ensure you stay on-the-go with your baby. I'm sure this type of baby carrier will be very useful to them once the baby arrives. Because of all these

Bat-Faced Up Close

These are the bat-faced flowers I mentioned in my earlier post. I just took a picture of them a few minutes ago. I actually think they're like weeds because they seem to thriving as well as [if not better than] the weeds I've been trying to get rid of for the longest time. The only difference it...we had to pay for these plants. The weeds are free.....

Needs an Overhaul

That would be my almost 4 year old laptop. It looks like its hard drive tools are in shambles because it's been making some funny noises. It's also been super slow lately that I don't even want to use it sometimes. I *think* it's still in good shape given that it's quite old already so I don't want to replace it with a new one. I have a hard time parting with my stuff especially something that I'm so accustomed in using. My other laptop was replaced after 7 years just because it was so noisy already. It was also quite heavy so I decided to replace it with my current one. Guess what? That other laptop stayed with me until early this year because I couldn't part with it. Only when my brother asked if I had a spare laptop that I decided to say goodbye to it. At least I know it's in good hands. Anyway, I'm hoping that my current laptop only needs some defragging or probably an overhaul to work faster. I really don't think it needs to be replaced

TGIF!'s been quite a while since I actually said TGIF! Don't get me wrong, I'm always [well, almost always] when Friday comes rolling in. I just get caught up with stuff some days that's why I'm not able to do that but in reality I'm jumping up and down. Ha~ Anyhoooo, it's really summer here. Our temps are always in the 90s now with the lows in mid to upper 70s. It's also raining on and off just like any other summer. Our bat faced flowers are going crazy again. They're taking over the flower bed suffocating the other plants there. Hubs is planning in moving the other plants on the other flower bed and let those crazy battys have the whole flower bed by themselves. He actually trimmed them a few weeks ago but they came back really quicky with a vengeance I think because they look 'bushier'. Their bright orange flowers look pretty though that's why we don't want to get rid of them. We just want to contain them right where they are


Our day started with my routine doctor's appointment for my thyroid condition. Happy to say it's a good visit because my thyroid condition seems to be getting better. Almost anyway. Per my latest blood work, my overactive thyroid is now underactive. That means I'm 'almost' off my medication. Right now I'm only taking 1 tablet a day [half/half]. After today's visit, my doctor instructed me to just take half a day. I'm going to have another blood test in about 6 weeks to see how that would affect my thyroid function. If it still shows that it's underactive, I'll be off the meds completely. The blood work will continue every 6 week thereafter for monitoring purposes. Hopefully I'll be off the meds by the time I see my doctor next which is in 6 months again. Good [health] news finally. It's almost the end of another week. Like I've been saying is still SLOW.  It does not look like it's going to change anytime soon. It

Staying Healthy

For most, staying healthy can be a struggle sometimes. Us included of course. We're trying though especially now that we're getting older. I am also starting to be a bit concerned about some health issues we've been dealing with lately. Cholesterol and the threat of diabetes are just two of my main concerns right now. When hubby's cholesterol came out borderline igh a year ago the first thing the doctor told him was to lose a little bit of weight. Not a lot since he's not that overweight. We're conscious eater which means we watch what we eat but that's obvioulsy not enough so we had to look closely at what we've been having and start cutting on some of them. So far we've been successful. His weight has gone down slowly. He still has some more to lose but we're making sure it's going down gradually through healthy eating and exercise. I on the other hand is just trying to be on the healthy side. I don't need to lose weight but I have to w

What Are/Were THEY Thinking?

This question runs through my head everytime I see something that baffles me. I'm not only talking about weird or extreme things that people do/did like what that guy did in Colorado. I'm talking about things I would see at random. Let me enlighten you on what I mean.... I was in my OB/GYN office a few weeks ago. Obviously, the clients in that clinic are all women, some of whom are pregnant. That's not what baffles me. What baffles me is why SOME of these pregnant women still smoke [in front of the their doctor's office at that] while pregnant???? And they don't hide it either. It's none of our business alright but I just can't help but ask....what are they thinking??? Not the baby they're carrying obviously. The CO mass shooting is hogging the news lately. When the news first broke out, survivors were interviewed left and right. Everyone felt some kind of relief that a lot of people survived that tragedy. Just like everybody else, my eyes were peeled

Colorado Theater Mass Shooting

That's the headline news  I saw when I turned on the TV this morning. The shooting happened in a midnight showing of the movie Dark Knight Rises [a Batman movie] last night in Aurora, CO. The reports are still sketchy but there are at least 12 people killed in the shooting. There is a big possibility that there are more people killed. Several people were also brought in the hospital who are injured in the mass shooting. I cannot even begin to imagine how scary that experience must have been to those who were in that dark movie theater. The Today Show have been interviewing some of the witnesses and they seem to be handling what happened to them rather calmly. Those inteviewed thought that it was all part of the movie promotion because the shooter came in some kind of a 'costume' part of which was a gas mask. The shooter has been apprehended and is now in custody. No motive has been given for the shooting. from Yahoo News .

Big Difference

Since I don't have much to do lately, I've been reading some of my old posts in this blog. It's very interesting to say the least to read what I wrote 4 or 5 years ago. So much has changed of course. One big difference though is not in the posts but number of posts. For the record, I have almost 3,200 posts in this blog. That's in almost 5 years. I started blogging September 2007 so this blog is a couple months shy of its 5 year anniversary. Has it been that long? Anyway, if you look at the numbers, that's an average of about 53 posts a month which is roughly 2 posts a day. But that won't be entirely correct because I used to post here way more than I do now. Looking at my blog archive, I posted the most in March 2008. I have about 205 posts for that month alone which would avarege for about 6 posts a day!!! Whoa! I was a monster back then eh? I guess I had a lot to write about then...and plenty of reasons [read: $$$$] to write. Aha! How I wish those days ar

Summer Dancin'

Summer is probably one of the most awaited season for kids who go to a regular school. For one, it means off from school for a few weeks. I think some kids will even say that they live for summer vacations. To some, summer is the time to go to camps or some other fun things like going for a dance audition . When I was still teaching, I would over hear a lot of my students getting very excited talking about hitting auditions left and right. They couldn't do that during the school year because of time constraints so summer vacation is the perfect time for them to go to as many auditions as possible. Personally, I've never gone to any type of audition myself. It's just not in my blood to perform...especially dance. I don't even think a professional dance coach can make me dance. Well, she can probably make me dance. I will just be out of synch. Ha! Seriously. Others may say they have 2 left [or right] feet that's why they can't dance. Me? It would seem I have 3

Visiting Tagaytay Again....

The only 2 places that I was able to bring my husband when he first visited the Philippines [in 2001] was my hometown and Tagaytay. We didn't have the time because he was only there for 3 days. So in our recent trip back home we thought it's just fitting to go back to Tagaytay and see how much it changed in 10 years. And boy did it change...especially the one place we were able to explore while we were there. The People's Park in the Sky. Well, aside from the missing letters, the park itself changed quite a bit. It was dilapitated to say the least and it became some kind of a flea market. It was drizzling when we went there but there were still a lot of people checking out the place. When we were there more than 10 years ago, there were some tractors clearing some land for land developments. This time around, there are buildings ~ probably condominiums? ~ erected already. Just the same, they are eyesores to me. I didn't like it when I saw the trees being bulldoze

Summer Luvin'

The heat is on...and so is that rain, hurricane season, etc, etc. Ha! Just this weekend, I've experienced what probably was the longest power outage we've had since I came into this country. It started late in the afternoon and was out for about 5 hours so we went out for dinner. All because summer is here, eh? Anyway, we've been staying a lot in the back porch lately especially on the weekend. It's comfortable right now but we're planning of putting a ceiling fan out there so it will be more comfortable. Hubby likes tropical ceiling fans so we might get one of those if we find one to our like and budeget of course. For now, we're using our spare stand fan. Hopefully we won't have anymore power outage or the ceiling fan we're thinking of getting will be useless.

Donating Property

One of things that still bums us is the fact that we still cannot sell the other house we have. It's been in the market even before we moved here and it's getting very frustrating already. I wish we're well off enough to do what those others who can afford it to do what they do which is donating property to charity . Actually, we may be able to do that in a way. Somebody told the husband about something similar. We don't know all the details yet but I am hoping it will pan out because keeping this other property is more like burning money. We may not make any money out of the sale but at least we know it will be for a good cause.

Tortoise and the Hare....

Many of us are familiar with this Aesop's fable. Where the tortoise pulled a good one on the hare when they had a race. Well, in reality it seems it's the other way around. It seems the HARE is always pulling a good one...not on the tortoise but on US! And I have a picture to prove how this happens....ALL THE TIME. Don't you wish it's the other way around???? Wait...why do I have the feeling that these 2 are actually working together now? Hmmmm....

Ring Replacement

We've been married for more than 10 years now. Needless to say, we've changed quite a bit throughout the years. The most obvious of course is the physical change. Yes, we gained weight. There I said it. It's a good thing it's proportional..meaning even our fingers got fatter. As a result, hubby's wedding ring just wouldn't fit anymore so much so that I started looking at replacements a couple of years ago. Our rings are platinums. When we got them the first time, they're affordable. Not quite today so we looked at alternative rings like the tungsten carbide masonic rings which a friend of mine suggested. She said her husband has 2 rings. One he uses when he's working which happens to be a tungsten. I seriously considered getting hubby one at one point. That plan didn't push through because we decided to just have his original ring adjusted [read: stretched]. So far so good and he's still wearing it. But if and when he'll need a replacement o

Road Trip - Day 5 - Baguio City

The summer capital of the Philippines. That's probably the most popular tag for Baguio. For people who don't like the heat [aka 'the husband] but has plans of moving to the Philippines one day, Baguio is probably the perfect place...with Tagaytay a close second. I lived in Baguio for a few months when I was still very young [around3 or 4] and all I could remember is how COLD it was there when we were there. Unfortunately, that's the memory that lingered in my mind for the longest time. Thus making me 'dislike' the place so much so that during my college senior retreat, I opted to travel back to Manila as soon as the retreat ended....even if it meant arriving in Manila at 10 o'clock at night. Yep, that's how much I disliked the place back then. Just because it's "cold"! Anyway, when we were making plans of visiting the Philippines Baguio was a definite 'must-see' by the husband...well, more like 'must-feel' actually. We pla