What Are/Were THEY Thinking?

This question runs through my head everytime I see something that baffles me. I'm not only talking about weird or extreme things that people do/did like what that guy did in Colorado. I'm talking about things I would see at random. Let me enlighten you on what I mean....

I was in my OB/GYN office a few weeks ago. Obviously, the clients in that clinic are all women, some of whom are pregnant. That's not what baffles me. What baffles me is why SOME of these pregnant women still smoke [in front of the their doctor's office at that] while pregnant???? And they don't hide it either. It's none of our business alright but I just can't help but ask....what are they thinking??? Not the baby they're carrying obviously.

The CO mass shooting is hogging the news lately. When the news first broke out, survivors were interviewed left and right. Everyone felt some kind of relief that a lot of people survived that tragedy. Just like everybody else, my eyes were peeled on the internet and/or TV waiting on what these survivors have to say. My heart goes out to all those killed and hurt during this unfortunate event most especially to that 6-year old whose life was cut short. Then days after this happened I started wondering....why was a 6-year old in a movie theater at midnight watching a PG-13 movie???? Yes her Mom was with her but still. Not only that, two of the survivors interviewed was a man and woman holding a baby [a few months old I'm guessing] narrating how frantic they were thinking how they could save their children....the baby included. YES THAT LITTLE BABY WAS WITH THEM IN THE THEATER! WHY???? Shouldn't that baby be sleeping at home at that time of night instead of being dragged in a movie theater?

I know there are more serious things to freak out about that CO shooting. But I can't help it but say something about these things. It just gets to me whenever I see how irresponsible some parents [or parents to be] can be sometimes. We are the adults in the family. We should at least act like one in situations like these.

Off my soap box now.


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